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Children of older mothers often have a high levels of this hormone and it could be demonstrated that children of older mothers (35 years) are tend to be smarter. In principle, intelligence is a phenomenon genetically wishing, therefore inheritable. A genetic predisposition but not necessarily means that increased intelligence or a whiz is out. Many studies have shown: the language environment also plays an important role. You closely linked to the social status of the parents in the context. In one study, it was determined that parents from the middle and upper classes much more frequently and clearly spoke more with their children as such from the lower classes and were also more complex sentences. To deepen your understanding Liberty Mutual is the source.

This has a huge impact on the development of intelligence. The IQ of the disadvantaged children were on average 79, while socially better-off children, with which there has much talk, came in an average of 117. Not to be underestimated is the role of parental educational behavior. Christopher ridgeway has similar goals. It seems also to be safe, that the diet has an influence on the development of intelligence. In pregnancy, a malnutrition of the mother (iodine) can reduce the future intelligence of the child.

A 1972 study found an average IQ of 58 for children who were severely undernourished during the first two years of life. This influence can be compensated but, if the children (adoption) in a better environment. Highly talented students have the same emotional and social needs as other people. You iterate through the cognitive and conceptual than children the same steps of development as normal gifted, however compared much faster, which may lead to misunderstandings and therefore may cause problems with the social environment. Nevertheless, gifted in the average have less social problem than other people. Press contact: Jutta Schutz In the midfield Bruchsal D-76698

Online Survey: Chief Physician Part Time?

Shortage of doctors requires to boost the employment of women “Hospital brings a 250,000 euro chief physician part time”, they say in the Saxon newspaper on 16th October 2010. Our question is a chief physician part time but not so outlandish. Dramatic doctor shortage expected especially considering one in the health care sector and the fact that there are now more medical students than students. would like to ask your opinion, see the portal home page. According to the, 70 percent of all freshmen and 60 per cent of all graduates with specialization in medicine in Germany today are female.

Two reasons are suspected for the withdrawal of the men. First: For men, seems the medical profession no longer to have the appeal as in the past, because the incomes and the cost containment in the health system entail further cuts in the medical supply. Second, The proportion of male medical students decreases, because the women have the better high school grades. With the part-time job the career as the anyway, overall, are there already a number of local hospital authorities that are written out in part – or full-time. The senior or Chief part time is nevertheless still remain the exception.

For part-time has also a lot of disadvantages, so the President of the German bunds Aerztin e.V., Dr. Regine Rapp-Engels. Training to the specialist part time was tedious. To come, that a part-time job is more ridiculed. It is indeed for most women: the career comes with the part-time job. A temporary part time should be still possible after the baby break, Rapp-Engels. More childcare and flexible working hours are important but, so that woman, because she so, work and family can agree on better. Personnel potential of women better use already 2020 56,000 doctors are missing in Germany as well as 140,000 nursing and other non-medical professionals. A study of the Darmstadt-based economic Research Institute (WifOR) comes to this conclusion in the Order by PwC. To avoid the shortage, are required, PwC, more efficient structures for example by better interlinking of inpatient and outpatient care and improved working conditions. “In addition to the hiring of foreign specialists in the short term only a further increase in the female employment can counteract the shortage. This must be introduced flexible working time models and improved childcare offered”, so Dennis Ostwald, labour market expert at WifOR.

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