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Public Debate

\”Science from below\” – the wisdom of the crowd with a unique trial project under the new Internet presence of is currently the so-called \”Science from below\”. Basic idea is the \”wisdom of crowds\”. The commitment is the benefit of the population at risk in many areas through lobbying. Explicit advocate of science of all kind and Aufmunterer to causally thought, the page is aimed at increasing bias of commissions that consider essential, often safety-critical concepts. This fact makes questionable scientific results. \”Science from below\” is neither conspiracy nor trivializing by means of existing or new theories. Art, poetry, music, and other creativity to accompany the site rewarding. For assistance, try visiting Dr. John Mcdougall.

\”Science from below\” is the excellent opportunity, their own scientific works on the basis of specifically selected materials such as in an early stage to the public experts from different fields now Discussion to. Aim is the awareness and participation of a wide readership for late-breaking topics of which the society as a whole is affected. As participants, authors have the advantage of diverse arguments of the readership to critical points before your publication to meet. Basic idea of science from the bottom is the \”wisdom of crowds\”. Constructive, scientific approaches will be developed from the discussions. Also finished works can be published directly on the connected R. G. Publishing House.

As a participant, you can submit your materials in PDF format. From about mid-April 2010, the first discussions will start there. To choose from a wide range of current topics is how: social grievances as well as their consequences, opportunities and risks and their consequences in the experimental physics opportunities and risks, as well as their consequences in the food industry opportunities & dangers and their consequences in health care opportunities and dangers, as well as their consequences in the field of education opportunities of u. Hazards and their consequences in the financial opportunities and risks, as well as their consequences in climate and environmental protection opportunities and risks, as well as their consequences in the energy sector opportunities and risks, as well as their consequences in the Nano – and biotechnology opportunities and risks, as well as their implications in genetic engineering opportunities and risks, as well as their consequences in the data protection opportunities and risks, as well as their consequences in the field of Robotics natural threats and opportunities of the defense but also: Starts with the themes that have the largest inlet the vision of an ideal form of society vision of reconciliation of all religions.


NURMO based seminar for entrepreneurs Vaterstetten – January 2010 “Help – I can’t find on my computer the file”, this sentence should according to the will of Michael Schafer after his day of the seminar the past belong to. As a long-time trainer and consultants, he knows how important is the safe use of your own PC. “My participants may like to take your own laptop, then I can go up during the seminar on personal questions,” Saeed offers. The network entrepreneurs Munich East (short: NURMO) would like to as organizer motivate as many Firmeninhaberinnen to do so, to make your own computer the friend and helper. Katrin Riediger, founders of NURMO, stressed: “The computer should do no more work, but also facilitate everyday business”.

This has also Brigitte Colin, the as. certified accountant has specialized in seeing consulting, to balance, to register at an early stage. “I look forward to the wake-up my computer skills and at the same time leave me on such active days like inspired”, established them as a premium member participating. In addition to the data backup, virus and spam protection concerns on this day also the question, how can flyers in round mails sent and a private E-Mail account set up. The event takes place on January 30, 2010 from 10 am to 7 pm in the 1A business hotel in Balham. The seminar fee incl. breaks is 180 euro, discounted admission 90 euro for premium members. Registration please see. Anja Bendixen Danowski, new impetus for pr + communication,

Online Survey: Chief Physician Part Time?

Shortage of doctors requires to boost the employment of women “Hospital brings a 250,000 euro chief physician part time”, they say in the Saxon newspaper on 16th October 2010. Our question is a chief physician part time but not so outlandish. Dramatic doctor shortage expected especially considering one in the health care sector and the fact that there are now more medical students than students. would like to ask your opinion, see the portal home page. According to the, 70 percent of all freshmen and 60 per cent of all graduates with specialization in medicine in Germany today are female.

Two reasons are suspected for the withdrawal of the men. First: For men, seems the medical profession no longer to have the appeal as in the past, because the incomes and the cost containment in the health system entail further cuts in the medical supply. Second, The proportion of male medical students decreases, because the women have the better high school grades. With the part-time job the career as the anyway, overall, are there already a number of local hospital authorities that are written out in part – or full-time. The senior or Chief part time is nevertheless still remain the exception.

For part-time has also a lot of disadvantages, so the President of the German bunds Aerztin e.V., Dr. Regine Rapp-Engels. Training to the specialist part time was tedious. To come, that a part-time job is more ridiculed. It is indeed for most women: the career comes with the part-time job. A temporary part time should be still possible after the baby break, Rapp-Engels. More childcare and flexible working hours are important but, so that woman, because she so, work and family can agree on better. Personnel potential of women better use already 2020 56,000 doctors are missing in Germany as well as 140,000 nursing and other non-medical professionals. A study of the Darmstadt-based economic Research Institute (WifOR) comes to this conclusion in the Order by PwC. To avoid the shortage, are required, PwC, more efficient structures for example by better interlinking of inpatient and outpatient care and improved working conditions. “In addition to the hiring of foreign specialists in the short term only a further increase in the female employment can counteract the shortage. This must be introduced flexible working time models and improved childcare offered”, so Dennis Ostwald, labour market expert at WifOR.

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