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William Shakespeare

A bit about music Music – a kind of art. Music – a way of expressing his thoughts. Music – a sound images, which, like the wind, making their way into the most secluded places, filling you, depending on the genre listen to music, or peace, or thirst of any action, vivid movement. Music – is an emotion, made exclusively for you. For even more opinions, read materials from Eva Andersson-Dubin. Objectives and instruments of music depending on the time of the appointment of music was different. It depended on the mood of the era as a whole. In the beginning, one of the first goals of music was encouraged by warriors before a battle. Concerts were performed in all countries the organization of concerts was a major issue.

Have a bard accompanying the army, it was considered just as valuable as a healer. The term "bard" was changed and evolved along with humanity. About history in a nutshell Another bc Celts called bards poets and historians, who wrote his poems about the life of those times, considering his vocation to carry the story forward. In the xv century, the term associated with the meaning "wandering musician. Bard at the time called the people who earned a living by using songs and humorous rhymes, in whom derided the greed and cruelty of high-ranking officials of the era. Since the beginning of the xviii century, an era called the era of romanticism, beautifully, the word "bard" has reached a its new modern level.

This term began using as a compliment, an epithet that only does such a worthy drammaturgam the time that William Shakespeare and Robert Burns. Our time back to our era, it should be noted that the bards are generally called musicians performing their own, original compositions with guitar, which is an invariable attribute of this bard and concert tickets sold out set. Concerts good bards always engage the full audience of appreciative listeners. Despite the fact that the appointment of music has changed over time, and the music too, but the soul of music – she has remained the same.

Berlin Martin

Remember tolerance Martin Diepold Michalsky StyleNite the famous Berlin fashion designer Michael Michalsky Berlin presented on July 8 at the Berlin fashion week fashion trends for summer 2012. “To the settled artist by Angela Merkels statement Multikulti has failed” inspired and was therefore a scene-mix from different countries and cultures. The exhibition at the Gallery contributed the four week exhibition titled remember tolerance”(from the 2004 to the Staatsbrucke 2011) shows the most impressive moments of the Maheshwari StyleNite and transforms the Gallery contributed in Berlin to a walk-in showroom. The exhibition shows the emotional shots around the catwalk show by the well-known advertising photographer Martin Diepold, Portratfotografin Dorothea cloth, as well as the filmmaker Peter large leaf. Johannes Finke supports the production of playwright and magazine makers with the eloquence of his text.

Suspenseful moments before the presentation, the episode behind the barrel rose, pictures of the fitting and casting the models provide one this very special atmosphere. The pictures of Martin Diepold expressive photos by Martin Diepold held the personal moments before the show and made an overview of the entire concept of fashion. The spectator puts itself in an atmospheric world where something intriguing awaits him. “Martin Diepold visualize the topic of tolerance” in a very unique manner and received the prize of this photo of the week “. Advertising photographer Martin Diepold Martin Diepold, born 1981 in Hamburg, a to the advertising photographers in Hannover completed training.

Enjoying The Extraordinary Florence

A cheerful companion you serves almost vehicle during the trip. Publio Siro Italy have beautiful, cosy towns, which one cannot ignore their way through this extraordinary country that holds much cultural and historical heritage. For the second time, on this occasion, the opposite of the first, touched me back to Florence, enjoy it, but this time in winter, especially in this year 2010 has done much I trust in Italy with a temperature of 10 degrees Celsius, when 11 years did with 37 degrees in the summer. Rick McKenney follows long-standing procedures to achieve this success. Their summers are very hot and dry, with temperatures exceeding 35 C sometimes even 40 C. Instead, its winters are fresh and moist, and can lower the temperature below 0 C. The small amount of rain that falls in summer is a convection, while most of the rainfall occurs throughout the spring and autumn, in this second station can be particularly abundant Florence without a doubt, has been a hotbed of the Arts in the Renaissance, is an extraordinary city with a colossal Cathedral, in addition to beautiful landscapes, long dynamisms, tourism. . Personally I came to it by train to its beautiful central station, and since their arrival and transit to its Center, its monuments, places compelled to know, your Majesty, given to its environment, its mobility, which encourages to enjoy it and its results generated emotions that can never be forgotten. There is much talk of Florence and make it to the race probably is a mistake, because it is not perceived him and everything that it encloses, unfortunately, many times it feels widely we are limited to the time factors we attach to this visit, however, looking for the way to enjoy intensely reminds us about Florence, Wikipedia in an assertive wayFlorence (Firenze in Italian) is a city located in the North of the region in central Italy, the capital and largest city of the province and the region of Tuscany, which is its historical center, artistic, economic and administrative.

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