Window Slopes

First plaster tops of slopes at a pre-hung horizontal racks. Then rules hung vertically on the sides of slopes and plaster them. Rules attached to the walls with clamps fixed with plaster or nailed. The solution was applied on the slopes, level wooden bevel (Fig. 20) cut from the boards to form the slope and fettered steel sheet. Fig. Malki for leveling solution zaglushinah: a – between a window box, standing on different levels, b – between a window box, standing on one level, in – device lower zaglushin; 1 – a simple 2-s shoulders Fig. Malki for leveling solution for window slopes: plugged between a window box plaster as well as slopes.

Malki device plug shown in Fig. 21. After leveling and setting solution zaglushiny bottom rail. Inner slopes of plaster with the same solution as the walls inside the rooms. Outer slopes (except lower) complex plaster or cement solution.

Lower outer slopes (Plum) and drowned between window boxes (with them) plaster with cement mortar. Lower outer slopes (plum) because of their large exposure to weathering coated steel roofing. Installation of window sills Window sills are concrete, wood, mosaic and marble. Set them on a level with a slight deviation from a window box to the side of the room (up to 5-7 C). Bottom sill, at a distance of 3-5 cm from the edge, to be arranged in a longitudinal groove (drip) 1-1,5 cm depth for water drainage away from the wall. The wall surface on which you install window sill clear of dust and washed with water.

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