A wave of relaxation comes from the bottom up. The whole body comes to rest and relax. In this case, imagine how your head first, and then the whole body filled with warmth and become heavy. Watch as gradually calms your mind, soothing your emotions. Breathe quietly and smoothly, watching my breath. Beyond that, as air can freely penetrate into your lungs, filling them and then all the cells of the body of life-giving force. Probudte in this state, 15-20, and then move the fingers at first hand and feet, a sweet stretch. You can smoothly rotate on its side and lie down for a while, enjoying the peace and relaxation.

I also advise not immediately included in any household chores – even dedicate some time to myself, take a shower, drink a cup of herbal tea. And do not forget to 'Savasana' look in the mirror – you'll be surprised when you see a stronger and rejuvenated your face in just 15-20 minutes, your eyes sparkle, a calm and satisfaction shining in them. If you do 'Shavasana' regularly, you will become a permanent rejuvenation – facial wrinkles begin to smooth out the skin will be more fresh, pink glow. Very good to do this exercise in bed before going to bed – so to speak, going from 'Savasana' in dreamland. Then your sleep will be deeper and more complete. When you have mastered this exercise, try to relax during the day. At work, When finished some work, sitting or standing, transport, and on the go, try to relax the muscles of the face, neck, abdomen, and all those muscles that are not needed at this moment – shoulders, chest. Start with easy and deep breathing belly, and you instantly feel like going fatigue, irritation, feeling a sudden burst of energy – the energy liberated from clips instantly fill you body!. What woke up beautiful women antiquity and it is desirable to do it and you, you will learn from the correspondence school mailing Goddesses, which you can subscribe right now! In the meantime, when you open your beautiful eyes in the morning – do not forget to say hello to your body, and wish him good morning and tell him how much you love him! Happiness, beauty, love and harmony to you! e-mail:

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