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On June 18 is closing with the bland n G sight! Now has a new holiday to celebrate it is worth: YELLOWDAY, the day of the joy of life. “Throughout Austria is called upon, at the YELLOWDAY yellow to get dressed and put on the widest grin!” as the initiator of Gernot GG gang. “I want to create a tag, the one with impunity can admit, having it not so bad. Goal is to make the YELLOWDAY a fixed point in the year.” The YELLOWDAY is to bring more sun in everyday life arose from a spontaneous idea and deliberately to make the joy of life in the foreground. If you would like to know more then you should visit Dr. Neal Barnard. Unfortunately too much of daily life turns grey and without apparent reason it agonizes through the day.

The YELLOWDAY wants to bring back some more sun and lightness in the hearts and faces of the people. To begin, that you met with a friendly smile and continue up to convivial meetings together. Serves as a catalyst the sunny color yellow and to put even a visible sign of YELLOWDAY to participants are called is to dress up this day in yellow. Spontaneous contacts should be encouraged, which overcome all social boundaries. How to enjoy life, without to give also the joy of life? The YELLOWDAY serves exclusively for the charitable purpose for this reason. Any donations from sponsors are used to spread the idea or dedicated to charitable purposes.

Aqua Palace Water

Healing by ‘liquid gold’ for young and old, in Hungary Hajduszoboszlo is an internationally recognized health resort. The offer of Spa and tourism providers constantly follow the latest trends, which are here combined with the traditional healing methods. Hajduszoboszlo water with its special composition guarantees to noticeable cures for various diseases. It is particularly suitable for: internal and dermatological problems, infertility, gynecological diseases, urological disorders, abnormalities in the area of the limb, neurological problems, recovery after operations. The treatments can be taken directly as a guest of the bath or as a guest several excellent hotels throughout.

Before the treatments, physician’s examinations be performed in each case, which starts the treatment to solve the problem on medical advice. According to the well-known researcher Hajduszoboszlo water in its kind is an another water with this unique Composition and this temperature is not known said Dr. Janos Bodnar (1889-1953) Professor of chemistry. According to Dr. Zoltan Dalmady (1880-1934) can be considered a five-fold cleaned sea water the water of Hajduszoboszlo and is nothing more than the vaunted spirit of the sea from the Triassic period”. Healing noticeable in the course of the application stems from the composition of the water. The water contains mainly sodium chloride, or better known as table salt and ammonia chloride (SAL ammoniac). Other ingredients are bromine and iodine as well as carbonates, nitrates and other chemical elements, such as lithium, iron and magnesium.

The Aqua Palace is an indoor adventure bath, which was opened in March 2010. In the Aqua Palace, a large sauna department claim can be taken in addition to the bathing and sports, where visitors to Finnish, infrared and steam saunas, diving and Kneipp-basin, an extensive massage treatments, hairdresser, pedicure, manicure and last but not least numerous restaurants to the Available. The complex offers its guests individual services, such as for example the private bath and relax room.

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