Cosmetic Medical Equipment

Apparatus Thermo C (Sharp & Botanica, Italy) – the latest generation of cosmetology equipment for procedures radioliftinga (rf-lifting) action in the RF-power machine Thermo C supported and strengthened by a combination of a vacuum, and infrared light cryotherapy. It has three operating knobs: one for the face and two for the body. Apparatus Thermo C has the highest efficiency in the procedures of RF-lifting face and body, as well as procedures for weight loss, body shaping and anti-cellulite treatment. A unique advantage of the apparatus Thermo C compared with other devices termoliftinga due to the fact that the working pens Thermo C using bipolar radiofrequency energy in conjunction with a vacuum. At formed by vacuum capture skinfold, which is processed in parallel spaced RF-electrodes.

In this case the underlying tissues outside of the skin fold does not heat up. This combination RF-energy and vacuum greatly enhances the efficiency of methods of bipolar RF-lifting at the expense of more in-depth (affecting the entire thickness of the fold), but at the same time and the more localized effects, compared with the methods without vacuum. An additional advantage associated with the presence in the handles to work the body cryotherapy and infrared light phototherapy, which enhance the effect of RF-lipolysis and vacuum massage. Separate use of the functions Vacuum endermicheskogo massage in various modes of aspiration, cryotherapy and phototherapy extends the use of the device and offers a wide range of applications, including patients who, for whatever reasons counter-rf-lifting procedures. In this apparatus Thermo C has excellent opportunities for correction, lymphatic drainage, body toning and stimulation of tissue at the expense of these functions.


The medicine comes as an instinctive act in the daily struggle that man fought against the physical nature and animals, but since its inception is a social act: one and all were their creators over the centuries history will recognize three milestones The first of these is Asclepius (or Aesculapius to the Romans) * half truth and half legend represents and Religious Interpretation, Ritual Magic, the second is Hippocrates, 460 BC, who managed to collect all the ancient medical practice and is considered the father of rational medicine and empirical, and the third milestone is Clacudio Galen (129 AD). who makes scientific overview of the entire Greco-Roman medicine. In Peru, the calendar reminds Civic School on October 5 as the day of the heroic action of Daniel Alcides Carrion Garcia and more than 30 000 doctors are celebrating this day, the Peruvian Medicine Day. Historical Background Since pre-Columbian times is believed to have existed in the central Andes of Peru, a deadly disease that caused fever and pallor and affected "capacheros" (Mining) involved extracting minerals to their people paid tribute to the Incas. This is described Gago de Vadillo in chronicles of 1630 published at the beginning of last century, but the first outbreak on record dates back to 1865-1870, when working on the railway train from downtown (which went from Lima to San Mateo) Dr. Odriozola is who makes the first academic publication of this disease and is known since then as the Oroya fever. In the government of Mariano I. .

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