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Influenza Symptoms

These professionals would have to act as multiplying of these knowledge in its States, having as to have to repass the information received during the meeting for other workers, through local qualifications. (ESTADO, 2010) In accordance with notice propagated in the Braziliense Post office, the federal government spent about R$ 2,5 billion to fight the illness. (SABADINI, 2010, P.

1) It was advised firmly that, each establishment, respecting its particularitities, defined forms to acquire knowledge its employees on the symptoms of the grippe, the importance of the rules of hygiene, the laudering of the hands, the careful observance of the possible symptoms, beyond the necessity of removal in the cases of suspicion of the illness. If you would like to know more about SAGE, then click here. The awareness would have to be given from the spreading of the found correct information in official sources as the site of the Health department, ranks of health, etc. Moreover, the companies would have to prevent the accomplishment of any event that implied in the agglomeration of people in closed spaces. 2 the vaccine? immunization and 2,1 reactions Treatment and vaccines the Associated Teacher of the Department of Medical Clinic, College of Medicine of Ribeiro Preto of the University of So Paulo, Alcyone Artioli Axe, comment on the treatment: Data of genetic sequenciamento and functional tests of inhibition of neuraminidase indicate that the virus Influenza A (H1N1) of origin suna is susceptible in such a way when oseltamivir as when zanamivir and is resistant adamantanes, including amantadina and rimantadina. Thus, the treatment of the cases that if to fit in the definitions of or confirmed suspected, probable case, with equal or superior age the 1 year, must preferential be carried through with oseltamivir..

Mental Confusion

All the things are not strange to the Human being. Therefore, to win itself is to win them. It knows why? Because they will continue in its due places testing its will for existing has much time. It is a ferrenha fight. But it is not impossible. Mental confusion Because you are not sent to a stranger people to speak nor of difficult language, but to the house of Israel. Book of Ezequiel Prophet, CAP. bute to your knowledge.

3:5. In the mental confusion the lead man Is a fugitive from justice Of itself exactly. He searchs the balance, But, still coexists the ludbrio, Of the maledicentes espritos, That try to make of its mind, a book to the part. They want in it to write What they want to live At the moment that passes. Everything that is only one episode That for the effort of its Spirit One day will fall of the pdio. It is a momentary episode That all Human being Can transform. It is owner of its Being and can with JESUS win All and any tram, Of the launched ones in the mud.

Medical Nursing

One knows that the nurse can carry through all the cares so that the citizens can face the illness of a less aggressive form, as well as directing or guiding cares of humanistic and integral form Therefore he sends regards the nursing professionals to it to extend its knowledge concerning the patologias that acometem the aged ones including the illness of Parkinson, therefore to each year raises the index of carriers of this pathology and us nurses we must be prepared to know to take care of it and to know to act, either acting in the collective health, the health he publishes and the hospital, aiming at to promote greater well-being and consequentemente to provide more good to quality of life the aged one. . .


Regarding situational diagnosis, On the basis of our comments during the period of period of training until the present date, was understood that number of givers sufficiently is reduced, however, it is of extreme importance the sanguineous supplying in hemocentro. 1,2 JUSTIFICATION Since the passed century, the transfunsional therapy, comes presenting great progress scientific and who had technician to the increase of the use of the blood as therapeutical resource comes growing the number of givers (CANADO gradually; et al., 2007). The blood transfusion is one practical doctor who consists of the transference of a sanguineous component of a person (the giver) for another one (the receiver). The blood donation is of basic importance for the functioning of the units and the great centers of health. One is about a process for which a free person for and spontaneous will offers its blood with the objective to keep supplied the hemocentros and with this to save lives. Of this form, it was opted to carrying through an educative and solidary work with the purpose to show to the academics the importance of being a giver and at the same time to be able to collaborate with the supplying sanguineous in hemocentro, being able with this to take care of the requests of the hospital units. It is known that to donate blood it is a citizenship and solidarity act, is simple, fast, safe and sigiloso a procedure, that only can be carried through when requested and be prescribed by the doctor, consisting of obligator form the signature and number of registration. Thus, any person can be a giver, since if she includes the conditions necessary to donate, in order to guarantee the security and the quality of the service. 2.0 2,1 OBJECTIVES General Objective: To sensetize the students of nursing and fisioterapia how much to the importance to donate blood.

Method Injury

Material and Method: One is about a case story where the individual of 12 years of age, of the feminine sort, presents hemiparesia in result of a sequel of withdrawal of cerebral tumor. It was carried through atendimentos of aquatic fisioterapia, 2 x per week during 06 months. It was made filming for descriptive analysis of the free march, application of the manual test of force muscular and chronometered the time expense in relation a covered distance, before and after the intervention. Results: After the intervention, the individual presented improvement in the performance of the march how much to the muscular force and the speed. Conclusion: The aquatic fisioterapia contributed for the improvement of the standard of march of the hemipartico adolescent individual, providing to more security and physical conditioning. Introduction In accordance with the Brain Injury Association1, Acquired Infantile Enceflica Injury (IT READS) it is defined as an injury that occurs the birth after and that it is not related with hereditary illnesses, congenital, degenerative or trauma of childbirth.

Amongst the main causes of IT READS we can detach: vascular Traumatismo Crnio Enceflico (TCE), Encefalopatia Anxica, Afeces Enceflicas, Infections of Sistema Nervoso Central (SNC) and the Tumors of the SNC. The evolution of an injury in a child distinct when is compared of an adult. This because encfalo of the child still is in development, whereas of an adult already it reached maturidade2. A enceflica injury in a child can have the advantage of the neural plasticity, however encfalo in content exists the still poor disadvantage of one.

The Nurse

The work of the nurse in the UTI is differentiated of excessively, therefore it requires greater technological and human resource, in which the quick professional direct assistance to the patient in serious state (HISSES; CROSS, 2008) To the nurse privatively fits to give direct assistance of the services of nursing to the patients in serious state, with life risk and that they need cares of bigger complexity (Law 7498/86). Thus the nursing is a crucial factor for the elaboration of an assistance of quality (BITTAR; PEAR TREE; WE READ 2006). The hospitalized patient depends total or partial on the nursing team to supply its necessities, being been the nurse the professional that keep contact for bigger time with the patient (WALDOW, 2001). Seriously ill patients are the ones that present a serious and recoverable picture, with imminent risk of death, being inclined to the instability of its vital functions, being able to present worsening to any instant, needing assistance of nursing and doctor specialized permanently (Resolution 293/2004 COFEN). Being thus, the evaluation of the assistance fits to the nurse, being many times necessary to plan assistance for the following day, so that it does not have imperfections in a decision taking, therefore to occur itself will go to cause an ackward situation, therefore the intensivista nurse engloba the minute knowledge of the necessities of the patient (Kurcgant, 1991).

This also assumes the responsibility to take care of of the patient in any situation, either clinical or emergencial it, having to be prepared for any intercorrncia (CINTRA; NISHIDE; NUNES, 2003). In its article Lion et al (2007), affirms that the nurse is the professional who if finds present more in the life of the patient hearing them and taking care of its requests, pains, insatisfaes and taking of cabveis decisions. In accordance with Port, Viana (2009) the assistance of nursing to the interned seriously ill patient in a unit of intensive therapy is based on cares as to verify vital signals and hdrico rocking to each two hours; to open aerial ways of the patient through the orotraqueal or nasotraqueal aspiration and to stimulate to tossir it; to change and whenever daily necessary dressing; to irrigate nasogastrica sounding lead with 20 ml of physiological serum to keep the permeability; to keep the nebulizao with water distilled in cases of patients with intubao or traqueostomia; to carry through decubitus change, with the purpose to prevent ulcer for pressure; to control the serum dripping; to observe the rhythm and the cardiac frequency in the monitor; in case that it is in eats, to keep the eyes closed and covered with gauze humidified in physiological serum; To carry through or to assist in the verbal hygiene; to change I in accordance with equip to each 24 hours or 72 hours the routine of the institution.

The Nursing Team

She was perceived that the nursing team knew to answer this question with security, with this understands that they know these medications. Survey knowing of them of the team of referring nursing to the one complications Reanimao Cardiopulmonar. In accordance with the graph above, 100% of the Nurses had answered erroneamente knowing on them referring to the complications of a Reanimao Cardiopulmonar. As demonstrated in the graph, 23% of the Technician of nursing had answered correctly, and 77% erraram knowing on them referring to the complications of a Reanimao Cardiopulmonar. In accordance with Nettina (2003) the complications of the Reanimao Cardiopulmonar are: Syndrome of Anguish after-ressuscitao (riots in multiple agencies) and neurological comprometimento, neurological injury.

The majority of the answers of the nursing team was errnea. Being thus, it is perceived lacks it to know on the complications of a RCP. Survey knowing of them of the team of nursing on responsible for the revision and the maintenance of the stand of emergency. The graph demonstrates that 58% of the Nurses had answered correctly, and 42% had answered erroneamente on who must revise and keep car of emergency organized, while 74% of the Technician of nursing had answered correctly, and 26% erroneamente on who must revise and keep the organized car of emergency. In accordance with Rogante and Furcolin (2004, P. 83 the 86) the urgency car must be revised and be complemented by the nurse of the unit at the beginning of each planto and immediately after the use. To keep it with label, in which the name of the nurse will have to be registered who revised the car, the date, to the hour of the last revision and material in lack in the hospital. He will always have to be the priority of the nurse, therefore it will not be able to fail at the moment of the urgency, for not having been checked with antecedence.

Daily Yalen Children

Studies of neuroimagem have demonstrated morphologic and functional alterations of the caudados nuclei. Interesting a theoretical model considers the existence of a disfuno in fronto-crtico-estriato-thalamus-cortical circuitria (BRAVE J.; BUSATTO F.G., 2001) In accordance with this model, the caudado nucleus (the estrial portion of the handle) would not filter, adequately the cortical impulses, causing certain release the talmica activity for absence of inhibition of the estriatais structures. Thus, the impulses excitatrios originated in the thalamus would reach the cortex rbito-frontal, creating one ' ' reforo' ' that it would hinder the citizen to remove the focus of its certain attentions concerns that normally would be considered irrelevant. The same model has been considered for adolescent children and, although the possible differences in the diverse stages of the development not yet to have been delineated (ROSRIO-CAMPOS M.A. ; MERCADANTE M.T., 2000). As Mercadante. the M. et alli (2004), a simplified way to understand the paper of the ganglia of the base in the TOC is to consider the circuit as, a closed electrical system.

In this idea, the caudado nucleus would have to function as an electric breaker and to interrupt the circuit would leave the behavior happening without stopping. The treatment must be submitted to the clinical parameters of gravity that include the time expense with the obsession symptoms and/or compulsions (SOC), interferences in the daily activities, the subjective suffering of the individual and its familiar ones. Tembm can, to use scales of evaluation of symptoms. ' ' Yale-Brown obsessive-compulsive scale' ' (Y-BOCS) he is used, possessing a version adapted for children, ' ' Children Yalen-Brown obsessive-compulsive scale' ' (CY-BOCS). None of the scales scales was validated in Brazil. (Y-BOCS, 1989) (CY-BOCS, 1997) apud (ROSRIO-CAMPOS et al, 2000). According to GRAEFF (1997), the receivers daily pay-sinpticos that are situated in the membrane of the varicosidades of nervous staple fibres terminals, of where 5-HT it is set free for action of the nervous impulse.

United States

In the study he was evidenced how much it is important that the professionals ploughs ready you identify the signals of PCR well entering with the due maneuvers of reversion of the picture with professional skill. Keyword: PCR, nurse, daily pay-hospital 1.INTRODUO the cardiorrespiratria stop (PCR) is always a dramatical occurrence, which responsible for one is raised morbimortalidade, exactly in situations of ideal attendance. Therefore in this situation the time corresponds an important 0 variable extremely, esteem itself that, to each minute without reversion of the picture, in the individual PCR victim, it corresponds 10% to less of supervened probability of. (SON et al, 2003). According to Ribeiro, Born and Jnior (2004), in the United States, 930,000 people die for cardiovascular illnesses, corresponding 43% of the deaths of all the causes, being that of these, approximately 500,000 must the coronarianas illnesses. About 50% of these deaths they occur suddenly, inside of first the 02 hours of the beginning of the symptoms, being that 2/2 happen outside of the hospital, in this way the sudden deaths had to the coronarianas illnesses represent the most frequent medical emergencies. Bartholomay et al 2003, defines the stop cardiorrespiratria as sudden absence of spontaneous ventilation and pulse in great arteries, folloied of loss of the conscience in one exactly individual at the same time, being thus, in this situation occurs the sudden and generally unexpected cession of the cardiac and respiratory functions. According to Silva and Padilha (2001), the PCR, in itself does not represent a pointer me the quality of the assistance, however it demonstrates, mainly, the gravity level where the patient meets, a present time, the survival possibility depends, to a large extent, of the immediate application, adjusted and insurance of the reanimao maneuvers that they readily need to be instituted with the purpose to restore the functions vital and consequently to prevent irreversible cerebral injury.

Knowledge Consultation

In regards to the use of alcohol and drugs, the gestantes had related not to use no type of psychoactive substance during the gestation, however some socially use the alcoholic beverage and the tobacco previously to the period. The actual damages for the use of drugs in the human organism and the necessity of the combat and reduction of these substances in the familiar environment had been emphasized. The right of the gestante was a peculiar subject, therefore the gestantes knew the rights social as: attendance in boxes special, priorities in the line of banks, supermarkets, access to the door of the front of capacities and preferential seat, however did not demand its rights. In relation to the labor laws the majority had the knowledge of the license maternity of 180 days, on the other hand found that they could be dismissed when pregnant, and were unaware of the right of being excused from the work two times to the day for at least 30 minutes suckling, until the baby to complete six months. 12 By occasion of the first prenatal attendance, all the enrolled gestantes would have be set appointments for consultation of routine in the units of health that make use of odontolgico service; in case that contrary, it must be referenciada (7). The majority of the participants of the group demonstrated distrust and many prevented to carry through the consultation with the dentist of the unit, being been thus, the gestantes had been guided how much to the importance of the odontolgico accompaniment, desmitificando the effective knowledge and inserting them in the odontolgica agenda Ahead of some manifestations of the participants we look for to have a more enlightening attitude in some worked subjects. The understanding of the argued subjects was occurring gradual to the meeting and the results reflect with a bigger adhesion to the consultations of prenatal, use of medications correctly, accomplishment of the examinations disgnostic, gestantes with arterial and glicemia pressure folloied biweekly in the unit, adhesion to the odontolgica consultation, awareness on the rights, among others.

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