The Reason

Whole grains with fiber and lean protein should also be added to your diet low in fat to lose belly and belly fat because protein takes longer to digest and your belly full for longer stays, and is eaten less often, while whole grains that are full of fibre helps to eat less food. Drink water to lose belly and belly fat keep the body hydrated will help you to lose belly fat quickly because your body does not cling to humidity, which causes water retention. Strange that it may seem, drinking more water help your body release unnecessary water, so make sure you drink water when you are thirsty. Drinking water also help fill your belly before a meal so don’t eat too much during meals. This will help you reduce the amount of foods you eat to lose belly and belly fat fast. Say goodbye, or limit the fast food the only good thing I can say about fast food is that it is comfortable, but that convenience has a price very high, especially for women whose weight goes directly to the stomach. Get rid of fast food from your diet is one of the best ways to lose belly fat in women because you loaded with fat and calories, which means that you will have to work twice only to burn fat every day. Listen to your body probably are thinking that this is a no-brainer, but the truth is that many of us don’t listen to our bodies that it is part of the reason why we now have to lose belly and belly fat quickly.

After eating a meal, listen to your body to know whether or not it is really needed come back for a second serving. Give your body time to respond to a meal, just because you’re still hungry once the dish is clean doesn’t mean that you’re still hungry. It only means that your body has not had time to process the satisfaction. Gives you at least 20 minutes after a meal to see if appetite has been satisfied. If you have then already you’ve learned a lesson important on how to lose belly and belly fat quickly. If not, you can take this opportunity to eat an Apple or other high fiber foods for what not finished eating another plate full of food. This goes for the sed also, if you think you’re hungry drink a glass of water and wait a few minutes to see if you’re still hungry. Often we eat more fat than we need by the confusion of thirst and hunger, that they have the same symptoms. The more you learn to listen to your body, easier it is lose tummy and on women belly fat fast! Find out more about how to lose tummy quickly by entering in: lose belly and belly fat.

Diagnosis of Irises

Iris is a kind of passport to health, in which using a special status can be read information on the physical and emotional condition of any person. Diagnosis of iris engaged in another Egyptian doctors during the reign of Pharaoh . The famous priest of the Pharaoh El Aks remembered not only as iridodiagnost first, but as a man, by which the science of the iris and spread from Egypt to Babylon, Tibet, Indochina and other regions. El Aks wrote his knowledge in two papyri length of 50 meters. They were found in excavation of tombs in Giza.

In 's tomb of the priest was found a few made in a special way of color plates depicting the eyes of Pharaoh. They are mute testimony to the fact that the ruler of Egypt was very painful chelovekom.V Europe the ancient art of reading the eyes acquired the status of science as recently as the middle of the xix century, thanks to Hungarian physician Ignatz von Pektseli. His name is associated the following legend. When Pektseli was 11 years old, he tried to free an owl trapped in his garden, but broke her foot. Pursuing treatment owl boy noticed that the iris bird appeared dark strip-mark. As recover this streak brightened, and then turned into a white stripe with a speck of pigment. Later, working in a surgical hospital, Pektseli watched iris changes in people with various diseases. As a result, His research appeared the first scheme of projection zones in which each organ of the body corresponds to a certain projection zone in the iris.

Lose Weight Fast

Did you know that only a few minutes each day monitoring and follow-up can make big differences in the results that you get from your diet and exercise routine? You can not question why something doesn’t work if you are not properly following habits that you have to achieve your goals. Too often, people start a particular diet or exercise program with the goal of having a body super slim model in a short time and when you don’t see results within a few weeks, simply give up. But how to lose weight fast and safely? It begins with an intelligent plan of action to lose weight fast and get in shape, which has been scientifically proven that it works. Use a monitor to make sure that your workouts are effective, and you must keep track of your diet! Habit # 1: keep track of your workouts and used a heart rate monitor that record calories that you burn. It is an investment that is worth having a heart rate that will continue to monitor your calorie burning. Not You can fool yourself with the thought that that cowardly training you’re doing will give you results! Using your heart rate monitor to determine what exercises will really burn fat for your time. Remember that strength training will burn fewer calories during training, but they are absolutely crucial for the construction of the muscles and improve your metabolism habit # 2 controlling your diet with a tracker of nutrition which takes into account the proportion of nutrients that you consume and the calories that you burn. Your healthy weight is 80% of diet.

And it is not only reduce your calories hastily! You must control your nutrition with a calculator online that keep track of calories, the proportion of protein, carbohydrates, fat and sodium that you are consuming. A calorie is a calorie and if you create a calorie deficit, you will not see your beautiful and healthy body. Others who may share this opinion include endocrinologist. You can not live of gelatin and 100 packages of snack low in calories, to have the expectation lose belly fat and sculpt a beautiful figure. Your body just doesn’t work that way. You not sabotees your hard work eating too much, or eat too many carbohydrates. Instead, use a calculator online or your phone application to keep track of everything that happens in your mouth.

It is very simple, but if you do not track your workouts and your diet, you can not achieve results. Training by adding intensity and strength training to your regimen. Use a heart rate monitor and keep track of your workouts. Eat well low carbohydrate, high protein, and lots of vegetables. Uses a program of nutritional follow-up online or an application on your phone and keep your diet in the area of increased weight loss / muscle. How to lose weight fast and safely? You already know the answer the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result. I just say how to change things so you can get real results in the form of lose weight fast. So keep track! Want to burn body fat the right way and in a short time? Visit: How to burn fat in a short time

History Of Silk

There is an incredible amount of interesting legends about how to develop the history of silk. One legend tells that Lei Zu, the wife of the Yellow Emperor, who lived in central China about five thousand years ago, came to her husband from the south-western part of the state, brought with her the secret of silkworm cultivation. At first she taught people to cultivate silkworms, cocoon to unravel and make clothes. And the next generation started Lei Zu bring offerings as the founder of sericulture. According to another legend, the Cu Chi Ling, the wife of the third emperor of China Huang Di, the garden of the palace under the canopy of mulberry trees and drank tea in her cup of tea from the tree dropped a silkworm cocoon. Young Empress and her maid were very surprised to see how the hot water cocoon began to unfold, releasing a thin silk thread. Si Ling Chi has decided to bring thousands of cocoons and of those weaving the emperor silk dress, as in These days will not show perhaps no gallery of batik. According to PCRM, who has experience with these questions. So a small butterfly-moth silk presented to all mankind, and the empress, in gratitude for so beztsenny gift was elevated to the rank of deity.

Thus, legends of great variety. The Chinese, who managed hranitsekrety, no one discovered his secret, and any attempt to send the caterpillars, butterflies and moth balls out of the country was punishable by death. Long period of natural silk is valued its weight in gold because nevoobrazimoyprochnosti, air, and the ability to store heat for a long time, and was available only to very wealthy people. In connection with such value, of course, a difficult lesson was to keep the secret of silk production in the country. And, of course, it's time silk steel rashoditsyapo earth. One said that the Indian raja woo a Chinese princess and wanted as a dowry seeds of mulberry and silkworm larvae.

The history of the Silk Road originated from 138, when the Han capital of the caravan left the embassy, accompanied by Prince Jian, sent by Emperor Wu to unknown lands West. 13 years later the prince came back, in his journey he came to Afghanistan and the first was a direct route from China through Central Asia. Behind him on the way to the West began to move the caravans of silk and products from China Mediterranean, Middle East and Central Asia. In 552, Emperor Justinian of Byzantium bought from visiting monks silkworm eggs and ordered to come to grips with their breeding. Soon silk appeared in Asia Minor, North Africa, Spain, in Sicily. In Europe, the silkworms were brought to the xiv century. And only in the xvi century have learned to breed and unwinding the cocoons of silkworms in Russia.

Can Life Without Suffering ?

It is easy to see that the cause of human development are suffering. Dissatisfaction with a particular situation, their situation, lack of proper attention from the society pushes people to seek to action for change. Not without reason said that necessity is the mother of invention. Probably every man once in my life experienced a non-standard situations, when suddenly become clearer thoughts, feelings and begin to commit aggravated hidden details in ordinary situations, fatigue is not noticed, but on the contrary, there is a burst of energy. Do not be a pain – we would lie on the stove even ate the rolls, gaining weight by leaps and bounds. Consequently, the suffering – is vitally needed thing, without which there is no progress. But who among us likes to suffer? Do not we all looking for new sources every moment of pleasure.

Do not want to enjoy all that just can? Here is the paradox which, we do not like to suffer and not want, and at the same time without feeling at least a minimal drawbacks – not to move a finger and place not move. How can that be? Not to bring the same to myself these very sufferings artificially. Do not wake famously, as the saying goes. Search for your trouble head is not necessary. James A. Levine, M.D. gathered all the information. Take care of this life itself. Head to work nakrichit, neighbor buys a new car, but you never know what can happen – to control the flow of trouble – not in our power.

However, the nature and left us some field activities. Namely, to understand yourself and decide, and to understand why we suffer. Maybe you should not suffer because of ‘this’, because there are things more important and? The fact that our attitude to suffering may be variable not even discussed. Judge for yourself – a five-year boy weeps bitter tears when he breaks a favorite toy. Greater tragedy in this moment for him in this world. But it will take 10-15 years, and he does not remember this incident, and if he recall, he just smiles. Priorities in life have changed. Little was that it was once the most important. Nature has left us a choice of what to suffer, but from what is not worth it. For example, loses in football is my favorite team, or I do not raise wages, and someone will raise, or I do not prove to someone he was right in the dispute – this must be live, although I must admit, left an unpleasant aftertaste. But to live a life in vain, finding no place in it and not to realize themselves, burn time, overly fascinated animal pleasures, which will still always be small, leaving the descendants of the world full of violence and evil, unable to even explain to them why it is so – get on with it much more difficult. Hence, it is in this direction and should focus its efforts and, accordingly, the vector of its development, so as not to destroy the world, but to find a good and happy life.

Health Conditions

But how do you play here those particular factors of fetal life? That life was fed with certain health conditions, emotional, psychological and others impacted during the months of pregnancy. That is also given before birth but not by genetic inheritance but by the peculiar circumstances of the environment (nurture). This means that affected the nature nurture. This shows that the Constitution is far more than inherited biologically, the boundaries between nature and nurture are not sharp. The "nurture" refers to stimuli provided by the environment and are permanently molded to the people. Contact information is here: Dr. Peter M. Wayne. Their presence is needed to display some items require a given period of maturation and action of other human beings to develop.

For example, the possibility of developing a language depends on certain physical conditions (organs of hearing and speaking) but earlier onset or late, right or wrong depends on the stimulation that the child is receiving from people around him, of their health, their emotions, among other factors. That is, the environment (nurture) help develop a potential inherited (nature). Is apparently very difficult to distinguish between biological inheritance and cultural heritage. Sex is a constitutional and genetic element (woman or man made), the development of the chest may be higher or lower depending on diet and physical exercises, it is part of the Constitution but is conditioned by the environment. Temperament: They are basic affective features and more persistent. When we observe someone's behavior: for example: Sebastian invites a girl out, do it in a particular way, with a special style that shows his temperament is bold or shy, confident, aggressive.

Clever Save At The Cost Of The Car – Is It Really So Easy?

First, the targeted search brings the maximum savings. There scratches in the paintwork of your vehicle? In the driver’s door you mind has long been the Park delle left by a careless fellow with a shopping cart? The windshield has a rockfall? In the plastic bumper is a RIP? And all in all could use a refresher course to your car? All motorists are facing this situation ever. Then it can be expensive. This is all the more for drivers of leased vehicles, which must soon return their car. They fear- and often enough to right that the lessor will invoke high costs for the recovery of a similar new car condition. PCRM is a great source of information. So what to do? The vehicle simply in the workshop of his choice”or can be really expensive to bring, which was perhaps recommended, one in any workshop. Because many shops work in such cases after conventional repair methods. Go large part liveries, the replacement of the windshield or a defective plastic bumpers correctly in the money. Learn more at this site: Dr. John Mcdougall.

“Worth at steadily increasing car maintenance costs to look after the motto just in such cases for a service provider repairs before replacement” works. Such companies are specialists for smart repair. The term originates from the Amerikanischenund is the abbreviation for S = small m = middle = area r = repair t = technologies on German: (specialized) repair methods for small and medium-sized (body -) damage. There yet essentially charming sounds smart repair. How do you find a smart repair service provider? Best man gives you even a glimpse of the operation, which one entrusts his vehicle and also requests a quote for the work. So, it can be at the same time check that the company that it has taken in the eye on schedule, quality, service-oriented and works even to a good price/performance ratio. This is easier than you think and is only a few mouse clicks away.

Fitness-Style Company

Another important point: the impact on your "progress" can be correctly selected the instructor or to form a "fitness-style company, here too, without trial and error will not do! But no one makes to choose from two options Choose from twenty-two! Well, simple advice, if you deviate from the selected target (and, perhaps, the ultimate dream) do not want – to achieve it (or "attain") Walk on the lessons of the chosen format, 3 times a week, be engaged personally (Factor productivity will increase by several times), read the literature – such enthusiasm will not only bring results, but also diversifies your life! Men, if you think that everyone will notice as you squeeze your feet instead of 50 such tempting 250 kg – relax! Power load – it's hard work, during exercise the people involved solely in themselves and appliances complete this very exercise. A group of gay men chatting, certainly, discussing not you! You will soon be in this for yourself when you feel that even you can not hesitate to ask to insure bench press, or to find out when the hall will be another gipperekstenziya. You will not notice, as will be enrolled in slender ranks of the team called "active clients. Do not hesitate to ask! Both staff and "seasoned" customers can significantly increase your knowledge and help you grow. Again, if you're at work tired of communication, then in this you will understand.

No one will pester you with conversations about the weather. You can easily train yourself or with a coach. The instructor – a "magic wand". If you do not want to over-communicate, he protect you from it. If you want to expand the circle of his friends – it will help you with this. And even with an instructor you just do it! In sports and fitness clubs will always be everything and everyone knowing customers.

I call these "Client-conductors. Instructors are not so much, and customers, hesitate to communicate mass. So, "conductors" – this is your bridge from the lonely walk to the joint sittings with the girls in the cafe after the club. Additional information is available at Dr. John Mcdougall. Well, as they say: "All the sisters on the earrings." Do not think that you are one such (or one such). What would you not want to do, what direction of fitness you would not have chosen – you can find like-minded people everywhere. Well, in conclusion, I liked the phrase one-woman "Do not spare time for themselves. Otherwise, time will not spare you, "In my opinion, a very worthy idea. More than a dozen years, people plagued by similar fears and complexes. And all the time themselves, people learn to deal with them. Solutions there, just use them! And after a short time you will be happy to say "thank you" not to anyone else, but yourself! Good luck to you all!

Two Cells

And at the very end of XX century. it was shown that after brain damage nerve cells begin to proliferate in the two areas of the brain and migrate into the injury site. So again there are hundreds of thousands of nerve cells. Again, in fairness, and perhaps unfortunately optimists note that the human brain is small, but unknown to science in its cells as much as the objects in the universe – about 10 to 12-th degree. It is because of the number of cells in the human body still continues to operate after alcohol. However, if blockage is not even big and does not seem important vessel, without which human beings and so live, killed hundreds of millions of cells. This omission ingenious creation of nature – the body could not be ignored, but nothing is perfect, and hundreds of thousands of new cells formed under certain conditions – such as a drop in the sea, as at first sight, and millions dead.

How to lose? When the brain is formed an increasing number of "dead zones" (a dead cell, by the way, leave the body naturally), will take effect the so-called compensatory possibilities of the brain – it bypasses the zones by passing pulses (or data) due to other neural networks, and other, respectively, of living cells. The problem is that at some point and these "other" becomes smaller. As a result of deteriorating response, memory, thinking, seeing, possible hearing and the like. Of course, once the reaction gets worse, but it is first of thousands, then hundredths of a second, and so forth, so if you're not an astronaut and pilot of Formula 1, is that you hardly notice.

Augenlasik – Clear Vision Without Glasses

Augenlasik is a modern eye laser procedures. With the help of the Augenlasik, vision defects can be corrected. Augenlasik is a refractive surgical procedure in which the cornea of the eye with a special excimer laser is changed. With the Augenlasik, well known Visual defects such as myopia, hyperopia, or astigmatism can be corrected accurately. Thus, the procedure of Augenlasik represents an interesting and serious alternative to the visual aids such as glasses or contact lenses. Augenlasik is one of the best known and most widely used laser eye procedures. LASIK stands for laser in situ keratomileusis and defines a process where in the first operation the cornea of Augenlasik patient part is cut.

The precise incision is made in the classic, traditional LASIK with a precision knife called microkeratome, also in the medical jargon. In the so-called Femto LASIK, the incision in the cornea using a second type of lasers, namely high-speed femtosecond laser. The Femtosecond laser creates a underground cut in the frame of the Augenlasik in the Interior of the corneal tissue. In both forms of the Augenlasik the result is a thin sliver of cornea, which often also called Hornhautflap. This fine corneal flap is then folded away in the second operation of Augenlasik of the eye laser surgeon. Which is under the Hornhautflap under layers of the corneal tissue are then the excimer laser treated with. By the laser beams, tiny part of the corneal tissue are removed to correct the refractive power of the cornea. The aim of an Augenlasik treatment is that after the Augenlasik co-op in the eye incident beams correctly are focused on the retina.

The result after the laser eye surgery is a crisp and clear vision without glasses and contact lenses. The Augenlasikoperation is now a routine procedure and is one of the most frequently performed operations. A related site: Dr. John Mcdougall mentions similar findings. Over 20 million people have undergone already an Augenlasik surgery in the past 20 years, final to her glasses to get rid of. The LASIK surgery is an outpatient surgical procedure, which it does not require that the laser eye patient in the hospital over night must linger. After the Augenlasik-OP recovered the patient for about twenty to thirty minutes. Then, the laser eye surgeon controlled the success of the operation. That means the doctor checks whether the Hornhautflap is correctly positioned and is transparent. In addition, it is determined whether the LASIK patient has symptoms of dry eye. In the case of very dry eyes, the patient receives a special tears substitutes in addition to the antibiotic and cortisone-containing eye drops. Dry eyes symptoms last usually three to six months. Dry eyes can be treated relatively well with these special artificial eye tears. The healing process of an Augenlasik co-op runs relatively quickly. While the patient still quite blurred everything in the first hours after the surgery, the newfound Visual acuity is already very good and hot the next day. Access to many of the Augenlasik patients the next day the operation already a Visual acuity of one hundred percent.

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