Aloe And Medicine

The same word ('aloes') called evaporated, condensed and solidified juice obtained from leaves of different species of aloe. This compound, as well as fresh aloe vera juice, from ancient times been used in medicine. The first information on the use of aloes have been found Dioscorus (about 78 AD). His work has been shown aloe are in bud. But the ancient Greeks useful properties of this plant is likely to have been known before.

In the writings of the famous Arab traveler Idrisi (mid-XII century.) stating that the island of Socotra was conquered by Alexander the Great because of the fact that there were growing aloe, from which the healing juice. About Diversity of medical use of aloe juice and reported in the treatises of classical medicine physician and naturalist Galen, who lived in the II. AD. Externally the juice of fresh leaves is used to treat septic wounds, burns, inflammatory skin diseases. In a subcutaneous injection of 1 ml of the extract used in various diseases of the eye: conjunctivitis, iritah, keratitis, vitreous turbidity, as well as bronchial asthma, peptic stomach and duodenum. The emulsion is prepared from aged for 12 days in the dark at 8 C. 6-leaf juice of aloe, castor oil and eucalyptus, is used to prevent and treat lesions arising from radiation sickness. No doubt, the component of the gel 'Millennium' is one of the main active principles of cosmetic prodkta.

HYALURONIC ACID main carbohydrate skin tissue. Through Hyaluronic acid is supported by the moisture balance, improves elasticity, firmness of the skin. Hyaluronic acid is an essential component of connective tissue and provides an effective water-saving. C age of acid in the skin is sharply reduced, so adding it from the outside is very good for the skin. Products with hyaluronic acid can provide the skin 'new impulse energy' or even promote the formation of new cells. Under the influence of products related to the organization of our cell membranes, hyaluronic acid, there are 'matching', making the gel structure more stable and less permeable. It is known that individuals Older states hindered the removal of residues from the body (the skin). Contained in the body enzyme hyaluronidase, intended for destruction of hyaluronic acid appears to be in the process of aging organism is not fully cope with this role, and for the prevention of aging and need help hyaluronidase obtained from outside. Injectable hyaluronic acid would be 'distracting' intercellular hyaluronidase, increasing Chance of 'linking' in its own hyaluronic acid, which will lead to the prevention of premature skin aging and the preservation of water balance. Diazolin UREA Allergy component makes gel 'Millennium' hypoallergenic. TOKOFEROLATSETAT (Vitamin E) protects cells against aging and prevents the formation of free radicals, has protivoonkologicheskoe effect, supports the stability of red blood cells, prevents development of blood clots. These qualities allow the vitamin E harmoniously integrate into the range of ingredients of the gel 'Millennium'. Methylparaben, Propylparaben least toxic of all known parabens are bacteriostatic means

Traditional Chinese Medicine

Inspection of the tongue by community acupuncture _ the body of the language a pale Color is less red than a normal language, and indicates syndromes of deficiency and cold caused by a deficiency of Qi yang or by an insufficiency of Qi and blood. A red tongue is bright red and more red than a normal language. This color indicates various syndromes of heat inside by excess heat syndromes and syndromes including deficiency inner heat.A tongue of dark red colour indicates a situation of extreme heat. In the case of exogenous febrile disorders, this color indicates an invasion of pathogenic heat. In endogenous diseases, indicates yin deficiency, which leads to a hyperactivity of fire. A violet blue language indicates a stagnation of blood related to cold or heat. A violet blue colour very dark, and also dry and dull, language is related to heat, while a wet tongue of pale purple colour is linked to the cold.

The presence of stains purple color on the surface of the tongue also indicates blood stagnation. _ A swollen tongue tongue properly, logically, is larger than normal. If a swollen tongue is also a frail and a pale colour, and with odontogramas on the edges, the diagnosis then points to a deficiency of spleen and kidney yang. Dr. Neal Barnard has compatible beliefs. This condition is caused by poor circulation of the body Fuido, which produces harmful water, fluids and moisture retention. If the inflamed tongue is dark red at all the space in the mouth, we have excess heat in the heart and spleen. If the inflamed tongue is dark purplish blue colour, this indicative of toxicosis. A thin tongue is smaller and, of course, thinner than normal. A thin and pale tongue indicates deficiency of Qi and blood. A thin and very red tongue indicates hyperactivity of fire due to yin deficiency in which the fluid is consumed Corporal.Una cracked tongue indicates that body fluid is being consumed by excess heat.

Medicine Advances

Impressive how it is that as the years have passed, advances in medicine have not only increased in speed, if not in quality also. Such is the case of the liver transplant, also known as liver transplantation, which is defined as the replacement of a previously diagnosed as sick liver by a healthy liver. The most popular in this procedure technique is known as transplant ortopico, where the liver of one who is sick, is replaced by the liver of the respective donor in the original position. This type of transplant is used when the patient has no solution and is diagnosed with a risk of dying, probably from hepatitis, where the liver is degenerates. Liver transplantation is, therefore, one of the more expensive procedures in medicine and can be considered for any case in which the patient presents a clear loss of vital functions of the liver. They are more than 100 liver transplants a year, which are carried out in Mexico and more than 50% are conducted in the State of Guadalajara, specifically at the hospital Civil de Guadalajara, where they are subject matter experts. A. Verastegui hold.


We always hear the people to say that they want to live forever. Unhappyly exactly with the advance of the medicine, cells trunk, criogenia and others as many promises of and not yet possible eternity to live perpetual. Good not in this body. But history on the other hand in the sample perpetual people. Not, not enloqueci. People exist who are eternalized, could give hundreds of examples, but I go to cite only some. Who never heard to speak in White Thomas Edson, Isaac Newton, Henri Ford It could be here citing other names, but we go what it interests.

Thomas Edson superficially was who invented the light bulb, a very useful thing nowadays, will be that we obtain to be without light bulb today. Isaac Newton, ' ' descobriu' ' some laws that few are the ones that like, known laws of the physics as the laws of the Newtons who are they: Law of inertia; The beginning of the foundation of the dynamics; Law of the action and reaction; Between many other accomplishments. Henry Ford, created a thing that was very important for the time, and not I am speaking of the car, it created a form to speed the assembly line of cars, fordismo call. One was about following each laborer learned only one task and the other all made it for the time an car after thus speeding the manufacture process. If it understood not yet me to some time passed a drink advertising where a robot, said that it to last perpetual, it would have that to take care for not being worn out itself, already we human beings, to live perpetual, have that to make only one thing notable. Then what these people who I cited have in common? But a thing notable. To the times I ask myself if still today it would be possible to make things notables.

New Section League

Madridpatina since its inception has fostered skating from its base, fitness or urban skating, it has done so since the most basic and most importantly the skating, the fun that engages and ends up transforming this sentiment in an unconditional passion for this great leisure, sport, tourism, transportation, etc. Since then we have not stopped to develop our internal structure based on the theory that you must first teach people how to skate, hooked to this so addictive fun, and later, when it has developed as a skater, learn about the multitude of disciplines which has this sport. More information is housed here: endocrinologist. Not in vain, in all of our schools we include in the season at least one session of each of the disciplines, hockey, slalom, speed, descent, dancing, artistic, aggressive day today, many of our skaters, advanced and expert, are playing in regional League teams, training freestyle slalom or preparing to go to Lemans. The result of this progression from 2 years ago We work on the development of the different official sections of these disciplines within madridpatina. Hockey, speed and slalom are, in this order, in which we are more working today. Soon we hope to include a new section in disciplines that include updated information about each of them on the web. At the moment today we can announce that we have already created the new hockey section line on the web, where we collect the information team, the amateur League, the schools, the pachangas, coaches, teams, etc.. Now you yourself enjoy this exciting discipline of schools, tournaments, amateur, regional League, the workouts, the pachangas matches the League… We also want to take this opportunity to inform you that for next season 2011-2012, we want to present 3 teams to the regional League in Madrid, a senior A, a senior B and a women’s team. We would like to have you join?

Manfred Stetz

Now, the Freiburger have the turnout in Towards international growth and immediately appointed two new Managing Director. The second founder of United planet to Axel Wessendorf (CEO), called also Lexware in life in addition to United planet joined with Manfred Stetz (CTO). Under the direction of Stetz planet developed the world’s first standard software in the portal at all United in 1999. There is nothing like not existed up to that point. Katrin Beuthner (COO), however, directs the entire operations of the company in the future. The studied degree economy sinologist (FH) with an MBA in general management worked among others already for Volkswagen in China and the Ahlstrom group. Bak also rose from the ranks. She renewed the internal sales processes in recent years successfully.

About United planet, United planet has over 4,500 installations and more than 500,000 users of its Portal and integration software Intrexx alone in speaking to the market leaders in the segment of medium-sized economy, public administration and organisations (E.g. hospitals). The company Lexware founder Axel Wessendorf (CEO), Manfred Stetz (CTO) and Katrin Beuthner (COO) is run. With platform-independent standard software Intrexx can be Web-based applications to return to complete intranet/enterprise portals with advanced functionality faster and thus more economical create than with comparable programs. Intrexx enables to create more productive workflows and the generation of mobile apps for smartphones and Tablet PCs of all manufacturers. Existing data from ERP systems, Microsoft Exchange, Lotus Notes and all JDBC – and OData data sources can be easily integrated with Intrexx and put in relationship. The interface of the SAP certified NetWeaver gateway simplifies the connection to the SAP system in unprecedented ways. Even counting the immediate competition software Microsoft SharePoint learns the OData – interface enables economic functionality enhancements.

The data integration capabilities of Intrexx are more and more often as a Middleware is used to take unwanted complexity to existing or heterogeneous software environments. With Intrexx share United planet offers platform a social business, that provoked the exchange of knowledge and cooperation among the employees and the communication to integrate existing enterprise software. Hundreds of finished apps and complete industry portals for downloading are available in the Intrexx application store. contact: United planet GmbH Dirk Muller Public Relations phone: + 49 (0) 761 / 20703-318 E-Mail: Schnewlinstrasse 2 D-79098 Freiburg

Push Initial

In physical science, it is known that when an object is still requires enough power to move it. After being moved, the force required to keep it moving is lower. The same applies to everything in life. If you suddenly get up at five in the morning, is the first week that is difficult, then the effort is reduced, until you reach a moment in that get up at that hour is something natural. Get the first million is something that requires greater effort that achieved the million remaining. To get anything they want, you must apply a force to its current situation. In his book, the secret of the power of goals, Andrew Corentt call this initial push. The initial push is the effort that you should give that all you want to come from a safe and direct way toward you.

The initial push is the extra burden of energy that you apply to your current situation so that his life becomes all that you want. All the money, all the love, all the success you want can get them if you apply that initial boost to his life. The methods presented in the secret of the power of goals, are so efectivos(y faciles), that after that initial push, everything you want, will be implemented automatically in your life. Inertia is the tendency of a body to maintain the current situation. unless a force external change that situation.

Unless you change something, your life will remain the same. The initial push has the power to overcome the resistance of your mind. This boost overcomes the tendency of the mind kept doing the same thing, what is already known. The initial push, when it is applied according to the guidelines of the secret of the power of goals, has the power to do whatever the subsequent effort practically unnecessary, i.e. you will get everything they want, automatically. All the wealth, all the success, all the happiness, deserve you that initial push. Becoming a millionaire person is within his control. Most ever It overcomes inertia, they never give that initial push that leads to wealth, success and happiness and you?

Intrauterine Life

Most are out of luck to those who were born during the flowering of grasses or angiosperm trees. Scientists have discovered an interesting rule: if the last three months of intrauterine life and the first six since the birth occurred in the autumn or winter, the manifestation of hay fever in the child will be much weaker. Even if he – hereditary allergies. Misunderstanding the seventh. Prevent the seasonal exacerbation of allergy is not who you say? Experts are convinced that the difficult season can and should be prepared in advance. One of the latest and most effective – method of specific hyposensitization, consists in introducing a quiet period of the disease of small doses of the allergen under the skin or under the tongue. James A. Levine, M.D. is open to suggestions.

With such 'grafting' in the body of man suffering from allergies formed by resistance to the stimulus. Communicating with those responsible for the emergence of atopy with antibodies, allergen neutralizes them. According to legend, likewise taught himself to small doses of venom and Napoleon did not die when then tried to poison him. The effectiveness of treatment by hyposensitization shows and modern medical practice. Now, the recovery observed in eight (!) Out of ten cases. Recently, the already standard tests for allergy plant was added new advanced method of diagnostic Swedish Pharmacia Diagnostics to test Phadiatop, allowing to identify a hereditary allergy to very early stages.

It's enough drop of blood in which is a mixture of small amounts of different allergens. If there is a reaction to at least one of them, there can be no doubt: the person has an allergy. And that's what it is, you need to understand in more detail, test it on the greatest possible number of allergens. Allergy sufferers in a note to get rid of allergies, alas, is impossible. But make life easier for allergy sufferers – a very real problem. It is only necessary to observe a number of simple but effective rules. If possible, refuse from some fruits and vegetables. If you are allergic to birch pollen, apple, hazel and alder, be especially careful when using apples, cherries, plums, peaches, carrots, potatoes, kiwi fruit. If your whip – quinoa, restrict his diet to spinach and beets. If you cough and sneeze during flowering sage, we should expect an allergy to citrus fruits, chicory, sunflower seeds, butter, halva, honey. And there are no rolls! On spring (season exacerbations of allergies) from the daily diet, this product, as well as cereals, pasta, stale bread, cookies, those who are allergic to house dust, it is better to withdraw. You should not they also to eat and foods containing yeast and mold (beer, brew, champagne, wine, apple and grape juices, various cheeses). Recent studies have shown that hay fever appears together with latex allergy. At the time of flowering trees and grasses do not try to use rubber gloves, condoms, latex bathing caps, tights with Lycra, and young children less likely to give a pacifier. Provocateurs pollinosis can become and house plants. Especially dangerous in this respect, ficus, begonias, ivy, jasmine, Madagascar, chrysanthemum, dieffenbachia, and geranium. Take prevention of gastrointestinal diseases and sopletecheniya and you still have. After 45 years, when the 'wooden' and 'herbal' allergy is on the wane.

First Peoples Feeding Method

Usually, the first six months of life, the baby is fed breast milk or infant formula adapted. But with 6 months of breast milk is no longer transmit vitamin 'C' and other useful substances required for normal physical and mental development of children. There is a need to attach a baby to a normal diet. Therefore, we begin to introduce solid foods first. It is not something Dr. Neal Barnard would like to discuss. His goal is not to feed the child, and to train enzyme system for further nutrition. Usually begin with a vegetable puree, juice or clover. For the first time give crumbs 1 / 4 teaspoon dessert, with each day increasing the quantity.

Each new product is starting to introduce a difference of 2 weeks. But not always the first lure runs smoothly. it so happens that the digestive system is not ready to accept even a small amount of new product and then there is a backlash-diathesis diathesis (allergic rash) or dysbiosis (violation of the intestinal microflora, which is characterized by loose stools). And we must not only stop innovation, but also to fight the disease emerged. But hardly a loving and caring parent, wants to baby stuff pharmaceuticals, full of chemistry.

It's no wonder they say that they treated one and the other maimed. In this case, to help us come traditional medicine with its centuries-old experience of therapeutic agents. In Currently, a common habit evaluation of traditional medicine, as the ignorance of people, crashed. And more and more people are beginning to address their concerns to the treasure of experience gathered by our ancestors. author: Victoria Tsehmistrenkos


Furuncle – a painful and rather large skin lesions, initially resembling a large pimple. Then it increases red, festering head appears. The disease is extremely unpleasant and painful, but fairly widespread. It is important to know the symptoms of boils in time to prevent the spread of the disease. Medical dictionary treats boil as "purulent-necrotic inflammation of the hair follicle and surrounding tissues. In what passes for inflammation of sebaceous glands and surrounding connective tissue.

Called golden or white stafillokokom. " Such an infection enters the body through absorption through the exposed skin, ie cuts, scrapes, sores, burns. It is therefore essential to observe safety measures for disinfection of injury. The development of boils going on hairy parts of the body and exactly where the skin is the greatest friction from clothing. It is areas such as low back, neck, wrist, etc.

If the boils are increasing, that is, there is not one pimple, but a few, the disease has been developed and turned into a furunculosis. The cause is often a low immunity to transient periods of the year, or posleboleznenny period. The first symptoms of boils, is itching and tingling about the hair bulb. This place is eventually turns red, there is putrid mound with a dark core, which later burst and the wound heals. It should be noted tenderness to touch a pimple. With the localization of boil on the most sensitive skin on the face, etc. disease may complications occur in the form of heat, weakness, fatigue, etc. Usually prescribed for the treatment of furuncle iodine as well as some physiological process. The main thing in treating boils follow the simple rule: self education does not touch under any circumstances, no wet compresses, no massages. In order to strengthen your immunity and prevent boils, take Immyun Sapport.

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