Clearing the Body of Toxins

If you are one of the people who take care of their diet eating healthily and seeking always to live a healthy life, what you should know is that still your body accumulates toxins that over time will be generating kilos of more than anyone we want. What happens is that our digestive system is usually not work 100% all the time, so we need to help him, if the digestive system doesn’t work optimally will become toxic waste in our body and that is what makes that we increase weight, yet and when we nourish well or are on a diet. What you need to do is clean your body at least once a year to remove all toxic wastes and be completely healthy, and we will eliminate the extra kilos we have more and if you’re going to start a diet, you will do with a clean and healthy body. To clean your body uses the SAP syrup, is a dietary supplement 100% safe and 100% effective in the cleaning of the body. This food supplement has the taste and consistency of honey, tastes delicious and you will not hunger. SAP syrup only you can find it at health centers, with them you can buy syrup in addition to a food guide so that you may live a healthy life.

Jose Brando

Certainly, man has always been incomprehensible, just thousand years ago behind pisoteaba and degraded nature and now when there are only a few species they venerate them even artificial. Not be if it is easier to be an artist today that yesterday so under penalty of death, but in reality arises be the same since before the creator died by tacit Government decrees, the difference is not much that the artist today is practically only revered, is almost like a God and is lauded internationally; in some ways this occurs by force and naturalness that this prints to their work and in fact today there is greater fairness and morality. Perhaps because man intuits that is located closer to its end. Almost can say that anywhere in the world is an art salon, because works of the best excellence are planted in how much street or Avenue exists and there is no longer the so-called artistic mafias of thousand ago and so many years, because if a work is awarded and does not have sufficient and accurate naturalness is the same public who euphorically lashes out against the artist and his work, and if Governments try to intervene with force repressive occur tragedies such as the incorrect in the press last month, which killed some five hundred thousand people among artists, audience, curators, jury and gendarmes from the Government, without having caused material damage. To tell the truth, is not at stake, to approximately seven hundred years which was not the case a thing so and all because an artist (Q.E.P.D) of some influence, is awarded a prize (some fruits of Theobroma cocoa) by making a Bio-sculpture that desdecia in originality and naturalness, how times have changed with regard to changes, another aspect very curious those that curators were today called to occupy as worthy post must be doctorates in psycho-biology well strange thing, but everything by that effort of the Governments believe that you planting the cities of works similar to that produced the nature, man will feel somewhat better adapted psychologically to the irreversible prevailing ecological debacle that has prevailed in the world in the last millennium.

I do not quite exit my amazement that is on the shoulders of performers that has resulted in the responsibility to give to the world through the art of those Bio-sculptures a virtual incentive why not in the hands of the scientists? well I said in my time that art is a science and artists are the scientists of art. With much sadness and deep sorrow the year one thousand nine hundred and ninety-six, I remember when I had just barely forty years and that environmental issues world not had advanced so much if it had loaned more attention to the artists of that time to those messages of deep reflection. How much can’t be had failed to do? How much had you could not avoid? Had not been for the selfishness of man, that excessive eagerness to riches and now not serving anything and that great disrespect for the environment and perfect order in which everything was structured why not thought so governments then?, why? .

Honey Beekeeping

Tradition of beekeeping tradition is called getting the honey. But that honey that we eat today is largely different from that of wild honey, which has been mined old Russian beekeepers. Honey in the understanding of ancient beekeeping – it's a combination of all bee products, which are in the hive. In the honey got pieces of wax, pollen, propolis and other bee products, ie all that can be found in the hive. This honey is valued its weight in gold, was esteemed a remedy for many diseases, because of this honey was considered Rus beekeeping country. In ancient times, honey prepared by the method of pressing. Honey extractors, based on the action of centrifugal force, and removing all products pchedovodstva of honey was constructed only in 1865. Company Tentorium reviving the ancient craft.

Therefore, in the Urals, Perm region on the basis of apiaries company organized three bortevyh economy. One of them is located in the Vysherskogo Reserve, 300 km from the nearest settlement. This is the most northerly of all the existing apiary in the Perm region. Apiculture – is the extraction of honey from wild bees natural hollows (board) or breeding bees in hollowed hollow. This wild honey, it is created without human intervention: the board did not put a frame with honeycomb and bees build honeycombs themselves-'yazyki '- the nest of any form. Honey from the 'language' means nelzyapoluchit tsentrofugirovaniya, for this reason that honey is extracted bortevoy with wax, pollen and propolis. Employees Tentorium in Bashkortostan, in the reserve Shulgantash where preserved bortevoe beekeeping, made drawings and board have finished them, to make it easier and more convenient to operate the board. Now bortevoy honey, which our ancestors ate, available to modern people.

The company produces Tentorium 'Platinum liniyu'medov -' Bortevoy honey 'and' Pressing honey ', derived from' Bortevogo 'ancient method of pressing. Ancient tradition revived Tentorium and a series of 'Honey'. Honey Honey is called with the addition of propolis, pollen (pollen) and royal jelly. Modern technologies allow to produce a mixture of honey bee products with other high quality. To do this, the method of ultrasonic homogenization – a mixture mixed with ultrasound on the molecular level. Tentorium company allows us to get closer to the ancient traditions of beekeeping.

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