Burn Fat

Below are some tips to burn fat and achieve the body you deserve. 1 Feed yourself with natural foods: try to avoid junk food and processed and canned food. Processed foods have a high content of sodium and fat and not have many nutritional benefits. 2 Eat at least 5 servings of fruits and vegetables every day: fruits and vegetables are full of vitamins, fiber and antioxidants. Also help to fill to your stomach quickly, as well as well being low in calories. 3 Control your portion sizes. A serving of pasta is generally equivalent to half a Cup. However, almost any restaurant serves approximately 4 servings of pasta in a single dish.

4. Do not take fluids artificial.: packaged juices, sodas and sugar are some of these drinks. Focus on drink at least 8 glasses of water per day. This will keep you full, hydrated and you will feel sensational. 5.

Keep a journal. This can be difficult at first but eventually turns into a habit. In this way You can monitor the things you eat and discover areas you can improve. 6 You have exercise. Most experts recommend 20 to 60 minutes of daily activity to improve your health. It is also of great benefit lifting weights at least twice a week. 7 Soloing you. Nature put us under the Sun for a reason. The body needs vitamin D which is produced to receive sunlight, in addition you can get active in the full sun to make you feel wonderful.

To Be Taken In Account Iiiii

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God; performs those miracles I only ask that you granting a favor to the sick.Anyone who has sufficient in God faith can do the same.But with Fortune man asked him:-I want to have the same faith to perform the miracles that you do. Show me a miracle so that you can believe in your God…-This morning, he returned to the sun rise?-, asked the wise-Yes!, course – because here is a miracle. The miracle of light.-No, I want to see a real miracle – protested the rich man: hides the Sun, draw water from a stone.Look: there’s a rabbit wounded beside the road.

Peck Weight

One of the main reasons for not quitting, especially for women, is the fear of weight gain. In December 2006 there was a survey on knowledge and attitudes, beliefs and behaviors related to tobacco consumption; in which it was found that one in four women and 5.5 per cent of men will not let smoking by fear to gain weight. It is estimated that almost 60% of former smokers fattening. Although the medical community to found that smoking cessation also generates an overweight, have shown that this increase is transient and poses no risk to health; weight gained during the first months, between two and four kilos, can lose weight as easily, once you’ve disappeared anxiety and overcome dependence. However it is very important not to change a bad habit as quitting on the other very unhealthy: eat much and evil. In these cases are more kilos which can catch but won’t be by not only eating but by having changed habits in food. For this purpose, a correct conduct follow-up food can be a great ally to former smokers.

Why do we fatten the first months after quitting smoking? Tobacco nicotine modifies the metabolism: increased energy consumption and decreases fat mass of the organism artificially. When you stop smoking and stays the same caloric intake it tends to gain weight. To prevent weight gain should be consuming fewer calories each day from the day that you stop smoking. Usually the opposite is done and tends to Peck caloric foods such as dried fruit. Tobacco also alters the senses of taste and smell and to quitting smoking, is likely to be experience greater sensitivity to perceive the smell and taste of food and possibly occur an increase an increased appetite which leads to eating more sweets and fatty foods running one increased risk of bloat. The objective in this case is not losing weight, but not gaining weight and exercise more healthy diet is the perfect solution to keep your metabolism high enough as that for the lack of nicotine do you bloat.


While there are many ways of conceiving a child, the majority of couples wishing to start a family prefers to go the natural route. Not only to get pregnant naturally, also to protect against the possibility of unexpected results; Some people have moral and religious convictions that prevent them from medical and surgical means of conception. Following some common sense advice and words of encouragement, it is possible to learn to reach stay pregnant quickly and, of course, naturally. Learn how to relax let nature follow its cursoEl stress interferes with the hormones that control the biological processes of the cycle of ovulation in women and in men sperm count. You should be aware of the ovulation and periods of the things you should do or avoid during that time, all of these factors can impact positively or negatively on their chances of conception, not stress, take it calmly and enjoy the company of your partner waiting for the good news. Determine the female ovulation cycle.

There are Ovulation prediction kits that are designed to detect the presence of a hormone that usually indicates ovulation. The hormone in question is known as a hormone LH or luteinizing, and it is believed that be entitled to highest level before, during and just after ovulation.However, this is not infallible in that this hormone is also high during the premenopause, in presence of some ovarian cysts and premature ovarian failure. For greater accuracy, they also used the basal temperature readings and observe the monthly changes in the mucus of the cervix.Maintain a diet saludableUno of the key factors that contribute to the ability of a couple to get pregnant is the health status of both men and women. Diets rich in protein, high in fiber and low in refined sugar have shown to increase fertility. For women, maintain a healthy body weight, without the constant fluctuations in the weight is very beneficial, because these fluctuations they dramatically interfere with hormones that are vital for fertility. Men who eat large amounts of protein actually increase the levels of testosterone which is extremely important in the process of creation of sperm and seminal fluid.

Medical Tourism

As we all know, Cuba is world renowned for its high level of medical professionals. Thus deprived of the country health sectors are booming tourism and offer visitors to medical tourism cosmetic surgeries with excellent results at prices that tend to be much lower than the of North America. The network of centres of medical specialties and health of Cuba guarantees that foreign clients receive the best care through more advanced medical treatments, tourist complex and technical teams of recovery very quiet. The Cuban economy has greatly benefited from the promotion of medical tourism. Revenues from this industry are generating an average of 40 million a year. The great effort made by the Cuban Government to increase economic growth through private health care seems to be paying off, with an increase of 20% each year for foreigners who travel there for medical tourism. In addition to receiving the best care medical in private Cuban hospitals, customers also enjoy the comforts of television by cable, air-conditioning and exquisite menu of international cuisine.

Prices on average of medical tourism in Cuba are about a third lower than the of North America and Europe, while an added personal touch and the service perfectly combine to make the experience in general patients as comfortable as possible. Cuba is surrounded by crystal clear waters and beaches of white sand, that allow patients to rest on a true paradise. The postoperative patients of medical tourism in Cuba is a real pleasure, the island is surrounded by beauty and tranquility and boasts spectacular scenery.

Soroka Medical Center

An israeli physicist in Louisville Kentkucky, has proven that first graders among in low percentage levels, 20% of them showed sleep disorders. Such, expressed you to Israel21 that ours is the first study that addresses the subject directly. Previous studies led by such, found that children who suffer from sleep apnea make more use of the health care system, and are treated, hospitalized and medicated more frequently than their peers. To better understand the issue, sleep in children with OSA guidelines differ before and after removing the tonsils and adenoids, according to the latest investigations of such unit of Soroka Medical Center sleep disorders. Thirty-six children were examined in the laboratory of sleep before removing the tonsils and the adenoids continuing the investigation after several months of operation. General assessments of the children in the clinic, with detailed about their sleep habits questionnaires were filled by parents and by the sleep laboratory apparatus.

The results clearly showed that the removal of the tonsils and adenoids greatly improves the quality of your sleep, most probably during the REM phase. A study that accompanied the of Soroka Ben Gurion University, published in the edition of December by the periodic Sleep doctor, noted the problems of behaviour, attention disorders and also disorders of learning that may accompany OSA, by the reduction of the supply of oxygen in the brain during sleep. In this study, 39 OSA children aged between 5 and 9 years were examined before and after the removal of tonsils and adenoids, and compared to the controlled group of 20 healthy children. Before the operations, it was clear that among children when they have sleep apnea there is a higher level of performance and a low cognitive ability compared with the controlled group. But after a few months after the operation, her cognitive function improves significantly and reach the height of their peers.

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