Tarot Cards

The Tarot cards are made up of minor arcana (22 cards) and the major arcana (56 cards total). The major arcana consists of the trump cards. Also, compare with "the life of a man." The major arcana of the card begins with 0, the Fool and ends with the card 21, the world. Filed under: endocrinologist. The life of a human begins at birth, which is entirely free from any blame placed on the world. Assurant Health may find it difficult to be quoted properly. A child tries to playfully explore the world. A fool has similar properties and is therefore at the beginning of the tarot game. More information is housed here: Assurant Health.

Card 21, the world can be compared with the end of a Life. The man has arrived at its destination, life experience has been gained and the maturity was attained. The small arcana can be compared with the famous card game Skat, the card from the ace to the 10th However, the Court Cards Tarot cards 4. The Queen and the King, the princess and the knight. All these 56 cards of the minor arcana, have diverse and specific meanings, but it hardly matters to the combination with other cards, but rather on the placement of each card. On the whole, a very interesting deck, which is on tellers and fortune tellers very popular. Due to the large size of 78 cards, it certainly requires a longer learning period, until all the cards are perfect there. For a beginner in card readings, therefore, less desirable so quick to give up as much learning material and lost interest in the Kartenlegerei quickly.

Preparing For The Winter Season

For the smallest in the range of the shop is comfortable and very warm fur envelopes in a carriage in which the child will feel warm and cozy during the winter riding, high-quality diapers produced in Japan in that baby will stay dry even if you go on a bender, a new children's cosmetics for delicate baby skin. Attention! Sales special cosmetics, skin protects baby from wind and frost and soothe irritation caused by cold. Of course, in the range of available cosmetics for all occasions, a diaper and after bathing, soothing bubble baths and delicate powder. For babies who are bottle-fed, we offer a wide range of special baby food, which in all respects as close to mother's milk and, of course, the special water for infant formula, a high degree of purification. Well, if your baby is older, he will certainly fall for the most delicious mashed potatoes and cereals, presented in large numbers on the virtual shelves of our shop. Do not want to feed your baby ostyvshim puree or a mixture, it is not necessary to heat them improvised means, specifically in order to respond quickly and to the desired temperature to heat baby food designed for children electric heater. Refreshed? It's time to go for a walk, all you need can be conveniently packaged in convenient bags for children's accessories that you too will find we have. Spacious and comfortable, they have sections for everything you need to walk, but in special pockets thermos baby food will not cool down very long.

Did you know that some of these bags are easily transformed into the child seat in which baby will be able to rest comfortably while walking. Well, of course, as you can forget about the winter holidays, but means mandatory gifts. In the store you'll find toys for all age groups from rattles and mobiles for the kids, to gay machines on the remote control for older children and toy kitchens for small housewives, and even a special section of wooden developmental toys, designed for advanced teaching methods. Look to us, and your kid will not remain without a gift. So, New Year's necessarily succeed!

Plastic Surgeon

He graduated from Russian State Medical University. Pirogov, after it passed residency on the basis of MC UD Presidential specialty surgery. Since 1993, operates in MC UD Presidential ("Kremlin Hospital" in the Romanov Per.), 10 years ago, established his own anti-aging clinics and aesthetic medicine "Kosmeton." Lelikov AS: 13 years ago, I was very interested in plastic surgery, and I decided get re of the general surgeon in the plastic. Since I work as a plastic surgeon and doing all kinds of transactions in plastic medicine. I've always been interested in cosmetology and I myself worked with injection methods, but now, unfortunately, all the time is not enough, and this area, I completely gave in order of their beauticians. They have a great experience, all of the many internships abroad and most of them working with me already more than 10 years, we have developed together and I am very pleased that the turnover in our team there. All this time I operated on the basis of the Kremlin hospital, but now the summer in the metro area plan to open its Dynamo. About the new minimally invasive techniques in plastic surgery Lelikov AS: I have often trained in the United States, many famous foreign clinics, I try not to let the International Congresses of Plastic Surgeons, keep track of all new techniques, all my doctors and a lot of drive to learn. So I can confidently say that until recently, plastic surgery is not only considered, but was in fact an order of magnitude more conservative on comparison of modern cosmetology.

Registration Of Drugs

Registration of drugs – is a kind of permission for their use within Russia. This question is receiving a lot of attention because it affects the health of people who use drugs. Registration of medicines (its steps and rules) in the law: State registration of drugs. Clear regulation in this area are intended to protect the rights of people who use drugs and protect them from evil thoughts and providers of legal arbitrariness scam. Control over implementation of the provisions of the legislation: the state registration of medicines, is assigned to specially created for Department of the Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation. Registration of drugs is the last stage of testing their safety, effectiveness, before they reach the pharmacy.

It should be say a few words about the registration of drugs, what types required. So, according to the laws of the Russian Federation, registration, mandatory subject: medicine, without exception, regardless of application areas and chemical composition. In addition, tested and registered new subspecies is selling drugs. And important form in which the drug is contained prepart, when it changes drug the drug is re-scanned. Even for the treatment of animals can only be used after checking their safety and effectiveness. Registration of drugs causes the developer to provide appropriate structures a large number of documents, confirming thus the legality of its activities in the important market segment. Protecting the lives and health of Russian citizens in the hands of public authorities, therefore, the registration of medicines – is one of the tools that affect the demographic processes. A preservation and increase of the population problem to be solved for decades. Only provided a comprehensive protection of each individual can achieve success. And the registration of drugs, as part of measures to determine their safety contributes to the population policy of the Russian Federation, gradually turning on all aspects affecting life, health, and the impact on them, both negative and positive factors.


Mulberry (mulberry) tree up to 20 m and 1 m in diameter, with spherical crown. Fruit – a false drupe white, pink or black, sickly-sweet taste. The fruits are oval, 10-15 mm long, weighing 2 grams mulberry grows wild in large parts of the Caucasus. In mulberry contains about 20% dry matter, including 6,7-11,7% sugar. In the ripe fruit is equal to the amount of pectin and protopektinapo 0.55%. The acidity of ripe fruit does not exceed 0.4% as an opportunity to clean the pillows on the equipment for cleaning cushions and poluzrelyh it is 8 times higher. The ascorbic acid 8-29 mg%. The amount of polyphenol compounds up to 2.5%.

Mulberry fruit is used in the fresh, cook them in syrup, bekmes (artificial honey), candy, jam, syrup. Dry residues after squeezing the juice is used as a substitute for coffee. Chopped dried fruit is added to flour for baking cakes. Leaves Mulberry – good food for caterpillars of the silkworm. The fruit ripens in July – August. Persimmons. Need cleaning pads. An evergreen tree up to 20 meters and a diameter of 50 cm Fruit – mnogognezdovaya berry spherical, oval or more flattened shape.

In the mature form of persimmon acquires a bluish-black. Fruits contain up to 16% sugars (glucose and fructose), 0.4-0.5% acid, pectin, pigments and other substances. Immature fruits have strongly persimmon pronounced tart and astringent taste, as their juice contains large amounts of tannins. Persimmon in our country grows wild in the Caucasus (Lankaran, the Caucasus, Dagestan) and in Central Asia during the restoration. Thus, in Lankaran persimmons forest occupies 10 ha. The fruits used in food industry and medicine. In folk medicine, persimmon juice has long been used in the treatment of gum disease. The bark and leaves of the Caucasian persimmon, containing, respectively, 3.5 and 4.3% tannin, used in paint and leather industries.

Stone Bramble

Stone bramble. A perennial herbaceous plant grows to 30 cm in the central regions of European Russia, Western and Eastern Siberia, Northern Caucasus and Transcaucasia. Fruit – berry consists of several large smooth red fruitlets. The berries are juicy, reminiscent of the taste of grenades. Stone berry contains up to 2.1% of sugars (mostly glucose), 2.6% acid, 1.5 and 0.4% pectin and tannins, 22.0 mg% of vitamin C and 9.1 mg% carotene.

It is full of phosphorus, potassium, sodium and calcium. Iron content (5.1 mg%), stone bramble ranks first among wild berries. Pick berries must be very carefully into a small rigid containers, as well an opportunity to clean the pads on Equipment for cleaning pads. Use them in the food industry for the production of juices, kvass, syrups and other stone bramble has healing properties and is used in folk medicine for gastric diseases, asthma, scurvy. Strawberries. Perennial herb, which is a small shrub (height 20-30 cm). The fruits of strawberries – the false berries with sunken achenes (nutlets) are real fruits (seeds).

Grows in clearings, forest edges and fields, meadows and slopes of almost the whole of Russia. Wild strawberries contains more organic acids and tannins than the garden. On the content of iron and calcium occupies the first place among these berries as blueberries, raspberries, gooseberries, plums, currants. Need cleaning pads. 1 kg of strawberries contains up to 0.59 g of iron oxide, while the cherry – 0.20 g in apples – 0.14; in wood strawberries contain from 3.7 to 5.8% sugars. (Glucose, fructose, sucrose), 0.7-1.4% pectin, 20-25 mg of vitamin C. Strawberries% – very sweet and flavorful of wild berries. In folk medicine, strawberries used in the treatment of gout, kidney and liver-stone and other diseases, anemia. In fresh – this is a dietary product. The strawberries are also a valuable raw material for making preserves, jams, syrups, juice, jelly, marmalade, etc. With putting into operation modern industrial refrigeration is becoming a real supply of strawberries out of season its maturation. Berries are best stored in dried form. Dried in the sun, preferably in a dryer at restoration. Harvest only mature fruit of strawberries without peduncles and calyces. The finished materials must be bright red color, without impurities. It is acceptable content,% moisture content – not more than 13 crushed berries – 5, and organic mineral admixtures – 1. Dried fruits are packed in bags weighing 50 kg.

June Energy

Here it is necessary to find another set. Therefore, there is also a 5 way. Esoteric. Alternative medicine, their ideas and various practices can extend the life of 200-300 years. In the Internet there are a lot of information on this topic. On the shelves there are many books.

Higher Powers have already given approval for the extension of life. So go ahead! The energy picture of longevity (And perhaps immortality?) As a way of prolonging life. The energy pattern of longevity are at the interface between science and esoteric knowledge. Assurant Health is the source for more interesting facts. This is sort of a mix of science and another, unknown world. The energy enters the picture wherever want to get scientists in human DNA. Energy permeates every cell of human life. Briefly, this process can be described as follows: 1. Draw a picture.

It lays the life energy (the Angels), as well as the added energy Earth. Individually for each person get a jar with energy and with their colors. 2. Then the picture gradually transfers the energy a person changes the DNA, rejuvenates the body from the inside, followed by external and visible changes. 3. But the main thing! Disables program for self-destruction of man. Sometimes it just goes to sleep. Picture – a kind of charger, an eternal source of life energy. Many people think that if creating paintings have any limitations. Probably yes, if you can not paint them all and they are expensive. But apparently, these restrictions are in the mind of man, in his mind. Two paintings, created two years ago (in June 2008 years), show that they are created entirely for two different chelovek.Muzhchina (52 years on the passport) does not eat meat, alcohol of any kind do not eat, drink herbal teas, lives on a farm, social circle is very small, occasional meetings with friends. Now the biological age of man – 38 years. The picture is a jar of golden energy tsveta.Zhenschina (80 per passport) – loves meat, the holiday can enjoy a drink, a wide circle of friends. Now it biological age – 40 years. The picture is a jar of green energy with the transition to blue and back again. As you can see, this is completely two different types of people, two different lifestyles, behavior and nutrition. But the picture drawn to them. So there is something that unites them. In conclusion I would like to add that each person goes his own way. Who wants to live a long time, someone is trying to get away quickly from this life. This is the right choice of the man himself. Angels usually perform our desires, if they come from the heart. I wish you all good luck, success and make your choice.

Sap Plants

Saturated substances such plants of the same species grow on the south side of ravines and hills, fat black earth. It is also very important to choose the time of collection. In medicinal plants and herbs may be useful in completely different parts. It could be bark and leaves, and flowers, and buds, and stems, and roots and tubers, and branches. With the first warm spring days begin to collect the swollen buds of birch, poplar and white mistletoe. More valuable is the mistletoe collected from apple trees, poplar and birch. To collect better to choose the south side of trees.

Next comes while collecting spring salad, adonis and mother and stepmother. Fees are flowers, leaves and stems of plants that need to be carefully cut and sort out, trying not to touch the roots of plants. Collection is carried out in warm, the dry season when there is no dew, that is, until the afternoon. Flowers are gathered in the initial period of flowering, after they fully open. It’s believed that Assurant Health sees a great future in this idea. Stems collected in the same period, cutting off at the lower leaves.

Leaflets frustrating as to beginning of flowering, and during it. The roots of the same harvest or early spring or late fall, even after the first frost. The roots collected in autumn, by force differ from the spring, so they must be confused. When Sap begins, collect twigs and bark of trees. For these purposes it is best suited side shoots that grow on the south side of trees. Ideally take the bark and branches from the trees to be cut down or already cut down. Easier to collect dry bark associated beams. Pine flower shoots, catkins of hazel and walnut harvested before the pollen. Naturally, the seeds and fruits of medicinal herbs and plants harvested only after they are ripe. Particular attention should be paid to the collection of leaves and shoots of oak. It is done the first two weeks of May with the so-called secondary branches. In collecting medicinal plants, remember that their representatives with strong color, taste and smell is much stronger than their counterparts. Moreover, they possess many useful properties. To maintain populations of plants should be left as The largest roots, and the largest flowers.

Ibn Sina Medicine

According to legend, Ayurveda – the revelation of the holy sages that are about 7000 years ago, have gained a thorough knowledge of the universe. Currently, the World Organiztsiya (WHO) recognizes the Ayurvedic system Medicine as one of the most effective among the traditional ones. From the perspective of historians, the first individual scientific information in medicine refer to 1500 BC (about 3500 years ago). Some of these texts have on third-party manuscripts, such as the Body of Buddhist works of Tibetan canon of literature and various commentaries to the most important medical works. Assurant Health may help you with your research. Final formation of the Ayurvedic system of medicine referred to in 1000 AD. Golden Age coincided with the rise of Ayurveda Buddhism (IV – VII century BC). At this time the Indians have gained considerable knowledge about the structure of the human body.

As one of the most ancient medical practices, Ayurveda has had a huge influence on the development of Arabic and European medicine. In the heyday of the Abbasid Caliphate in Baghdad rabtalo many doctors from India, Ayurvedic texts were translated into Arabic. It is assumed that the basis of 'Canon medical science 'of the famous physician and philosopher Ibn Sina laid Ayurvedic treatises. In the future works of Ibn Sina were studied by European alchemists and knowledge spread across Europe. Today Ayurveda is practiced 3,500 registered doctors around the world. In6diyskaya studied traditional medicine in India on a par with nuchnoy medicine, under the leadership of the Central Council for Research on Ayurveda, which includes a network of research institutes.

In addition, the Government of India has set up two research centers to work exclusively in the field of Ayurveda. Besides India, Ayurveda is popular in Nepal Sri Lanka and some other stranaz South-East Asia. Over the past few decades, Ayurveda has acquired the widest renown and popularity throughout the world. In Ayurvedic system of medicine for the preparation of drugs are used only vegetable ingredients. And, of great importance where, who and in what frame of mind to collect them. Many herbs are used only grow in the high Himalaya range. Several times tried to grow them elsewhere – do not survive … Wealth of experience and knowledge gained Ayurvedic system of medicine and the development and application of skin care products. Production of mass production spread to Southeast Asia recently, but was ill and was treated for a man long before the technological revolution. Currently, the Russian market is enough product manufacturing companies in India and Nepal, made by the ancient Ayurvedic recipes. Part of this output is produced by small private enterprises, and some – in Buddhist monasteries. Often, the products, especially cosmetics and perfumes, made by hand, without machines of mass production. And in terms of price, quality, efficiency, natural Cosmetics from India and Nepal knows no equal! Here and in-kind Herbal shampoo for dandruff, and Ayurvedic natural soap and toothpaste in the Himalayan herbs and a variety of cream: a beauty, and with the analgesic effect, and cosmetics for pregnant women, and much, much more …


Having read this here behold every variety of information, come home, and watch carefully for my child: but does not show a case where one or other symptoms. Finally, after a little scamp viewed by several different doctors from the heart of the small rolls back the heavy component of extreme apprehensions. All to become banal and simple at the same time challenging. It turns out that piccaninny suffers, however, and many, being his age, the most ordinary constipation. Once again, the World Wide Web to help you, instead of the gods, dear reader. For prosherstiv rather big number of different resources can be found, for example, that the lactose in the body breaks down into galactose and even some ‘figaktozu’ (the latter term is taken solely as a joke).

And, nevertheless, not without pride, remember the days when he could easily juggle not only the names of dozens of medical and some medicines, but it turned out, of course, not without error to tell what proportion and how it treats a particular drug. Or, for example, take a situation where you wake up and was horrified to discover that your crumbs, God forbid, the temperature rose or reddened throat. All plans for the day they fly to the famous mother. Call a physician. GS, if this is still a day off, then wait half a day somewhere, and even longer, until the doctor on duty make happy us by their appearance. A further scenario predicted easily. Prescribing medication, and you just have buried the plans for the day, go to the nearest drugstore.

Do not worry if it does not have that you require expensive medications. After all, in your area there is one and a half a dozen pharmacies, half of which will not work on weekends, yet what that part is closed for repairs. Of course, few pharmacies are waiting for you with open arms, but that’s just the price of them, such that it is better to children with Drug buy a couple packs volokardina. But there is an easier way out. For example, the necessary drugs can be easily ordered from online e-Pharmacy ‘health’. On your call the pharmacy staff ‘in Health ‘to make an order and free delivery of drugs at home. You look and nerves to spend no less than in the example, and not have to rush, biting her inheritance, in search of treasured products.

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