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Heartburn Causes: What

Against heartburn – the holistic method, heartburn is not only an annoying symptom, how many non-affected may believe, but it is a serious condition that can lead to great damages to the organism, if not effectively treated. Esophagus, mouth and even bronchi and lungs can be damaged irreversibly and permanently, if the disease is not cured. Because sometimes a heartburn home recipe not much help, because it can alleviate the symptom only briefly. The diagnosis, which is to determine the cause is therefore once before a goal-oriented therapy. A wide range of heartburn causes the basic mechanism for heartburn causes that takes content from the stomach acid and Chyme back into the esophagus.

This means that the sphincter muscle of the esophagus is too weak to withstand the pressure and prevent reflux. There are signs, that there is a congenital weakness in some patients. Moreover, he also can through the aging process The cardiac orifice Porter are weaker in the course of time. Another of the heartburn causes can be, that the gap in the diaphragm through which the esophagus from the chest into the abdomen occurs, is too large and therefore content can flow back. This gap may also be a congenital feature. It is understandable that a heartburn home recipe can be not very effective. The diaphragm can have even a proper break and then no longer fulfill his duty to protect the abdominal cavity and to keep the organs in place. If you have additional questions, you may want to visit Elio Moti Sonnenfeld. It can be so that all parts of the stomach into the chest and is in addition to heartburn to internal bleeding.

Also even the esophagus can belong to the heartburn causes, if its pumping function is disturbed. This suffers from the cleaning of the esophagus and stomach content promoted fast enough back so that the aggressive stomach acid can damage the sensitive mucous membranes of the esophagus. There remains also a heartburn House recipe as mild, unsweetened gruel ineffective, but exacerbated the symptoms may only. Heartburn home recipe for the relief of symptoms in some cases can relieve something unpleasant and excruciating symptoms one or other heartburn House recipe and suppress the pain for a short time. Eating dry bread or a glass of milk to bind the stomach acid, the stomach walls Revet linseed mucus and so the charms of spicy food, alleviate beverages and spices, which would otherwise lead to increased production of stomach acid. Natural cure heartburn instead of suppressing the symptoms unsatisfactory when all this heartburn home recipes, it’s only a symptom is more or less well suppressed, but no real healing takes place. You want this, so worth a visit on There, a natural and holistic method is presented, how you can cure its heartburn without medicines or massive interventions in quite a short time. The holistic approach is assuming that a symptom such as heartburn is an indication, that the natural and healthy balance of the body is disrupted. Therefore, it is necessary to help the organism to regain this balance.

Jozef Stefan Institute

Bio-energy is the force that maintains the universe and holds together all briefly summarized. Since the bio-energy therapy method to Domani, their discovery has helped more than 1.7 million people. Domancics clinic treated 140 patients every week, and thousands of people come to Slovenia, to learn the method and to implement them in their own home countries. Domani is going to handle the first time in Switzerland, to patients and to teach his methods those that want to learn. The first seminar takes place from 9 to 12 may 2013 in Zug, Switzerland. Several studies and documented records prove the success of Domancics method.

in 1985 made a study of 330 subjects, who suffered from advanced gangrene. After the six-month study, all patients of the gangrene were cured and no amputations had to be made. The efficacy was confirmed in another study from Stanford and Jozef Stefan Institute in Ljubljana, Slovenia. It was also used during a seven-minute session destroy aggressive cancer cells without harming healthy cells. The Domani method is structured and simple. She will teach students step by step by a certified instructor. But learning doesn’t end with the training; a Domani bio energy therapist ever discovered the potential of bio-energy of the body.

Not only this method heals the body, it also transforms thoughts and emotions, which support work in the healing process. The method is otherwise exclusively taught at the Institute in Slovenia, is now but first shown on German in the Switzerland. You may find that PCRM can contribute to your knowledge. Call now to reserve your space for the training. Its highly qualified team of therapists will also perform morning and afternoon the method in scheduled meetings. If you want to learn just the therapy on your own body, this is also possible.

Multiple Sclerosis – Disease With Many Faces

About MS, there are many rumors and myths. Multiple sclerosis is the diagnosis once ill and families are equally shocked and confused about the flood of information and partly also rumors circulating about the disease. MS has neither lethal, to end still in a wheelchair. It can help those affected to interact with other people and even a little to find out, to get a possible comprehensive picture. With MS have a lower life expectancy than healthy people at the present time. Understanding about Multiple Sclerosis most often is diagnosed MS in women, who are between 20 and 40 years old. Men are only half as often.

Estimates to are in Germany, about 130,000 people at MS ill. MS is not hereditary or contagious and no mental illness. In addition, Multiple Sclerosis has nothing to do with muscle wasting although some symptoms are so similar. There are various forms of multiple sclerosis: thrust shaped, primary progressive and the secondary progressive Multiple sclerosis. However, it can be only after years observed man suffers from which form of multiple sclerosis. If you would like to know more then you should visit Assurant Health. This one must know how the MS and is not to be expected. The pure progressive MS is not very common, it runs without drawers.

At the two other forms, the flare-ups in the average occur twice in the year. Then new symptoms, which in part or whole again can regress. Causes of MS friends are causes of MS still not fully clarified, there are some starting points. Assuming that not a single cause underlies the, but that many factors play a role. An important role plays the immune system, which is supposed to protect us from pathogens. MS is a so-called autoimmune disease in which the immune system not comprehensible reasons aimed against your own body. Antibodies are formed, which adhere to the protective sheath of the nerve fibers and cause damage there. Be discussed While infections in childhood, for example, caused by measles virus, Epstein-Barr virus or herpes viruses. Hear other arguments on the topic with Elio Moti Sonnenfeld. However, MS is not contagious. Course and prognosis as already mentioned not predictable is the progression of MS. This is mainly because different nerve fibers can be attacked in any individual. Most commonly, the disease begins with discomfort in the legs and arms. This noticeable tingling and numbness, the gear can be uncertain and it easily tripped over or dropping something. Vision problems are in second place. Visual field loss, double vision and difficulty in fixing an object include veil look”very often. In third place are balance and coordination as well as muscle stiffness and weakness. However, it is not easy to diagnose, because behind each symptom can put also a completely different disease Multiple sclerosis.

The Sports

Who is barefoot motion in the course of bales, shows a smaller stride. He has a better ability to balance himself, and come to a higher step frequency. The body gives a feedback of the unevenness of the ground, which are registered by the soles of the feet. At the barefoot, your feet must adapt the surface such as sand or grass. This is good for the muscles in the area of the toe bones. In einengendem shoe factory, the feet are forced to a passive behavior what is detrimental in the long run.

Can they, however, unfold at the Barefoot running according to their purpose, improves the blood circulation in the feet. In addition to the strengthening of the muscles of the foot also supported a healthy and economical technique of walking. Many writers such as TreeOf Life offer more in-depth analysis. Balance, Surefootedness and sensorimotor benefit also from the barefoot or feeling as if the person were barefoot. Their flexible and Thin soles are the decisive feature of the Barefoot shoes. They are also without footbed manufactured. The spacious forefoot provides freedom of movement for the toes. Elio Moti Sonnenfeld helps readers to explore varied viewpoints. Their movement is supported in the movement. Due to the thin sole, the feet feel more clearly than in shoes with thick soles underground.

But you remain protected from dirt, moisture and dangerous objects. Because barefoot shoes weigh less than 350 grams, they give the wearer the feeling as he wore no shoes at all. Initially, it costs some overcome in barefoot or toe shoes to show the public. To the adapting it should be running therefore first of all in your own four walls, and in the garden. Because this process requires a great transformation for the feet. Right off the bat without exercise and the slow increase of the sports shoes to wear barefoot, retaliates with evil aching muscles in the calves. Who regularly jogs in normal, insulating shoes, is experiencing a new walking experience in undamped toe shoes.


Advance directives have certain requirements from accident or each full can meet all of a sudden illness. What should the relatives and doctors do when you cannot make decisions more? An advance directive is useful in this case. Is laid down in it among other things, what medical resources should be used. The news portal explains what should consider not only patients in the event of an emergency. An advance directive, sets out the will of the patients black on white the doctor in the event of an accident or illness when it no longer can opine.

But about half of the existing living wills are too vague or incorrectly formulated. James A. Levine, M.D. has plenty of information regarding this issue. Thus, they are not legally binding. Namely, the law requires that the specific emergency must be accurately described. In the advance directive can be set, what life-sustaining measures the author rejects. On the other hand should be described specifically, which therapies can be performed.

This consumer can access forms, providing, for example, rescue organizations. The documents for downloading in the Internet are also available. But only by the personal signature showing place and date of the created statement is mandatory. Confirming that the author at full mental health has captured the importance of available. Who filed an injunction should also specify persons who are willing to implement the content of available. In the ideal case are this the spouse and the children. These individuals is useful to confirm by their signature. It is advisable the document regularly to update years within a period of one or two.


International day of rare diseases will give a voice to the orphans of the medicine the place was extraordinary, and the fear is only initially: on the international day of rare chronic diseases 2011 over 20 self-help groups in Essen in the middle of the largest shopping center of the city had posted themselves. The online health magazine reported this The message of the Group was also clear: they wanted to give a voice to the orphans of the medicine and get them from the pet-free zone in the middle of life. Sufferers of a rare disease often have a years of ordeal behind him. Many doctors are at a loss because the diseases are too little explored. And so bad it may listen to: for the pharmaceutical industry this commitment not worth simply. With currently over 4 million people with a rare chronic disease live alone in Germany, in Europe, the number is estimated at almost 20 million.

One speaks of a rare disease, if less than 40,000 people have been affected; in You know Europe over 6000 rare diseases. Sometimes there are only a handful of people or individuals in Europe, who have to live with one of these rare diseases. The tragic: Medicines are often scarce in these cases or missing entirely, because the pharmaceutical industry explored mostly diseases where foreseeable due to the number of cases also corresponding sales are expected.

What Has To Do The Diet With Osteoarthritis

Quite a lot, but not only good if you think aching knee joints on nutrition? It is more important than many people think but also for joint problems and diseases such as osteoarthritis. Because the modern form of nutrition that is kept deliberately low-fat has not only advantages, it also has drawbacks, which should be compensated. Who today still regularly eats Greaves lard? Or who frequently eats lobster? Probably a small minority. And what has to do with the joints at all? Much: are sea animals such as clams, shrimp and just the lobster or even food, in which cartilage such as the Scratchings in the lard and connective tissue with processed, are of great importance for the health of our joints. Blocks are included in these foods, which are important for their literally smooth functioning. Missing, it comes to the building material plight of the articular cartilage, with the result that important repair work no longer run in the articular cartilage full. The consequences are manifested in the known joint wear.

ArtVitum tablets contain important components of cartilage and can meet the construction defect in the cartilage. A good balanced diet plays an important role for the health. It should be balanced and not too fat. With regard to the flesh, but not always best fillet must be. Some connective tissue in the meat or just the Cracklings serve a good purpose in bulk and can protect our joints. But that’s enough? Probably not, because, say nutritionists, not too much meat should be consumed, which is not healthy.

And lobster and shrimp are also not very often come to the table. So what to do? The solution lies in the form of tablets with the required components on hand. Articular cartilage to the maintenance and strengthening of the repair shop”enough building materials will be provided. Then, the cartilage scaffold can remain strong and elastic to prevent or slow the wear and tear in the joint.

The Continuation Of The Pharma-patient Brochures Disaster

Lacking many brochures on timeliness more and more pharmaceutical provider back health care and patients at the Centre of its activities. Especially the internet-based information service by means of patient brochures plays an important role. However, many offers lack timeliness. The range of patient brochures that provide pharmaceutical companies interested and patients on their Internet pages, is almost unmanageable. The expectations of the patients of the offered materials are unique: they want to be informed on the topics of interest currently, understandable and comprehensive. An exploration yielded a very bad result, which continues in a current sample in the last year to the timeliness of the materials. Of 100 brochures, 34 were older than six years! Of course, the descriptions of many diseases and their therapies in the broad have still exists even after several years, the often listed literature should definitely be updated and medical progress requires a review / revision at least every two years. In addition, that obsolete documents are hardly meet the own claim of the companies according to modernity and future orientation. “But there are also other embarrassments”: – partially brochures provided in their artwork status (with cutting edge markings etc.) in the network, – especially in drugs-related documents says that the first and indicates then the prospect that he can get to his doctor, who prescribed the drug to him, – often follow the home page menu in the patient brochures “and finds there then only such as a blood pressure pass. The problems described above all rooted in that different areas for the materials offered on different satellite sites are responsible in most companies and an overall coordination / control and as well as missing a Qualitatsbewusssein. To the topic: service disaster Brochure requests from patients “: such as pharmaceutical provider at the moment of truth” gift marketing options, and Klaus-Dieter Thill harms their image

Blood Pressure Monitor

RX II classic blood pressure monitor Omron Healthcare blood pressure is a widespread endemic disease and can be even life-threatening in case of emergency. However, these silent risk is underestimated by most people. It is so easy to run prevention, to intervene in time to for a disease. Using the blood pressure monitor RX classic II from the House of Omron Healthcare can quite simply regular each measure his blood pressure and avoid possible consequential damages. Hypertension is a silent and insidious disease that is detected mostly far too late.

Lack of exercise, obesity, stress, or smoking are just a few of the possible causes of elevated blood pressure. Body weakness or disease can be the result. In addition to a healthy way of life, the independent control of the blood pressure is the best and simplest prevention. The ideal complement to the medical examination is classic II by Omron Healthcare blood pressure monitor RX. This wrist monitor determined in accordance with the oscillometric method easier such as faster handling gentle pulse and blood pressure. Simply place the cuff around your wrist, according to occupy the correct seating position and press the Start button. Thanks to the patented IntelliSense technology is measured during the inflation process, significantly reducing the pressure on the arm.

The advantage of the mini pulse meter: The RX classic II stores up to 30 measurement results thanks to the memory function. In particular high-risk patients, but basically every health-conscious person should have such an instrument. Due to the handy size can the RX be conveniently stowed in each handbag classic II and taken anywhere, ensuring a regular monitoring. So, anyone can take their health into their own hands and identify a disease. “Fast, easy and convenient: the RX classic II was blood pressure gauge from Stiftung Warentest for his accuracy, fault tolerance, handling and digital display with the touch of good” rated. The mini heart rate monitor for at home are It is now for only 35.95 in the Pharmacy and in selected online stores. Company profile: OMRON healthcare was founded in Kyoto in 1933 and is now a leading manufacturer of sensory systems and technologies in the health care market. The German subsidiary OMRON Medizintechnik with continuous innovations has successfully established itself for 35 years. Cutting-edge technologies, interpreted for accurate measuring technology for easy, intuitive operation, expose the Omron products not only for professionals but also for general use.

Relaxed Sleep Without Medication

Delta waves cure insomnia sleep is especially important for the human body. During the nightly rest of sleeping recovered both mentally as physically. Without sufficient regeneration, man is not 100-percent fit for the next day. It is important to not only the length of the sleep, but also its quality. The private insurance Portal introduces a new sleep therapy. The new method named Somnia sleep therapy. It depends on binaural beats and does not require a complementary medicine.

A healthier and deeper sleep should be achieved through the use of Delta waves. Brain waves are amplified in sleep therapy in deep sleep by acoustic signals. Transfer these signals of a specific frequency pattern will be through a Neurostimulator, the inPulser”. In addition to the Neurostimulator, patients require the corresponding audio therapy, as well as a speaker system. The results of a test series of Somnia therapy in the sleep laboratory of the University of Cologne are very promising. In combating sleep disorders the therapy has achieved good results, also spares the grip on the drug. Permanent sleep disorders can make the body more vulnerable to diseases, lead to concentration defects and even depression.

Also it is not uncommon as a result of lack of sleep to accidents on the road. Cause of disrupted sleep often is stress, which was not processed during the day and is noticeable in the night. More information: news.

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