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Pasha Paul

Why do so – the answer to the first part of the video course "Effective psycho.") The goal, among other – to become a brand in that case, which I do. With all its consequences. But a sort of lucky I've never been. There were periods when he was so heavily that not a word to say, no pen to describe. And while I have not changed our psychology – it was impossible for something to count. What I advised and Paul. For a start, I showed him the technique of "path to the goal, which exactly answers the questions: Are you ready for this purpose, whether it will attain, it is easy or not very, whether complicated stages and which, whether the light phases and also what. These responses give the subconscious, which is never wrong.

And I must say that these answers are accurate, but they are not the verdict. It is diagnosed. And when you know diagnosis – you can change something and re-diagnosed. Paul carefully prescribed on the paper and the goal, and all stages, and then seriously done technique. The answers he received and based on them began to act.

For the curious, I say that Paul is out of the economy (he worked for a company auditor, and very good), went into production very original convenience food. Technique showed that Paul had this objective in principle is ready, but the path will be th how difficult. In addition, start-up capital was not so hot what. Although the idea was quite original. And Paul went in full accordance with the fact that showed "The path to goal." And he felt that the technique provided clear answers. After This Pave asked to share their knowledge and began to actively apply. It took one and a half years. Things Pasha are on the rise. And that is so, according to Paul, the great role played by those psycho, which I shared with him. Success the first application of techniques to build trust to the fact that I showed him and what was telling. So now Paul – quite charismatic, successful, strong, confident individual. For some reason remembered the famous expression grandmaster Lajos Portisha: "A strong – driven, weak – being taken." Such a good example I can now quite a lot of lead, but Paul was just the first. Although there is no – the first I still call myself. That's how the idea to make this video course – "Effective psycho. Part 2. " Incentives – to share knowledge with those who need it and who can appreciate it. And secondly, if I can transfer them to other, more or less clear, no scientific-sounding zaum and without deviations in mysticism, then I did them deeper . So that you pleasant and useful knowledge, discoveries and results!

The Most Technology

Everyone knows the "good" words that are used in advertising: the "new", "free", "Try," "you", "Discover," "now." However, not everyone knows the "harmful" for advertising and sales of the word, otherwise I would not use them. In 99% of cases, when using these words, it has no any value. Often, when a company is going to be any claim that a world they anxiously beat drumbeat, fanfare, passions, and publish … unclear, abstruse ads about anything. On their domestic corporate language of "experts." Note: Be careful, now you can thrill an incredibly exciting title. Many consumers like hit statements, and they breath: "Our super-duper technology + = Our outstanding quality solutions that give you a feel for the difference," Well, how do you mean? Here is a list of "bad" words in the sales and marketing: 1. "We, I, I, our, us "- Customers are concerned only about themselves, not the seller.

It is better to use instead of personal pronouns, the name of your brand or company. The ad works better in the third person pronouns. 2. "Solutions" – What else can you sell, as not solving various problems of the consumer? Narrow and ask for his decision. Describe it in detail. The client determines whether it is what he needs. 3.

"Quality" – Quality is the default for each product. He only ranged from poor to excellent. However, the sheer quality of the user determines and not the manufacturer. 4. "It" – "It" does not mean anything. What is it? "Coca-Cola – this is it!" It – it's Coca-Cola? Or is it "Pepsi?" Explain consumers that "It" is. 5. "Technology" – Everything that is sold, manufactured with technology. There is not any "high" technology. There is only the old and new technologies. In ancient times wine industry uses technologies that are already thousands of years. The buyer does not acquire technology. They buy what is available through technology. 6. "Life / th" – as in the case of a "lifetime warranty". Interestingly, whose lifespan is meant? Mosquito fish on the counter, or the campaign? From the series – guess for yourself)) 7. "The Source" – for example, "We are the source of …" or "Refer to the source." Source of what? Narrow, if you think it would be interesting to the buyer. 8. "All adjectives in the superlative degree of comparison "-" The Most "," best, "" superior, "" minimize "," fastest "," super. " Sell with facts and figures, rather than using adjectives

Medical SPA

For example, now worldwide development of the industry is towards a narrowly shaped SPA (eg, Medical SPA) and personalized business SPA (a narrow target audience: only Ladies SPA or SPA for children, etc.). After all, business SPA, is that bears his clients healthy and positive emotions. A consumer expects to recover SPA is his physical and mental state to embellish the exterior and all this for a short period of time. Therefore, we need not only justified, but to anticipate customer expectations and SPA! And in fact, is not so important what kind of category SPA business you have chosen for themselves (either SPA-resort, SPA at the hotel, the club SPA, day-SPA or others), the priority is one thing – professionally developed an interesting conceptual and functional planning of the territory. Professionally developed area SPA – means and includes logically combining, one way or another, all the major functional areas (wet, thermal, therapeutic, rest and relaxation). These zones are the main for the territory of SPA, but there is still support (administrative, technical, personnel and premises, etc.), the mandatory presence of which also should not be forgotten. SPA space planning and functional Zoning, as mentioned earlier, has many subtleties and nuances that are available only to professionals. Amateurish in planning the sample is often accompanied by gross errors.

When selecting experts to carry out such works are in place, should be circumspect and legible because of errors committed by them, paying, as a rule, enterprise customers and business owner. As an example, consider the most common mistakes: 1. A small SPA, 100 – 200 sq.m. Quite often, trying to "perenasytit" territory (and professional SPA-equipment costs money), arguing that the larger pieces of equipment, the more services can be provided to the client. This is plainly wrong, since the range of services is formed by the optional equipment and features a combination of procedures among themselves the various functional areas.

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