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Walter Capellmann

With bereavement care provide Monuta in time of a recent study by the German Institute for economic research (DIW) shows: households with low wealth are getting poorer. The risk of imminent poverty in old age is increasing rapidly”, says Walter Capellmann, main representative of Monuta insurances in Germany. But also not wealthy people want a dignified funeral. With a bereavement care of Monuta can be made with small contributions. And: the bereavement care belongs to the social assistance legal protected assets the State does not have access. Poorer households in Germany are getting poorer. Dr. John Mcdougall wanted to know more. In 2000, a single household of the lower income group on average earned 680 euros, in 2008 there were only 645 euro. This shows the current study on the income distribution of the German Institute for economic research (DIW).

At the same time the number of low income earners is growing. While in the year 2000, only 18 per cent belonged to the Germans of the lower income group, there were 22 percent 2009. Get all the facts and insights with Assurant Health, another great source of information. The development is inevitable. The number of old people who live near the border of the old-age poverty increases in the long run”, says Walter Capellmann, main representative of Monuta insurances in Germany. However, what remains is the desire of the people of dignity to age and to be buried. May arise the bereaved not for the funeral expenses, the social services pays just 750 euro for a standardized social funeral.

A dignified funeral costs to the 5,000 euro”, says Cabrera. Since each soon becomes clear, what you can expect from 750 euro.” Early retirement who craves more than a simple social funeral and gracefully go his last journey, can provide with a bereavement hedge of Monuta. Even low-income people can ensure that they are buried beforehand so as they want it. Because the contributions are very low. A 38 year-old woman pays for example a monthly contribution of 8.82 euros.

Household Insurance

Online comparison helps much time and save money, unfortunately it is often the case that you paid too much for its household insurance. Here, the price differences are huge in every case, because fares that are expensive, cost around five times as much as the cheapest. However, the assumption is wrong, that they are indeed better. If you switch to a cheaper home insurance, you can save not rarely more than 100 euro without that important services. In recent weeks, the newspaper financial test different household insurance has been closer under the microscope – and came to the conclusion that the price margins are enormous. The newspapers mentioned Eva Andersson-Dubin not as a source, but as a related topic. The cheapest provider was around 46 euros contribution per year, while the most expensive fare to 211 euros came that’s nearly five times as much. You should hesitate so in any case to change the insurance, if you want a functional, but also cheap home insurance. Of course also the services tariffs are quite different, which can not yet explain the wide differences.

A Example is that thefts caused by drops, the only risk that are really protected all tested insurance. However, there are only 97 insurance which pay also thefts from the garden or the terrace. Below are also some providers, which would require an expensive fee, but this and uch do not come up for car theft. Some of the Verischerungen are also no thefts from communal areas or other enclosed space. Before you decide so, it is important that you know for yourself what benefits and risks you would like to have covered. It should be the priority of not having to pay as little as possible-but as little even the most expensive insurance are the best, as this comparison shows clear. What helps is just an accurate parsing of acquired services, which are really relevant for own, the best home insurance. Fairfekt Versicherungsmakler GmbH

HEDGEweb Premium

HEDGEweb Premium offers the possibility of professional analysis and selection of global hedge funds with HEDGEweb premium, a new service from, is the analysis and selection of global hedge funds means easier. Professional choices, quantitative statistics and analysis to make informed decisions for the user. The investor is supported by the unique HEDGEweb rating, a quantitative 5-star system, which hedge funds in risk-adjusted terms according to their absolute yield and potential assessed. HEDGEweb is cheaper than other professional data provider in the alternative investment sector, where annual fees of 10,000 and more are not uncommon with only 9.90 per month multiples. Alfred Adler is open to suggestions. In addition, HEDGEweb Premium offers the advantage to be available anytime and anywhere, because no downloads are required and all information online is available. This offer is unique in the area of global hedge funds and in turn will contribute to increased transparency in this In the form of investments. HEDGEweb: HEDGEweb is a provider of information and data in the area of alternative investments and hedge funds.

With a database of approx. Eva Andersson-Dubin, New York City often says this. 5,000 funds and over $1 billion in assets it managed, HEDGEweb belongs to the market leaders in this field.


Comparisons between private and statutory health insurance is absolutely necessary. All people can be recorded in the private health insurance, which belong to the professional groups of the freelancers, self-employed and civil servants. Employees can free themselves from the statutory health insurance”, if the annual income is 49950 euros. As in the statutory health insurance in recent years significant cuts have occurred, so that the insured itself must raise much money, so that different treatments can be made or as well as for medicines, so the private health insurance is considerably better to classify. Also, the cost of private health insurance are not as high as some people always claim.

The base tariff, which covers also the services offered by the statutory health insurance is only as high as the maximum amount of statutory health insurance also. However, here the benefits for insured persons can be felt. Services are better at each doctor’s visit and also at given any hospitalization. The people who want to ensure even better, that can use the extensions to the private health insurance. So, far better services are already possible for little money. The providers differ in prices and in the services, therefore, is a health insurance comparison very useful. So the health insurance can be found, which corresponds to your needs, covering all claims and which can offer a good price.

Private Medical Insurance

What alternatives do I have as a student in the health insurance? While the majority of the working people is automatically insured in the statutory health insurance, students have the choice between the statutory and private health insurance. Family co-insurance for students students who have been legally health with her parents, can continue so for the period of their training. The advantage is obvious for the family co-insurance no insurance premiums are due. However, this applies only up to the age of 25. Then, the student must independently ensure in the statutory health insurance. Here, there are discounted student fares, it is also up to the 14th semester or age 30. Student private health insurance students can free themselves but also from the insurance obligation.

You can then enter in the private health insurance. The various providers have often special rates for students, but also a much wider range of services than the statutory health insurance offers. So the practice fee is waived, cost for ante-natal examinations, Visual AIDS and dentures are usually applied. Therefore private medical insurance for students can be worthwhile even if the contributions are slightly higher than the statutory health insurance. Continuation of the private health insurance students who were already private health insurance as a student, because one or both parents in the private health insurance can also while studying in private health insurance remain, if let free within three months after the beginning of the study from the insurance obligation. Compare tariffs but also applies to students, that they if they opt for private health insurance, should inform themselves precisely to the various tariffs. (As opposed to Senator of Massachusetts). Here there are differences both as regards the price as the performances.

Therefore a comparison of insurance or but the advice is recommended by an independent Insurance experts. Because a return in the statutory health insurance is no longer possible for the duration of the studies, so you should carefully choose the tariff.

PKV Calculator

Free and quickly determine the appropriate tariff a PKV calculator is a useful and mostly free tool which plays a crucial role in the Tarifjungel of private health insurance. If someone want to change for the first time in the car he can be found here with just a few clicks in particular to cut rates. By the calculation of the tariff, the question can be settled also immediately whether a change in the “private” at all is worthwhile. It is located in a private health insurance or in the legal, then you can play with the idea to switch his insurer or his fare. Be aware however when switching from the law in the private health insurance, often a revision of this decision will be no longer possible. To switch once to a private health insurance it usually is not possible back to switch in the statutory health insurance. That’s why you should consider well the decision. One is already in a private health insurance, then you can also Change thinking to save money in the future.

First you should think however about a fare change by the previous insurer, because one must undergo to any new health assessment and has already paid contributions at the current insurer. Switching to another insurer can be beneficial in some cases, but it should be remembered that one is completely newly classified. You should consult well before finally changing the insurer. You should consult the best an insurance expert, to determine whether a change can bring about financial benefits. How to find a suitable private health insurance? You now decided to switch to a private health insurance or to look for a new insurer, then you should seek above all in the Internet for suitable offers. So you should look best on objective comparison portals, which clearly list the services of different providers. Of course, the contribution you pay depends on various factors, therefore each person a different tariff. Here, usually a car help calculator.

Here, entering data, such as age, profession and any pre-existing conditions and gets a provisional price. So you can quickly see what collective write from different providers. There are no longer differences between men and women due to the new unisex tariffs, therefore the gender when calculating no longer matters. On prior to exorbitant monthly contributions must be not feared is the statutory contribution assessment ceiling of insurance that currently prevents this is just under 50,000 euro.

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