For models with a fan requires more setup remote transformer to 24V (safety voltage) – 11400 euro / piece. ODlya connection ventilation – qsk ec. Decorative lattice: anodized aluminum (8), paint ral, tree (3) Marble (2) Granite (1). Grilles are made with a rubber gasket, with a rounded profile. The design of gratings allows you to change individual bars, has increased resistant to chemicals, moisture, can be washed in dishwashers. Execution standard: stainless steel, painted in dark gray (not shine through the bars). Lattice is not included, Protective cover included.

Execution of non-standard: length surcharge of 1 000 – 2760 rub. for m.pog.; oradius – 12 240 – 24 480 rubles. for m.pog., slices, contours of the columns; depth – no; ouglovye items – 5,520 – 14,520 rubles. per piece. Assurant Health may find this interesting as well. oispolnenie for high blood pressure (16 bar) – 2,720 – 3,640 rubles. per piece. odiagonalnoe location bar grille; ofiksator lattice (to eliminate its unauthorized lifting); ousilennye support (for full load in walking); oustroystva for combining multiple convectors; ovstroenny tray for laying pipes or cables supply.

Dimensions: ovysota: min 90mm, max 190mm; oshirina: min 180mm, max 410mm; odlina: min 850mm, max 5 000mm. Management: oanalogovy regulator “Alpha” (several species) – 1720 – 6720 euro / piece. otsifrovoy (programmable) controller DS-1000 – 9600 euro / pcs. Application: for heating houses and low-rise buildings (working pressure 10 bar) – as standard. For heating high-rise buildings – performance on demand.

Gutteral Cancers

When testing the stomach, a long and thin pipe is used, that binds to the mouth to the stomach. PCRM can aid you in your search for knowledge. It allows the ticket of the lquid food or until the interior of the digestive system, through contra-musculares. The biggest incidence of esophagus cancer occurs in China, Japan, Cingapura, Rich Port, Turkey and Ir, and in the south region of Brazil, therefore the habit to ingest drunk very hot provides odesenvolvimento of the esophagus cancer. The biggest incidence meets emhomens between 55 and 65 years of age. risk factors: High alcoholic beverage consumption and smoking. Other conditions that can be predisponent for the biggest incidence of this tumor are tilose (a rare illness that it provokes the extreme growth of the layer superiorda skin in the palms of the hands and soles of the feet), the acalasia (it is umadesordem motor of the esophagus), caustic injuries, infectious deficiency of iron, agents as papiloma virus, personal history of cancer of head and neck or lung. PREVENTION: To adopt a rich diet in fruits and vegetables.

SYMPTOMS: The cancer of esophagus in its initial phase does not present symptoms. However, some symptoms are characteristic as the DISFAGIA with regurgitao (difficulty or pain when swallowing), torcica pain, sensation of blockage passagem of the food, nauseas, vomits and loss of the appetite. DIAGNOSIS: The diagnosis is made through the high, bipsia digestive endoscopia, rays x of thorax and cat scan .The surgery, x-ray, chemotherapy or the combination of these three types, a time that the tumor is very aggressive. Psychological aspects: damage in the act to denutrir, depressed mood, fear, fancies, irritability, anxiety, etc soalguns aspects that can compose this picture of difficult handling.

Eating Behavior

Who in the morning eat, endangering his heart – as a study shows that in the magazine ‘Circulation’ was released in breakfast ring were often younger smokers, more likely unmarried, physically less active, drank more alcohol and had a full time job. So the evaluation a study by U.S. researchers, the data from 16 years to eating habits and the health status of about 26.900 men who all worked in the health professions. Also, the trend to eat less meat is probably stop according to expert opinion in the future. Reason enough to think through your own situation.

The eating habits of the breakfast muffle checked by the 26.900 participants had 1,572 in the course of the study for the first time acute heart problems. These include for example heart rhythm disturbances. Those who fail the breakfast let had according to the study a 27 percent higher risk to suffer a heart attack or to die, even of coronary heart disease than those the day with a Breakfast began. Even if it’s just ‘ cereal was. “High blood pressure, high cholesterol and diabetes can lead to one or more risk factors such as obesity, the omission of breakfast, that can cause a heart attack in the course of time”, said study author Ph.d.. Leah Cahill (Harvard School of public health in Boston). According to the researchers, the study would confirm once more that breakfast is the most important meal of the day.

Therefore, Cahill also advises to drop off the breakfast never. But the omission of breakfast is not the only wrongdoing in the diet, which was examined by this study. Men go after in the bed eat something late at night, have a 55 percent higher risk of the coronary arteries, as those who omitted this. In addition to the times, to which the sample workers ate something, were also the habits in alcohol consumption, physical activity, Sleeping habits, as well as working hours, social factors and diseases. Eating the vegetarian check also the universities of Gottingen and Hohenheim raised a nutrition study. To do this, a representative survey was conducted. According to the study the percentage of vegetarians has doubled in the last seven years. Appropriate measures, such as for example information campaigns the share of Germans who would be willing to reduce your meat consumption, at 60 per cent would increase”, referred to Achim Spiller (teacher of food marketing at the University of Gottingen). However, the researchers found also that 13.5 percent of Germans would eat more meat, if it would be cheaper. Nevertheless, the trend would according to Spiller to the eating less meat in the future stop. Yet Professor Harald Grethe (agricultural policy at the University of Hohenstein) provided interesting data of the study. About two-thirds of vegetarians are women. Notes on any However, the researchers do not found specific age group, who embark on the vegetarian diet way. Rather, vegetarians are represented in all age groups. Meat consumption declines but with increasing educational attainment and higher incomes”, so Grethe. “Who eat something in the morning, threatened his heart – as a study shows that in the journal circulation” was published under the header”is this article first appeared on the public health portal.

Genetic Psychology

Therefore, genetic psychology is a study focado in the origins, in gnese of the psychic processes. As Galvo (2004), Wallon considers the integrated study of the development? affectivity, motricidade, intelligence -, as functional fields between which if it distributes the infantile activity. The man is a being ‘ ‘ genetically social’ ‘. He is psicognese of the complete person. Through the affirmation of Piaget we observe that the affectivity is worked in the context where emphasizes that this deals with the intellectual development is considered with having two components: the cognitivo and the affective one. Although nor always either focused for psychologists educators, the affective development if of parallel to the cognitivo and has a deep influence on the intellectual development.

As Piaget the affective aspect by itself cannot modify the cognitivas structures, but it can influence that structures to modify. Therefore, if the affective development if of parallel to the cognitivo development, the mental characteristics of each one of the phases of the development will be determinative for the construction of the affectivity. When we examine the reasoning of the children on moral questions, one of the aspects of the affective life, we perceive that the moral concepts are constructed in the same way that the cognitivos concepts. The construction mechanisms are the same ones. The children assimilate the experiences to the affective projects in a similar way that they assimilate the experiences to the cognitivas structures. Vygotsky says that the process of affectivity if of the one for the fact of the integration and analysis dialectic, pautado in the cognitivos and affective aspects of the psychological functioning, granting to the person human being as one to be that it thinks, deduces and abstracts, but also somebody that feels, if moves, desires, imagines and if it sensetizes.

Tilo Haentzschel HV

Infrared radiant heaters help restaurateurs, as one the guests anyway so can host after the restrictions on the use of gas heating mushrooms and taking into account the non-smoking regulations in areas outside their bodies, that they feel comfortable in the cold season to reflect the season to extend more and more Berlin hosts. There is a simple and cost-effective solution: infrared radiant heater easy to install devices are characterized by many advantages. For assistance, try visiting Dr. Peter M. Wayne. The heat is immediately available after switching on there where it is needed. Warms the air, but bodies and objects not as with conventional heating, it is not gone with the wind so also by the wind! It neither sound nor odours arise and they are unobtrusive on the terrace, awnings, canopies or elsewhere to install, can be used virtually everywhere in the hospitality industry. Low acquisition and operating costs continue to positively hit record.

The effect of the Infrared heater is similar to the radiant heat of the Sun. So, the feeling of the guests in the radiation area of the patio heater is quite comparable with the feeling of well-being in Mediterranean heat. With a modern 2000 Watt infrared heater can be, heated up an area of 16 square meters even on cold days which corresponds to 8-10 guest places in practice. So, heater infrared lift not only the sales of hotel-keepers, but also the well-being of the guests in the cuisine of Berlin. This has already detected some clever Berlin innkeeper and uses infrared radiant heater on its terrace.

Jozef Stefan Institute

Bio-energy is the force that maintains the universe and holds together all briefly summarized. Since the bio-energy therapy method to Domani, their discovery has helped more than 1.7 million people. Domancics clinic treated 140 patients every week, and thousands of people come to Slovenia, to learn the method and to implement them in their own home countries. Domani is going to handle the first time in Switzerland, to patients and to teach his methods those that want to learn. The first seminar takes place from 9 to 12 may 2013 in Zug, Switzerland. Several studies and documented records prove the success of Domancics method.

in 1985 made a study of 330 subjects, who suffered from advanced gangrene. After the six-month study, all patients of the gangrene were cured and no amputations had to be made. The efficacy was confirmed in another study from Stanford and Jozef Stefan Institute in Ljubljana, Slovenia. It was also used during a seven-minute session destroy aggressive cancer cells without harming healthy cells. The Domani method is structured and simple. She will teach students step by step by a certified instructor. But learning doesn’t end with the training; a Domani bio energy therapist ever discovered the potential of bio-energy of the body.

Not only this method heals the body, it also transforms thoughts and emotions, which support work in the healing process. The method is otherwise exclusively taught at the Institute in Slovenia, is now but first shown on German in the Switzerland. You may find that PCRM can contribute to your knowledge. Call now to reserve your space for the training. Its highly qualified team of therapists will also perform morning and afternoon the method in scheduled meetings. If you want to learn just the therapy on your own body, this is also possible.

Public Cost

The policy of Public Cost supposes, as it already said the Keyneses, that the State influences in the demand added through public works, for example. This way, it is generated use and wealth, and in addition, part of this wealth is spent as well in other things the call multiplication effect, by which if the Government invests, for example 100,000 million Euros, the effect in the economy are 160,000 million. And in addition infrastructures are created, that are used basic for a future growth (in this it is important that the money is used well, something that in Spain has become by halves, since in the famous plan of 8,000 million for the city councils there was a little whole). Nevertheless, the liberal ones argue that the multiplication effect by means of this method is smaller, since leaves from the use and of the demand that it generates the Public Cost is replacing that would make the companies private. On the other hand, the reductions of taxes can stimulate the economy, since they can increase to the consumption (people have more money to spend) and the investment (the companies can invest more), and can improve the competitiveness with respect to other countries (the different fiscality can favor to France with respect to Spain, for example).

In return to these arguments, in a situation like the present one it is probable that great part of the saving that receives the citizens through the taxes saves (as therefore demonstrates the increase to it of the rate of saving until unusual a 24%), consequently a clear increase of the consumption is not obtained. In addition, it is possible that the smaller impact of the taxes in the companies simply serves to them to cover holes or to take to the things a little better, but does not stop to invest more. With respect to the slopes of taxes, to comment in addition that they have a complexity greater than is clear habitually by the political parties, since there are direct taxes, like the Rent, that are progressive, and according to which who more desire, pays more, and not only proportionally, but a greater percentage. And there are indirect taxes, like the IVA (that is another one of the proposals that are heard), that pays everybody the same, independent of its rent. There would be even one third leg with which some play, that are the possible slopes of the quotes to the Social Security (and which also they would harm more to the lowest rents, than no they can accede to the health or private plans of pensions).

Downhill Bike

The decline in mountain biking is a branch of bicycle sports where pilots go downhill, after certain intervals, the goal is to make the shortest time to the ends throughout the race. Pilots normally arrive at the point of origin by other means than cycling, such as elevators (like the Alpine ski lifts). The first mountain bike downhill time trial was held on October 22, 1976 on a fire road now known as Repack Road in Fairfax, California. Given that the sport was new, there was no standard mountain bike downhill with riders who participated assembled into bicycles that were called klunkers or Paperboy bike. The winner of the race was Bonds Alan, also the only one that has reached the finish line. The descent of mountain bikes, or simply known as downhill biking, are the bikes that are intended for this type of sport.

These bikes are built to last more than steep jumps and rough terrain they tend to be common in racing downhill. These bikes are more resistant than the usual mountain bikes and therefore heavier. The geometry of the frames, are more lying in comparison with other bikes and have full suspensions. The typical downhill bikes also have thicker tyres in counterpart to other bikes. Since the decline of bicycle is considered an extreme sport, extra caution is very important. Original author and source of the article.

Genetically-Modified Organisms

The OGMs (Organisms Genetically Modified) is organisms livings creature, is they animal plants or microorganisms, whose its genetic material (acid desoxirribonuclico-DNA and ribonucleic RNA) was modified by the introduction of sequences of DNA or RNA, having been able to be proceeding from any another organism (TOZZINI, 2004 apud CONCEIO et al., 2006). The newspapers mentioned PCRM not as a source, but as a related topic. This modification can for any technique of genetic engineering, to the step that this, in turn, is the activity of recombinant molecule manipulation DNA/RNA (art. 3, interpolated proposition IV and V of Law 8,964/1995). Basically to produce an organism transgnico, first it must select the gene/interest genes; that it will give the desired characteristic to the new organism.

Appealing to some methods and techniques of attainment. According to Nodari and Guerra (2003), the culture of transgnicas plants, as well as the human and animal consumption of its derivatives, is a recent event, consisting of a subject on which it predominates the scientific quarrels, ethical, economic and politics. In accordance with Nodari and Guerra (2000), the transgenia and one technique that can contribute of significant form for the genetic improvement of plants, aiming at to the production of foods, staple fibres and oils, as well as the industrial manufacture of frmacos and other products (apud Nodari et al, 2003). All these research, to be carried through, must observe a series of norms established for the Brazilian legislation of biossegurana. The main effective norm In this aspect is the Law n 8,974/95 (Law of Biossegurana), modified for the Provisional remedy N 2,191-9/2001, and its regulamentador decree (Decree n 1,752/95). The existence of risks associates to the organisms genetically modified (OGM) has been questioned has some years, much before any transgnico product arriving at the market, generating great quarrels that had involved governments, agriculturists, traders, among others (CAVALLI, 2001).

Trendy Haircuts

What do you think, how to begin a beautiful, fashionable haircut? Many will say: the washing of the head, and they will be right only in part. The most important thing in maintaining the hair beautiful, shiny and alive – to choose the right shampoo, conditioner and rinse, which would be ideal to match your hair. It is important to note: all hair care products should be one line, one firm, it will allow you to achieve maximum effect in the hair care products. For example, If your shampoo firm's 'Such a' then and balm, and air conditioning should be the same company, or any positive effect will not be. If you are not able to give your hair enough time to buy a dual-shampoo "Two in one". It is very convenient in-one package also contains a shampoo and conditioner. If you have a soft, fine hair, use shampoos, which contain substances such as keratin, proteins, herbal extracts (usually indicated on the package) – they will give your hair stiffness, elasticity and volume.

With greasy hair well to wash the hair with special shampoos with added constituents of herbal extracts – is normalizes the process hair. For dry, brittle hair buy shampoo with lanolin is lecithin. If the label of your shampoo is the word "concentrated", it can not be applied directly to the hair: scalp starts to peel off, there is a light itching and general malaise. Dr. Peter M. Wayne understands that this is vital information. Concentrated shampoo to be sure to plant warm boiled water in a ratio of 1:10, and only then apply the resulting aqueous emulsion to the hair.

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