The Land

3:7 and 10 ' ' the skies will pass with estrepitoso boom and everything that exists in the land will be destrudo' '. The skies had been destroyed? The Land with what in it exists, also, bad animals, plants and human beings had been destroyed? I believe that nothing of this it still happened. Not that I know. How can Jesus already have come back? 2 2Pe. 3:13 ' ' we wait new skies and new land in which it inhabits justia' '. I still ask: he has justice in the world in which we live? With certainty not.

At least it is not what they say the telejornais, periodicals and the magazines printed, the Internet etc. Is enough quickly to look at for the scene politician and will see that it does not have justice some inhabiting this way. The traffic lights and ghettos also show that still it has much injustice in our world. This world is not what Jesus promised in them, therefore our dear is victims of lost bullets and dies here, drugged young invades small farms and residences and kills its defenseless inhabitants. We live in a state of constant unreliability, therefore the medical diagnosis in them steals the peace, the death frightens in them and in them it pulls out tears. It was not this that the proper Jesus promised in them.

It in affirms that in the New Land &#039 to them; ' he will dry of the eyes all tear, and the death already not will exist, already it will not have I fight, nor pranto, nor pain, because the first things had passed. That one (GOD) that it is seated in the throne said: Here it is that I make new all the things. added: It writes, because these words are fidiciary offices and verdadeiras.' ' (Revelations/Apocalypse, 21:4 and 5).

Ceramic Tile

The first layer consists of solid wood (beech, maple, oak), the second layer is made of softer conifers, and the third layer consists of a veneer. Carrying out repairs of apartments St Petersburg, it is important to make correct parquet, thereby avoiding squeaks and other noises occur when technology of laying. Parquet flooring as you can use with allergies – does not cause allergies. With proper care parquet is very long and will delight you with the beauty and warmth of natural wood, and the use of parquet to realize the design refinements in the design of your floor. Laminate – a kind of parquet board. But perhaps the similarity of laminate flooring and is limited only by the size of the board. Laminate flooring consists of 5 layers.

Binding layers are: lower paper layer – responsible for water resistance. The second layer – fiber board, or fibreboard plita.Trety fiber – paper with a decorative pattern, it is this paper is responsible for the type of laminate flooring – wood, marble and t.p.Chetverty layer – a layer of acrylic or melamine resin with the addition of particles mineralov.Pyaty words – actually own the film-coating, which is called laminat.Laminat divided into residential and commercial, depending on the method of compaction layers. Household laminate is pressed under pressure, without using glue, and is suitable for installation in a residential area. Commercial laminate produced with the use of glue, which increases its durability. Commercial laminate be laying in stores, offices and other places of mass crowds of people.

Ceramic floor tiles – one of the most pressing and finishing materials. Ceramic tile is a plate made of ceramic material. The use of ceramic tile as flooring due to its high durability and moisture resistance. A variety of ceramic tile on the market of construction materials allows for a flight of fancy designer. Ceramic Tile is totally non-combustible material, and a potential fire will protect the floor from fire. With proper care, ceramic tile will last for decades. We reviewed the basic decoration materials for interior floors. What is your gender – decide based on your preferences and the size of the purse, in any case, let your floor will bring you joy!

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