This is primarily vegetables and fruits. Eat them as much as possible. The most useful krasnookrashennye fruit, they have a lot of iron, phosphorus, sulfur and calcium. Suppose that on your desk there apples, they prevent the accumulation of acid in the blood of metabolic products, apples delay the aging process.

Fiber apple peel prevent obesity, apple pectin, strengthens blood vessel walls. Meat, poultry, fish, nuts, legumes, eggs, eat twice a day. Substances contained in legumes slows the deposition of fat, saturated the body with energy. Dishes eat cereal in the morning and evening.

Yogurt, kefir, cottage cheese must have at least 3 times a day But the fatty, sweet, sweets should be limited to a minimum. 12 Olive oil is a leader in monounsaturated fat that can regulate cholesterol balance, not allowing the cholesterol plaques postponed to the vessel walls. It stimulates liver and gall bladder. Products helpful for a healthy diet. 1. tomato. In tomatoes contain lycopene, a powerful antioxidant that protects against cancer. 2. spinach. Contains many iron and other micronutrients to help deal with stress, reduce the level of hazardous substances to the blood vessels. Useful to those who suffer from excess weight – 100 grams of spinach only 41 calories and no grams of fat. 3. red wine. Peel the grapes from which wine is made, contains many antioxidants, including resveratrol – protects the heart and increases the level of ‘good’ cholesterol. 4. nuts. Pantry healthful substances. 5. carrots. There is no one vegetable or fruit, which compares to a carrot-carotene content. Carotene contained in carrots is absorbed better if you fill the dish from its oil. Carotene is helpful for eyesight, strengthen the immune system. Excess of carrots in the diet can lead to yellowing of the skin. 6. cabbage. Substances contained in it strengthens the immune system, in particular vitamin C, beta-carotene. 7. Cheerios. Oatmeal can lower blood pressure, is useful to the gastrointestinal tract. 8. fish. Omega – 3 to cope with arthritis, prolong youth. The fish is not necessarily to buy expensive, the same properties are herring and mackerel – sources of vitamins A, D and B, and omega fatty – acids. 9. green tea. Natural antioxidant. For example, the Chinese who regularly drink green tea rarely suffer from cancer of the stomach and liver. 10. garlic. Raw garlic protects us from bacteria, good for your heart. 11. Bilberry is useful for the brain. This berry is superior to other fruits and vegetables for antioxidants.


Piercing corset One of the newest trends in the modification, which is catching on to conclude that body in the shape of a corset piercing with. To facilitate this process – on the back 2 rows of holes are pierced for rings, which form two vertical columns. This procedure is carried out in a place where in former times wore a corset. This is a – symmetric piercing with an equal number of holes on each side. Then inserted into the rings by tension and tape. Make human brand is perhaps the most painful of all modifications of the body.

The idea to put a label on the animal's body came from the days when there was livestock. Then, not to confuse the animals, the owners of burned out on the body of cloven-hoofed its brand (generic) brand-mark. In reality is attached to the body of a heated iron to such an extent and so long to get the wound – Third-degree burn, which destroys the skin to nerve endings. After a third-degree burns will never part of this returns to its previous state. This will make the injured area in the form of a burn due to the destruction of an entire layer of skin. The skin around in the future to recover in those areas that were severely damaged, but this process takes many years.

Forked Tongue This is one of the most popular enough new modifications. Now in order to impress the public and familiar enough to demonstrate the duality of language, "praise" the presence of language like a snake. The procedure is to cut by half the language directly to the center. Once the tongue is cut, perhaps the movement of both parts independently of each other. Elven ears after the popularity of films about various mythological beings, these epic sagas, the fans began to make massive operation to be like their favorite characters. With the implantation of the special elements are obtained pointed ears. According to the sales documentation as a result of plastic surgery, increases the attractiveness of the face, and improving hearing. Dubious proposal, as well as the whole idea with the modernization of the body.

Its Great To Give

She stood out from the crowd. Her smile is maddening. He jumped off stage and headed toward the crowd in order to come closer to her. And he was very close – the fans stretch out your hands to him, and she, dodging this set of hands, lowers his brown eyes and backed off earlier. He returned to the scene, realizing that it does not get it – she just enjoys the music, she – not his fan. The concert is over. It is useless to seek it in this crowd.

With whom it came? Where she gone? What’s her name? Oh, my God, this look brown eyes! This is not the eyes – it’s a deep black abyss, they can drown, and their brilliance captivates once and for all. Black, slightly above the shoulders hair, bangs falling down over his eyes, lips slightly parted in a smile – she is beautiful. How can I forget her? No, how to find it? Cars rush by the window, and he repeatedly asks himself these questions. “It does not happen! It does not happen! “- Insists his mind. A heart with the force of hitting the strings of the soul, says: “It happens! That is exactly what happens! “Sends shivers down your skin, the heart is ready to break out of his chest, on his temples dripping with sweat – he fights in a fever trying to figure out how and where to find it. 5 am. He again is sitting on the windowsill, this time he was armed with a laptop.

Open a text editor, it starts with the power to hit the keyboard. A couple of minutes, just a couple of minutes and that’s it – a new creation wizard, song and verse, love the master: Just briefly, a few hours, I saw thee, dear Virgo. But I much ready. Answer only to me: where are you dear? Losing my mind, not eating, not sleeping. Dreams only to you I return. Oh, God! I love you! I’m not lying and I do not doubt. Find you. Run away with you. Well, unless there is anything is possible. I’ll be yours and only yours. And you – my own. Not so difficult. 8 hours. He finally fell asleep, fell asleep with thoughts of her. He slept soundly, and even dreams do not disturb him. Waking up at noon, the first thing he looked out the window – star of a hot July sun. He dressed and went outside. He walked down the street and over again thinking about her. Suddenly, behind him he heard a voice: – Len, what do you ever fly in the clouds? Go down to the ground. Enough already. You Give all the Prince. Look around, how many normal guys. – You do not understand – I do not need Prince! I need it. He alone. And suppose he loves me and understands, let him read my thoughts, and let there always be there. Am I a great deal I want to? – Well, times are still one, so – too much. Capricious you. – And you – angry. He turned and saw her. Color skirt fluttering in the wind. Look brown eyes filled with tears of hurt and was sent far away. Black hair like a black glittering, as if breathing health. A couple of steps – and he is already looking into her eyes. – Lena, and I was looking for you – escaped from his lips. And they both stood in silence. The world around them ceased to exist.


Surely everyone in one form or another have tried the usual chicken. This is not surprising: chicken meat is not only delicious but also dietary. This means that it can eat almost everything, from small to large, without harm to health. Usually, Each family is divided into the chicken once and for all among its members: someone who likes very delicate legs, some prefer white breast meat, but someone like livers, hearts, and then the ventricles – the so-called co-products. Learn more at: Assurant Health. Thus, our beloved home "game" can satisfy almost any taste! But chicken menu, you can do so diverse that a chicken successfully replace all other meat products, ensuring all new delicacies as casual and festive table. To do this we need only show a little imagination and ingenuity, but in their absence simply search a recipe chicken dishes. In addition, now there is opportunity to taste not only have our usual broilers, but also other representatives of chicken. This does not necessarily take a gun and go hunting for black cocks, or hazel-grouses! In our time, "game" can be freely available in the shop at a reasonable price. Because now on poultry farms are cultivated and turkeys, and quails, and pheasants. The meat of these birds resembles a regular chicken, and at the same time has a lot of their own nuances! And indeed the Broiler chicken, cooked in new ways, may well surprise us with an exotic flavor.

Influenza Symptoms

These professionals would have to act as multiplying of these knowledge in its States, having as to have to repass the information received during the meeting for other workers, through local qualifications. (ESTADO, 2010) In accordance with notice propagated in the Braziliense Post office, the federal government spent about R$ 2,5 billion to fight the illness. (SABADINI, 2010, P.

1) It was advised firmly that, each establishment, respecting its particularitities, defined forms to acquire knowledge its employees on the symptoms of the grippe, the importance of the rules of hygiene, the laudering of the hands, the careful observance of the possible symptoms, beyond the necessity of removal in the cases of suspicion of the illness. If you would like to know more about SAGE, then click here. The awareness would have to be given from the spreading of the found correct information in official sources as the site of the Health department, ranks of health, etc. Moreover, the companies would have to prevent the accomplishment of any event that implied in the agglomeration of people in closed spaces. 2 the vaccine? immunization and 2,1 reactions Treatment and vaccines the Associated Teacher of the Department of Medical Clinic, College of Medicine of Ribeiro Preto of the University of So Paulo, Alcyone Artioli Axe, comment on the treatment: Data of genetic sequenciamento and functional tests of inhibition of neuraminidase indicate that the virus Influenza A (H1N1) of origin suna is susceptible in such a way when oseltamivir as when zanamivir and is resistant adamantanes, including amantadina and rimantadina. Thus, the treatment of the cases that if to fit in the definitions of or confirmed suspected, probable case, with equal or superior age the 1 year, must preferential be carried through with oseltamivir..

The Children

How much to the behavior of the Lindquist parents (1993), salient the importance to explain for child its real situation, and to prevent unnecessary dramas. tepper. To broaden your perception, visit Dr. Neal Barnard. How much to the fact to isolate the child to rest, Lindquist (1993) clarifies that for the child and desconfortante extremante the fact to be been stops for much time, they needs to leave the stream beds, the chairs of wheels and if possible to enter in contact with the nature, as for example to go to the garden of the hospital to receive some type of gift and to interact with the people of the environment so that its friends of internment can feel themselves equal. In accordance with Lindquist (1993), the human resources are of extreme importance for promotion of the welfare of victims of psychic problems, a pleasant environment, well trained people and a good equipment to play is so important for its quality of life of children and adolescents in hospitalization process how much the asseio or a well made labor detail. DEFICIENT CHILDREN HOSPITALIZED Lindquist (1993), speak on the discouragements of the parents in relation to its carrying children of physical deficiencies. It emphasizes that the physical exercises do not have to be placed in second plain and that the parents must insist on the physical exercises and the playful activities (tricks), but not forgetting that these must be adapted to the mental development of the child. In case that the child is very compromised, the painting with fingers of the hand or arm can be stimulated, participation in theater parts, bandinhas of music, game of lottery, hearing of estrias or stories. Still Lindquist (1993), in accordance with motor deficient children do not have to pass more time in the stream bed of what another child of the same age. ' ' … the children must be placed in the soil without cover or cushion, of preference with the bare-footed feet, way that can grasp with me feet if to want to move themselves.

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