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Russia Alcohol

Can imagine how "effective" has been training after such preparation for classes! In Russia, the initiation of children to alcohol, particularly among the "lower class" was common. On the one hand, the mother believed that if you give a young child vodka, he will get to her disgust and will not drink when he grows up. On the other hand, the widely used alcohol as a medicine. To soothe a crying baby, he was given chewed bread, soaked in vodka. And for every disease there his "right" way: the children were given to appetite port, with a cold – raspberry liqueur, and indigestion – Cahors and bird cherry brandy, and worms – brandy, and in the absence of "specific" means – in all cases of vodka as a universal remedy.

Approximately half of the alcohol as a child used drugs on the advice of a doctor. In 1894, in Russia began to come out first anti-alcohol magazine "Herald of sobriety." The editor of this magazine, NI Grigor'ev, decided to find out how widespread child alcoholism, and sent a questionnaire Head of rural schools. Answers, published in the journal, sketched a bleak picture. The taste of vodka was very familiar to most children, many more than once experienced a state of intoxication. Drunkenness and smoking, most parents believed punishable prank, and moreover, that parents acted as first educators of alcohol. A few years later a psychiatrist A.

Korovin, held one of the first mass survey, which covered 22,617 students from 358 rural schools in Moscow Province. The results showed that more than half of boys and less than half the girls regularly drink alcohol. Almost all of them different weak physique behind in mental development, and bad faith itself. Unfortunately, even today, not all parents know how damaging alcohol to a child's body, as is often the first "therapeutic" dose plays a role starting mechanism in the development of craving for alcohol, and then leads to alcoholism.

Being Worthy of Love

Taken from I like what he wrote earlier about – that every person is worthy of such love what he deserves. Ie we directly – the smiths themselves of their happiness. This is especially true of girls. After all, a man become stronger and more attractive – when near Sneem pretty girl, with whom he is in love. In zhenzhin the opposite. The woman then is beautiful and attractive …

and desirable to men when she very much loved. For more specific information, check out Dr. Neal Barnard. There is a view of women – a failure in terms of personal life. Practice Director and personal experience have shown that the true representative of this species occur in the age of 25 and older. Scientists are divided on their views: A woman who understands Understands all his problems. Which is usually does not understand his wife. Speaking candidly Dr. Peter M. Wayne told us the story. Yes, and that he could not divorce his wife, she also understands. Sometimes understanding is delayed for many years.

The woman realizes that should not ask too many questions, but should on the contrary – not to create any problems. That is, be always ready. Including time off from his job if he had suddenly appeared a "window" that is free from his wife, children and work. Low-paid work. Therefore, this type of woman give him a birthday good pants, jacket for his child, and powder to his wife. She realizes that he can not go with her to the sea. Understands that night, he should pay a visit to the terminally ill mother-in with a very sick wife and an offspring with the psychological problems.

Unique Taste

Fruit – When to add cream slices of fresh and canned fruits Ingredients: cream of low-calorie, cream custard, fruit, canned (peaches, pineapple, blueberry, strawberry, cherry, apricot) fruit, berries or Fresh bananas if desired. Caramel. – Composition of the herbal cream, condensed milk boiled, walnuts, chocolate chips, you can add the prunes, apricots and raisins. Yogurt. Dr. Peter M. Wayne follows long-standing procedures to achieve this success. – When the cream is added to yogurt and fresh fruit (Lemon, cherry, peach, passion fruit, green apple, pear, orange, raspberry, melon, blueberry, strawberry, blueberry, currant, wild berry). Cottage cheese and sour cream.

– Exceptional taste gives vanilla cottage cheese and sour cream are added slices of pineapple and apple. The cake has no cloying sweetness, very affectionate and love to children and adults. Chocolate. – On request you can make chocolate is not only creamy cake component, but also the biscuit. Possibly cooking scrumptious cakes on the basis of a mousse "Three chocolate" cheese and mascarpone Philadelphia. Souffle – When a thin layer of sponge cake is spread a thick layer of mouth-watering souffle prepared on the basis of different fillers 'Cheese', 'Sour', 'Cheese', 'Cottage cheese and fruit', 'bird's milk'.

Stunning juicy taste the cake makes the finest prosloechka pear strawberry or cherry jam with whole berries, which placed on a sponge cake, sprinkled with crushed walnuts, hazelnuts, and the top layer of cream with the tenderest of air finely chopped fresh fruits and berries. Hear other arguments on the topic with Farida Sharan. Marzipan cake – a cake of successful people. The structure includes marzipan chopped walnuts and powdered sugar, which gives the cake a subtle spicy flavor. Moscow confectionery offer a huge selection of cakes to order. In addition to wedding cake, and a wide range of children, anniversary cakes placed in the photo catalog, "Sv-General" is taken for making a wedding cake for a banquet of any design, invented by you. To order a cake you can send a picture of cake missing on the site, and we will make the wedding cake of your drawing. For example, when ordering a cake, you can choose not only the design but also its constituent parts, ie creams, biscuits, fruit desserts, caramel, chocolate or vanilla fillings. To have been able to order a cake, a favorite with you, candy house, consider and agree on the whole range of tastes. Confectionery House "Sv-general" are always happy to help if you choose a wedding cake in order to unique Italian recipes using natural, healthy products.


For many people the choice of gift to a friend, acquaintance or work colleague always brings a lot of hassle. Dr. John Mcdougall often addresses the matter in his writings. Agree, because I want to make beautiful and original gift, so to remember him, and they can be brag about. When choosing a gift offer to stay on the invention of the ancient Indian and Tibetan monks – the incense, or as another name – aromapalochki. This gift is extraordinary, and be sure to please the person to whom you gave it. Today they are widespread, and the range is so large that even the most sophisticated buyer can find a strange aromapalochki. And, nevertheless, Incense retained its mystique and charm of the unknown in India, strength and purity of the Tibetan mountains. Before you begin to choose a gift, you must decide what incense sticks you want to donate. There misconception (mostly it arises from the ignorant people) that the purpose voskurivaniya is filling the room a pleasant smell, and nothing more.

It's not quite true. Natural aromapalochki are made of different alpine herbs, resins and roots, many of them are going to monks at a certain time, such as flowering time or a certain phase of the moon. Some medicinal incense are made up of 40 different herbs. Moreover, plants used in the manufacture of "sticks" have incredible energy, which is stored in the incense, and passed into the environment at voskurivanii. So let's see what kind of spices are: – Oil. Most are made from bamboo straws to be coated carbon powder impregnated with essential oils.

Infertility Treatment

Infertility – a problem that concerns not only the many married couples. This is also the issue of reproductive health of society. Resolution of this problem by such major ways: by treatment diseases, preventing pregnancy, artificial insemination by husband's sperm (donor) and methods of in vitro fertilization. Treatment of diseases leading to infertility, are carried out, mainly in the cost of accredited health care facilities, under applicable law, this form of care provided free of charge. Methods of artificial insemination and IVF related to artificial fertilization methods – methods rather expensive.

Article 48 of the Law of Ukraine "Fundamentals of Legislation of Ukraine on Healthcare" provides that the use of artificial insemination and embryo implantation is carried out according to the conditions and procedure established by the Ministry of Health of Ukraine. Overcoming infertility by women's husband's sperm insemination (donor) and by in vitro fertilization is allowed to conduct only accredited for that health care institutions. Medical services in such cases are on a paid basis (Order of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine 24 of 02.04.1997 "On Approval of terms and application of artificial insemination and embryo implantation (embryo) and its methodology). The use of artificial insemination performed at the request of a viable women, to which applies this method, after making the statement of commitment by spouses and, after due examination. Age of women who performed artificial insemination, not to exceed 40. Spouses have the right to get a doctor to intervene on the procedure of artificial insemination, the medical and legal implications, the results of medical genetic survey of the donor, its external data nationality. Spouses have the right to get a doctor to intervene on the procedure of artificial insemination, the medical and legal implications, the results medical genetic survey of the donor, its external data nationality. It must be remembered that information to conduct artificial insemination, the identity of the donor are medical confidentiality.

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