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In the study he was evidenced how much it is important that the professionals ploughs ready you identify the signals of PCR well entering with the due maneuvers of reversion of the picture with professional skill. Keyword: PCR, nurse, daily pay-hospital 1.INTRODUO the cardiorrespiratria stop (PCR) is always a dramatical occurrence, which responsible for one is raised morbimortalidade, exactly in situations of ideal attendance. Therefore in this situation the time corresponds an important 0 variable extremely, esteem itself that, to each minute without reversion of the picture, in the individual PCR victim, it corresponds 10% to less of supervened probability of. (SON et al, 2003). According to Ribeiro, Born and Jnior (2004), in the United States, 930,000 people die for cardiovascular illnesses, corresponding 43% of the deaths of all the causes, being that of these, approximately 500,000 must the coronarianas illnesses. About 50% of these deaths they occur suddenly, inside of first the 02 hours of the beginning of the symptoms, being that 2/2 happen outside of the hospital, in this way the sudden deaths had to the coronarianas illnesses represent the most frequent medical emergencies. Bartholomay et al 2003, defines the stop cardiorrespiratria as sudden absence of spontaneous ventilation and pulse in great arteries, folloied of loss of the conscience in one exactly individual at the same time, being thus, in this situation occurs the sudden and generally unexpected cession of the cardiac and respiratory functions. According to Silva and Padilha (2001), the PCR, in itself does not represent a pointer me the quality of the assistance, however it demonstrates, mainly, the gravity level where the patient meets, a present time, the survival possibility depends, to a large extent, of the immediate application, adjusted and insurance of the reanimao maneuvers that they readily need to be instituted with the purpose to restore the functions vital and consequently to prevent irreversible cerebral injury.

Knowledge Consultation

In regards to the use of alcohol and drugs, the gestantes had related not to use no type of psychoactive substance during the gestation, however some socially use the alcoholic beverage and the tobacco previously to the period. The actual damages for the use of drugs in the human organism and the necessity of the combat and reduction of these substances in the familiar environment had been emphasized. The right of the gestante was a peculiar subject, therefore the gestantes knew the rights social as: attendance in boxes special, priorities in the line of banks, supermarkets, access to the door of the front of capacities and preferential seat, however did not demand its rights. In relation to the labor laws the majority had the knowledge of the license maternity of 180 days, on the other hand found that they could be dismissed when pregnant, and were unaware of the right of being excused from the work two times to the day for at least 30 minutes suckling, until the baby to complete six months. 12 By occasion of the first prenatal attendance, all the enrolled gestantes would have be set appointments for consultation of routine in the units of health that make use of odontolgico service; in case that contrary, it must be referenciada (7). The majority of the participants of the group demonstrated distrust and many prevented to carry through the consultation with the dentist of the unit, being been thus, the gestantes had been guided how much to the importance of the odontolgico accompaniment, desmitificando the effective knowledge and inserting them in the odontolgica agenda Ahead of some manifestations of the participants we look for to have a more enlightening attitude in some worked subjects. The understanding of the argued subjects was occurring gradual to the meeting and the results reflect with a bigger adhesion to the consultations of prenatal, use of medications correctly, accomplishment of the examinations disgnostic, gestantes with arterial and glicemia pressure folloied biweekly in the unit, adhesion to the odontolgica consultation, awareness on the rights, among others.


At the bottom of the lake between the entrances to the two adjacent holes paved trench cut through the entire thickness of silt (up to a sandy base). Summer Desman live alone, couples or families, and in winter in a burrow can live up to 12-13 animals of different sex and age, close relatives and former neighbors. Each animal or flock, but the basic, long-occupied burrows, has time to visit holes, spaced 25-30 m apart. This distance muskrat swims along the connecting trench for the normal duration of its stay under water – for 1 minute. Muskrat feeds sedentary inhabitants freshwaters: summer – gastropods, insect larvae (especially caddis and beetle ), leeches, and in winter a significant increment up small fish and plant food (starchy rhizomes Potbelly, and tubers of arrowhead).

When the animal moves along the trench bottom, it gradually recruited into the lungs exhale the air in the form of a string of small bubbles. Bubbles come out well from the fur cover under water pressure. In winter, the air bubbles accumulate over a trench under the lower surface of the ice and eventually freeze in it in the form of cavities of different sizes. Frost over the trench becomes porous and fragile. Due to air bubbles under the ice, over bottom trenches Desman, the conditions better aeration, attract molluscs, leeches and small fish. Attracting effect on them has, apparently, and smelling the musky trail along the trench. Muskrat is not torn on the bottom the reservoir in search of food, but moves only on the system of their trenches, to which its victims are actively contracted.

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