Orthopedics. Valgus Foot Deformity Valgus Khalus (Hallux Valgus )

Blank stares on their shoes and walking – this can be an aesthetic nuisance, according to German doctors and also harmful to health effects. Causes of valgus foot deformities may be different – inter-digital pads, massage, solutions and other non-surgical methods, unfortunately also does not solve the problem of correcting foot deformities. Conversely, with age, menopause and the development of other co-morbidities significantly increases the risk of complications and adverse events during surgery to remove the strain of the foot. The purpose of the operation – a correction of various pathologies, caused by a valgus deformity: removal abnormal enlargement of the first metatarsal kostipereprofilirovanie first metatarsal relative to the surrounding paltsamivypryamlenie thumb in relation to the first metatarsal bone and adjacent paltsevpereprofilirovanie cartilage damaged arthritic big paltsapereprofilirovanie large sesamoid bone paltsarepozitsionirovanie under the first metatarsal kostyuukorochenie, extension, improvement or intervention is not on the bone structures and the muscles, tendons and ligaments. b) corrective osteotomy of the metatarsal, medial cuneiform and the proximal phalanx on the methods of Chevron / Austin, McBride, Keller-Brandes, Base-Wedge, Ssarf. II. Surgical resection arthroplasty: a) plastic or metatarsophalangeal joint prosthesis with the use of modern materials b) fusion – metatarsophalangeal joint fixation in orthopedics are two types of angular deflection at Classification of Hallux valgus: 1. angular deviation of IM (intermetatarsal) – deviation of the first metatarsal bone of the second 2.

angular deflection HV (angle of valgus deformity) – deviation of the first metatarsal bone of the thumb phalanx Classification as follows: The severity of lung mean angular deviation of a heavy IM 11-15 16-20 > 20 angular deviation HV 21-30 31-40 > 40 Therefore, method of operation for the treatment of Hallux valgus German doctors are chosen depending on the individual clinical case and the deflection angle. This means that at an early stage of disease at the light and sometimes an average angle of inclination preferably used invasive methods of operations that preserve the bones and joints. Therefore, to avoid increasing the deflection angles of IM and HV, progressive development of arthritis and osteoarthritis, and in some cases complete loss of mobility, it is extremely important to the health of patients is timely operations, as well as subsequent rehabilitation under supervision of qualified professionals. Length of stay in hospital for Hallux valgus surgery is 7-8 days, after which women can once again enjoy the modern fashion footwear. Dr. Victor Kramer, chief.

Another Fund Participates

With their funds ‘ MAP multi-asset portfolio participated the amicus innovative finance concepts GmbH & co. KG’ a ‘ fairvesta investment fund the fairvesta group is an international real estate and investment business of the company is located Tubingen. fairvesta is specialized in the trade with high-quality residential and commercial real estate and closed-end real estate fund has evolved since inception in 2002, one of the leading providers in the segment. By the end of 2008, six funds were successfully placed with a volume of EUR 200 million and implemented. The previously generated yield was on average significantly in the double-digit range. The decision was made after an extensive examination of the performance record of the funds set up by fairvesta and after thorough research regarding the investment objects (due diligence). fairvesta is one of the leading providers of real estate funds in Germany and approach, to acquire real estate below market value of forced situations, with appropriate supplement to the regulated market of real estate for sale. “”, So Otmar Knoll by the fairvesta group of companies, year after year by fairvesta staff are tested several times on potential investments and only if the objects with high probability are accordingly continue to bargain and have no repair storage as well as the rental situation based on the production costs to a return in the double-digit range, fairvesta strikes.

” That the Bill goes up, reflected in the performance record of the fairvesta group of companies. Acquired all objects including all closing costs to about 60 percent, and could be many with attractive prizes again resold. fairvesta has it specifically invested in real estate in a variety of locations throughout Germany. Since its inception in the year 2002 so far seven funds could with a volume of 270 million are successfully placed and realised. Alone in 2009, EUR 74.5 million in investor money have been newly acquired. Currently fairvesta supports 6,500 investors. So far have been all income generated, allowing the takings of 6.5 percent and profit write-ups on time.

The so far achieved return of all funds was on average significantly in the double-digit range. The amicus innovative finance concepts GmbH & co. KG from Schwetzingen is a service company that designs innovative products for qualified investment advisor. The team can be referenced in an industry experience since 1987 and sees itself in the collegial and friendly dealings with its partners as a service provider around the theme of investment sales. The ambition of amicus is a consulting approach, which provides the client and no product solution in detail in the foreground in the core. For this reason is widely dispersed funds and a broad asset allocation, as well as the respective specialists know how of product partners. That against the background of the amicus has opted for an investment in fairvesta, very pleased. Because we are definitely of the opinion that we in the framework of an asset allocation the area real estate investments in the Meaning a profitable asset hedging more than just meet”, as Otmar Knoll as a real estate specialist of the fairvesta group of companies. For more information,

European Union

Since science and specifically the discoveries and advances in the neurolinguistic have revealed human potential with respect to multiple learning capabilities particularly those referring to learning foreign languages, educational programs and specifically the curricular from all countries of the world have begun to vary their contents and objectives towards a multicultural approach and plurilinguista. Coupled with this approach, processes globalized both informal and formal education, increased with the technological boom of the media, have been the essential key to promote the learning of German as a foreign language. Currently, the German as a foreign language is taught and learn around the world, from a social linguistic phenomenon that began in the 20th century on the basis of the transmission of culture, the character of the peoples and the thought of notable figures who expressed his thoughts, ideals, feelings and purposes through in his native tongue. On this basis, the German has become a language indicated by the recognition of its great thinkers, philosophers, writers and scientists. In this sense, beyond its relevance within the academic curriculum and context as an antecedent of professional validation and a very important advantage to work in Germany or anywhere in the world, it transcends its plasmadora essence of character and personality. Master the German language is the most valuable tool to soak up a cultural level that prestigie any form of personal and collective entrepreneurship. Within the European Union, the German language has more native speakers that any other language, still considered one of the most important foreign languages which exist in Europe. But, its relevance transcends these territorial limits and exceeds its linguistic regional functionality, resulting in many countries of the world, in response to a demand for learning has grown in overflowing shape over recent decades. In Viet Nam and Indonesia, for example, there is a high number of people who learn German, studying in Spain also influenced by its tradition and history.

Natural Birth

He was attending the outpatient in the maternity ward, in an afternoon, so many evenings that there he attended, from 2 to 5 pm, then going to the Centre of ultrasound Natalie del Pilar, a patient into labor, is suddenly admitted but the nurse instantly yelled desperate Expulsive, Expulsive Doctor Doctor!, before both cry, I went to the room of dilation and found a young patient who shouted and bidding, looked it like that he examined it and saw that it had traces of venoclysis where you have been attending? the patient Saramago and screamed in pain, introduced the fingers into the vagina and was complete!, was effectively in expulsive and fetus was of foot! a PELVIC ERA! This patient comes from the Hospital, they wanted to operate it and she has not accepted, has asked its high and has surprised us all!, it was already expulsive, we pass it to the stretcher, we put it in the gynecological position, indicate a serum, called the pediatrician, who also attended the outpatient in those moments, the technique helped, was preparing the table and suddenly! came the feet of the fetus and nursing technique suddenly began shouting of feet, comes from feet, Oh God Mio comes from lifelike!. Callate Hey – they told him – but it was worse she was still screaming, you’re going to collaborate, otherwise you short belly! – I told the patient – not; I do not want me crack – screamed the girl – then you will help! – asevere le – Yes!! I will help-, if I will help! – said – I caught both feet, went out, I put a field of fabric on the body of the fetus and slide it toward me, quickly rotate your shoulders I shed both, then deflexione the head and according to Mauriceau maneuver took the shell unscathed, the child emerged screaming, the pediatrician received it he attended and went very wellthen you came to the eipisiorrafia, went to his room and after that everything was over, the patient spoke to who actually wanted it operate in the Hospital to ensure and why He called high volunteer and went in search of the palaces doctor who told the family that it was Buenazo and history had – m i luck – a happy ending.. .

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