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Telematics Awards

Human telematics ends next Wednesday, the 10.07.2013, the deadline for submissions to the telematics award 2013 in the area. The deadline for submissions to the telematics award 2013 in the area of human telematics ends Hamburg, 10.07.2013 – next Wednesday, the 10.07.2013. It is the highest award that a manufacturer/supplier in the field of telematics can achieve. For a better understanding, the categories were now provided with examples, to indicate that human telematics includes not only medical solutions. Human telematics means not only telemedicine and eHealth despite of the already numerous entries in the relevant categories listed the organizer of the Telematics Awards, the trade journal telematics, nor categories, who frequented rather weak in relation to the others or are misunderstood. This is our assessment that the human-telematics will connect only with medical solutions by Peter Klischewsky, editor in Chief of telematics on the still existing delusion that media group: “To equate human telematics telemedicine and eHealth, is only partially correct.

Is about solutions that work so to speak for the people itself and easier or safer fashion, for example, a wide range of processes and the life at our this year’s award. We added so some examples to the preliminary categories on the official website to the telematics award 2013, showing probably many providers, that they should have solutions for the telematics award 2013 in the offer and now as soon as possible submit.” Learn more about telematics award 2013 the solemn ceremony of the Telematics Awards 2013 on Saturday, the 07.09.2013, at 14: 00 at the George Marshall lounge in the Centre of the IFA – next to the summer garden will take place. Participation in the tender, as well as the participation in the ceremony is as always free. Providers that not yet have made their submission to the telematics award Telematics award 2013 – human telematics.

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