Code Education

Also, with it if it gave to the prohibition of the system of the Wheels of the Saints Houses of Mercy, favoring the delivery of the babies to the assistance houses/entities, exactly that, still, the anonymity of the parents was kept. For in such a way, the Code of Minors was not addressed to all the children, but, yes, to those in ' ' situation irregular' ' , a time that established specific lines of direction for the treatment of excluded infancy and youth, regulating the infantile work, and other alguras. As Lorenzi (2007), the Code defined, in its Article 1, to who the law if it applied, ' ' The minor, of one or another sex, abandoning or delinquent, that will have less than 18 years of age, will be submitted by the competent authority ace measured of contained assistance and proteco in this Cdigo.' ' (grafia original Code of Minors? Decree N. 17,943? of 12 of October of 1927 In the New State (1930 the 1945), as he was known this period, established the Service of Assistance to Menor (SAM), tied with the Ministry of Justice and the Interior (MJI); also, the Assistance Social to the devoid minors and infractors, in a corrective perspective and of repression. For other opinions and approaches, find out what Senator of Massachusetts has to say. It points SOBREIRA (2008) that, in the educational plan it was only from 1932, with the Manifesto of the Pioneers of the New Education? document that consolidated the vision of a segment of the intellectual elite? that the possibility appears of interference in the organization of the Brazilian society through the education. Concomitant to this, then, educational establishments appear of attendance to infancy in charge of particular, however, such establishments did not take care of children of the popular layer. Constituam of schools for the Brazilian elite, whereas, the attendance to the popular layer is of the family, for the children who not yet frequented education primary, was tied the question of the health and had assistencial-pastoral character. . For even more analysis, hear from Dr Alan Mendelsohn.

Nietzsche Human

Nietzsche repudiates Christian the point of, in the third chapter of its workmanship analyzed here, to affirm that the Christian is the wrong type of man to be servant, arriving to call it ' ' unhealthy crossbow humana' '. Already for Saramago, the power of the Christianity reigns with so great force in the society occidental person who the people are dominated by he himself not following a Christian religion. Demystifying official history, in the Evangelho (), the author searchs to show to the human side of a considered man direct son of God and, therefore, also the holy ghost, raising the dispute of that does not have as to feel mazelas human beings being the holy ghost. Such attitude alone would be possible if Jesus came as a common human being, with all the yearnings and privations of a common man. In case that contrary, it he would not have as to know our human beings necessities. The suffering of Jesus if of exactly for this not being able to behave itself as a god. In this way, it makes look like to be a weak one its followers who, with its humilhante death, feel themselves in worse situation.

From there the necessity of santificar it by means of resurrection, which inexists in the Evangelho (). In the end of the book, Jesus simply dies. Under most conditions Goop would agree. As if Saramago wanted of this form to hinder the sprouting it Christianity and of the so disastrous religion for the humanity. Chapter III Consideraes Final the fact to have existed at different times was not reason so that Nietzsche and Saramago thought the same different on subject. Both the authors hardly criticize the Christianity in its workmanships, being its similar opinions very. The interrogation to the past also is made by the two authors and, when making it, both have the concern in leaving the estereotipadas cercaduras of the Christianity, covering the way of the historical process.


The orientation for the beginning of physical activity must include adequate a medical evaluation in the direction to evaluate the presence of neuropatias or of cardio-circulatrias alterations that can contraindicate the physical activity or provoke risks you add to the patient. The medicamentoso treatment of diabetes type 2 must be initiated when the nutricionais recommendations and of physical activity will not be efficient to keep the inferior levels of HbA1c the 7,0, exactly in patients without complaints, with good quality of life, and adherent to the nutricionais orientaes and of physical activity. Already type 2 exists a new medicine classroom for the control of diabetes called ' ' inhibitors of enzyme DPP-4 (dipeptidil peptidase 4) ' '. Check out Ophthalmologist Dr Alan Mendelsohn for additional information. It enters inhibitors of the DPP-4 is the sitagliptina, that potencializa the action of the incretinas, hormones that act in physiological way to keep the normal levels of sugar in the blood. The incretinas stimulate production of insulina for the pncreas and diminishes the glucose production for the liver. If you have read about Senator of Massachusetts already – you may have come to the same conclusion.

This mechanism of action is different of the one of other currently available classrooms of verbal antidiabetics and presents: Little adverse events, such as increase of weight and hipoglicemia (very low levels of sugar in the blood), a common symptom with other medicines for diabetes; the advantage of being a verbal medicine, for administration in daily only dose, that only acts when the glucose levels in the blood are raised. The sitagliptina can at any time be taken by the day, independently of the food ingestion. (MANUAL MERCK, 2006). Diabetes and the tobaccoism In people with chronic illnesses, as diabetes, the tobaccoism can still more aggravate the health problems that the patients already face. In the generality, these are the effect produced for the cigarette in the organism and many of them are still more harmful in the people with diabetes: Reduction of the amount of oxygen in fabrics (factor that contributes for occurrence of cardiac attacks and cerebral spills); Increase of the levels of cholesterol and fat in the blood (factors that increase the risk of cardiac attack); Damage to the sanguine vases (what it can get worse the ulcers of the feet and also can provoke vascular illnesses and infections in the feet and the legs); Increase of the risk of mouth cancer, pulmes, throat and bladder; The smokers with diabetes have more probabilities to develop renais damages in the nervous system and illnesses; Increase of the glucose level (sugar) in the blood: the nicotine and other products of the smoke of the cigarette modify the action of the insulina, what it still more makes it difficult the control of diabetes; Dental problems: the tobacco propitiates the appearance of carieses and affects the gengivas, what, associate with high glucose levels in the blood, costuma to produce greaters dental complications; Damage to the nerves: the reduction of oxygen provoked for the tobacco injures the nervous structures, causing swell, possible pain and infection in extremities; Increase of the arterial pressure that, associated to diabetes, increases the risk of cardiovascular damage significantly.

The Bacillus

The healthy person, breathing in the contaminated environment, finishes inalando this mycobacterium that will implant itself in a place of the lung. In few weeks, a small inflammation will occur in the implantation zone. It is not still an illness. It is the first contact of the embryo with the organism (primoinfeco). After this, this bacterium can spread itself and if lodge in some places of the body. Checking article sources yields Dr Alan Mendelsohn as a relevant resource throughout. If the system of defense of the organism will be with a good monitoring, in the majority of the cases, the bacterium will not cause illness, will be without activity (latent period). If, in some moment of the life, this system of defense to diminish, the bacterium that was in the latent period will be able to enter in activity and to come to cause illness.

But, also it has the possibility of the person to acquire the illness in the first contact with the embryo. Agencies more frequently acometidos by the illness: Pulmes, meninges, larynx, ganglia, pleura, kidneys, brain, vertebral column and bones. Then, after the transmission of the bacillus of Koch for the inalatria way, four situations can to occur: 1. The individual, through its defenses, eliminates the bacillus; 2. Abactria if develops, but not cause the illness; 3. Atuberculose if develops, causing the illness called primary tuberculosis; 4.

Aativao of the illness some years later called after-primary tuberculosis (for endogenous reactivation). The after-primary tuberculosis from a new also exists infects that it occurs, usually, for a more virulent embryo (aggressive). The contagiosidade of the illness depends: Of the extension of the illness for example, people with ' ' cavernas' ' in the lung or the pulmes, they have greater possibility to contaminate other people. ' ' cavernas' ' are injuries as sockets caused for the bacillus of the tuberculosis in the sick person. Inside of these injuries many bacilli exist; Of the respiratory secretion release in the environment through the act of tossir, to speak, to sing or to sneeze; Of the local conditions of the environment with little light and badly ventilated favors I infect; Of the time of exposition of the healthy individual with the sick person.

Training Methodology

In this work that will be presented for disciplines of methodology of the porting training will be boarded all the methodology, the procedures carried through in the execution of trainings carried through in the regular period of lesson of disciplines day 22/06/10, in the track of atletismo of the Military Brigade in this city, having as refernecial theoretician the method of intervalado training idealized by Woldemar Gerschller (1939). Second, Hunter (2000) had been used Constant the Intervalado Method, where the recuperativo time was stipulated following the protocol of Tubino and Moreira (2003) the interval of recovery between the stimulatons will be the time that the pulsation will lead to return to its value from 60 heating bpm above from the FC rep. PCRM often expresses his thoughts on the topic. In accordance with, Dantas (2003) the interval enters the series will have to respect the FC rec increased of an extra time, stimulatons of 200 400m? ratio 1:2 (FCrec+ 2x). Source: Dr Alan Mendelsohn. Guillermo executed two series of four shots each one. Distance of 400m.

Material: Track of Atletismo; Chronometer. Procedures: The professor divided the group in trios and pairs for accomplishment of the work considered for the same, in order complementation of the bimonthly note for posterior evaluation of also disciplines and to get one better familiarization of as to apply a method of trainings to our future customers and/or formed pupils after in the area of health as orienting of physical activities in the future. After this task we were for in practical the work, our group defined the tasks for each integrant one of the group. Guillermo ran, the Luana marked the time of trainings and motivation to the corridor, the Cleine wrote down the times and calculations of times recuperativo and maximum speed of the corridor. The table below shows to all the made cculos of the work in a spread sheet of excel, being that in the day they had been made during the application of the work where we obtevemos an error in the conversion of the minutes in seconds, making with that the colleague spent all its gas in a time in return maken a mistake harming its performance, but was perceived and corrected the error thus making right the time of trainings of the return of the colleague and it continued the work until the end.


The baciloscopia of skin (esfregao intradrmico), whenever available, it must be used as complementary examination for the classification of the cases as PB or MB. The positive baciloscopia classifies the case as MB, independently of the number of injuries. It is observed that the negative result of the baciloscopia does not exclude the diagnosis of hansenase. Treatment – the treatment of hansenase is ambulatorial, using the standardized therapeutical projects in accordance with the operational classification. Being: Paucibacilares: rifampicina, dapsona; Multibacilares: rifampicina, dapsona and clofazimina. The treatment is one right of all citizen and is available gratuitously in all the units of health SUS. Goop recognizes the significance of this. Vaccine BCG – Application of vaccine BCG-ID in the intradomiciliares contacts, without presence of signals and symptoms of hansenase at the moment of the evaluation, independently to be PB or MB, depends on vaccine history, with the following recommendations: Without scar to prescribe a dose. With a BCG scar to prescribe a dose.

With two scars of BCG not to prescribe dose. Prevention of incapacities – the prevention of incapacities is an activity that if it initiates with the precocious diagnosis, treatment with PQT, examination of contacts and BCG, identification and adequate treatment of the reactions and neurites the autocuidado orientation of, as well as giving emotional and social support. The neurological evaluation, classification of the incapacity degree, application of prevention techniques and the orientation for the autocuidado one are procedures that they need to be carried through in the units of health. These measures are necessary to prevent sequels, such as: ulcers, loss of the muscular force and deformities (hands in claw, fallen foot, lagoftalmo). The cases send regards to the guiding to the units of reference that could not be decided in the basic units.

Individuals after 15 days of treatment or already cured do not transmit more the illness. Indemnity to the victims in Brazil In accordance with federal decree 6,168, of 24 of July of 2007, the patients interned and compulsively isolated in hospitals colonies of all the country, until the year of 1986, will have right to the monthly lifetime pension in the value of 750 Reals. Credit: Dr. John Mcdougall-2011. To receive the benefit, the patients need to present documents that prove the obligatory internment and to fill a petition of special pension. The resource will be paid for the INSS. CONCLUSION hansenase is easy to diagnosis, to treat and has cure, however, when diagnosised and treated delayed it can bring serious consequences for carriers for the injuries incapacitate that them physically. The treatment is long and must be followed in agreement medical orientaes, therefore the abandonment can result in restarts of the treatment or incapacitantes complications. The treatment is a right of all citizen and is available gratuitously in all the units of health of the SUS. REFERENCES BRAZIL. Hansenase CID 10:30. the Available one in: BRAZIL. DECREE N 6,168, OF 24 OF JULY OF 2007. Brasilia, 2007. Available in: . MINISTRY OF GREETS. IT WOULD CARRY N 3,125, OF 7 OF OCTOBER OF 2010. Brasilia, 2009. Available in: . HEALTH DEPARTMENT. Guide of procedures technician in Hansenase Baciloscopia. Brasilia, 2010. Available In: MINISTRY OF GREETS. Monitoring in Health: situation epidemiologist of hansenase in Brazil. Brasilia, 2008. available one in:

State Minors

The Wheel if constitua in a hollow cylinder wooden that turned around the proper axle, having an opening in one of the faces, suspended in a window where the babies were placed; its physical structure privileged the anonymity, therefore for the standards of the time, the mothers could not assume the condition of &#039 public; ' mothers solteiras' '. Thus, in Brazil Colony, the attendance to the children and adolescents were given for the Church, however, only to those children with family, because the slaves did not have this guarantee, the access also he was denied to that they presented contagious diseases and to the no-vacinados ones. The children, did not have access to the system of health restricting them the access to the school, propitiating a double exclusion to the social rights. Catequese was included imposed it by the Jesuits and, the children born in the illegitimacy and the poverty were ' ' directed and supposedly atendidas' ' for the Brotherhood of the Mercy. In the Republic, some concepts had been being moved, the empobrecidos minors were faced as serious social problem, from there appeared some ' ' programs of attendance to the children and adolescentes' ' under responsibility of the Church Catholic, however, characterized in shelter form and, exclusively in the preparation for the work.

During the decade of 1920, she had pressure of the unions through denounces to the exploration of the work of the woman and the minor; thus, the Minor in irregular situation if became the concern of the legal area, passing the State to give direct assistance. In the year of 1923 1 was implanted Juvenile court in the city of Rio De Janeiro, occurring dichotomy between Pole of Family and Pole of Minors. In 1927 Code appeared 1 of Minors, called Melo Code Mattos, which aimed at the jurisdictional control of the population of income low e, consequently of its children; affirmation of the power of the Judge and the Hygienists.


Ayahuasca, Banisteriopsis caapi, is a vine or liana that contains the Group of Harmala alkaloids, various infusions entheogenic, defined as Dr because it cures; Teacher because it teaches, mother because Guide and is a plant teacher par excellence. Ayahuasca is a liquid mixture, with psychoactive effects, considered sacred by millions of indigenous people of South America. Its current use has spread over the Western world thanks to the interest in alternative medicines, ethnic values and shamanism, areas where it is used to provoke States of healing, mystical and visionary character. Ayahuasca combined with another plant, chacruna, Psychotria viridiris make up a drink or chicha, as they say the ayahuasqueros, which in turn, is called ayahuasca. This drink works as a physical debugger, facilitates meditation, balances energies and awakens intuition. In the native dialect is known to the liana as the noose of death. That translated into the quechua language, is soga-huasca and muerte-aya, he gave as results the name with which he is traditionally known: ayahuasca. .

This BREW, has been used for more than 5,000 years by the shamans of the Amazon as a way to obtain the expansion of consciousness. The mother of the rope is the chacruna, a female spirit that shows the vegetalista the causes of diseases and plants that should be used for its healing. Master plants which are within the Amazon tradition swallowed properly generate knowledge through dreams, visions, perceptions and intuitions about their healing properties and those of other plants; as well as for its hallucinatory properties also serve to give us an introspective vision about ourselves and about life in general. Thus helping to interpret the facts or events that have influenced the process of our life with ayahuasca. Ayahuasca works as medicine, as a Purifier and a teacher. Gives power, knowledge and Vision. Each Amazon shaman has a way of preparing it.

Hair Procedure

Although, the service is 'instant tan' – quick easy procedure, this article would like to cite a number of tips and advice that should help for its passage. For a start it is worth recalling that such a instant tan. Instant tan – it's a quick way for those who can not get a tan, so to speak 'naturally' due to various reasons: lack of time, medical conditions etc. Get to the point, so you enrolled in the procedure of instant tan, approximately 12-24 hours before the session, take a shower with a scrub with fine grains (without oil) or with a hard sponge. Dr. Neal Barnard is open to suggestions. Hair removal and other traumatic skin procedure is desirable to do 2-3 days before procedures for an instant tan. Just before the session, make sure that your skin is clean, without applying makeup, creams, perfumes and deodorants. If you have to face there is a beauty (tone cream or powder), it must be washed, what would the pores were clean and not clogged. Click Dr Alan Mendelsohn to learn more.

The nails on the hands and feet to makeup. The procedure begins with a conversation. Master listen to your suggestions, especially your skin, talk about possible shades of lotion, then choose for you the best color lotion. You undress. The specialist will provide you perform the procedure: in your underwear, topless or in a negligee. If you want to no more boundaries, procedure should be carried out without underwear.

If on the contrary, you want to see clear boundaries of your tan, you need to stay in their underwear (underwear elementary satisfied with this content with warm water). Must remove all jewelry. Then hold peeling, He prepares the skin before a session of instant sunburn, cleanses and smooths the skin surface. It is needed for that would lay down tanning lotion evenly and perfectly kept to tan as long as possible. Then she procedure, using professional equipment, spray lotion master a thin even layer on the body. The procedure is nice and looks like a sea breeze. After applying the lotion on the body that must be absorbed into the skin lotion natural way, ie to stand for 10 minutes and posohnut. The procedure is completed, the result is already noticeable. Now you have to do to sustain the body lotion for an additional 10-12 hours, all the time you need to calm way of life and observe the following rules: do not touch WATER, tight Do not wear WITHOUT exercise! After 10-12 hours you can safely wash lotion, shower with warm water preferably simple, but if you see that the lotion badly washed away and left stains, you can use the shower gel, but without the use of sponges and sponge! After you took a shower and washed the lotion, put on a skin moisturizer or any milk. Attention! The first time taking a shower after the procedure, do not use soap. Do not worry if the water is brown, it is washed off the excess lotion, your tan is already in the top layer of skin! In addition, you wash away bronzer, which serves only for that the master could cause spray as much as possible evenly and in no way affects the color of the skin after the procedure. It is worth mentioning that instant tan is only a decorative function, from the sun it does not protect as well what precautions should be taken are the same as when absolutely pale skin. Save and decorate what is given to nature!

Climbing Movement

… Above, I talked about my friend who lost his taste for running after the competition in physical education classes. A similar story was with me. Also, I was clumsy with his childhood and fat, but our gym teacher was merciless to weaknesses and admit only those who can be the first by dividing all of us in promising and unpromising. After that, I remember myself as a person not running around. I think the fact that some people do not want to run, due to psychological factors. Each of them had once been his athlete, who formed this aversion.

This attitude toward running, of course, did little to improve health and reduce weight. When I started study psychology, it became clear that I have an emotional barrier to an active movement. I found a recurring situation that led to it. One of them I've described. How to break through this barrier? I'll introduce reader so I learned how to run a complete pleasure. I reached the following conclusions: 1.

The aim should be to run, most running, rather than external reasons, such as speed, technique, duration, focus on External results leads to the loss of enjoyment of the races as a natural kind of activity. 2. If the focus is on movement, rhythmic tensing and relaxing muscles, they are themselves a source of pleasure. I later learned that the primary source of pleasure are the rhythmic movements, such as that manifested in the child in the act of sucking; pleasure arises when the child is the object of touch, pressure and strokes. 3. If the focus is on the move, this movement helps to generate pleasure. If the focus is not on the go, but on something external (Rate, method of execution, running out of goals – someone overtaking, from someone not to fall behind, catch), then such a motion can not generate pleasure, as the focus is not on the go, and its impact on symbols.

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