Living Better Earning Less

Is it possible to live better earning and spending less money? Although the consumerist structure of our society may seem otherwise, many families choose to dispense with a salary or reduce working hours in exchange for greater peace of mind and more time with sons and daughters. The decision to work less despite a reduction of income should be a voluntary decision, aimed at improving the quality of life. But how to achieve live with less, or less, need when everything points that each day we spend more and more? Here some ideas for a better life spending less: rent instead of buy.-This is not always cheaper, but if you go camping once a year, it may be better to rent equipment which acquire it. Buy second-hand in good state.-furniture and other objects, are perfectly reusable. SWAps.-nothing better than barter! Exchange hours of work products, or products for services, or any other type of Exchange that benefits all parties without having anyone to spend a penny of your money. View shopping in your own home-renew, recover, reuse furniture and old implements, giving them a new life growing inside House-makes your garden into a source of fresh and organic food. If you live in an apartment, you can grow herbs and small vegetables in pots.

Exchange hours.-an hour of your time teaching English to a friend, in exchange for an hour of legal advice, or cleaning your House, or look at your children, etc. Cuisine at home.-prepares bread, biscuits, beverages. Cook at home not only saves you money from purchases, if not much money in health exchanges your House by holiday-if you have friends in another city or country, you can propose them exchange their respective houses for vacation time. Gift time.-how much is worth the time? Time is money, they say. Then, what better gift for our children and for people who want to. You can do your time tickets to give away to your friends, for example. Do about a ticket of 3 hours taking care of their children while your friend has time alone with her husband? It best of spend less money is that it motivates us to make use of our creativity and relate us amicably with other people. It is separate from organic and good for our bolsilo: fun. Original author and source of the article.

Bird Rafting Y Jellies A Stroll By The Eastern Mendocino

The tourist area east of Mendoza Province borders with the province of San Luis, and is comprised of the departments of Santa Rosa and La Paz. Away from the cordillera, the zone enables run a little traditional snow, wines and adventure sports circuit to discover the rich nuances of a different Mendoza. What no means that the emblems of the Cuyo tourism say not present, and not is can, for example, practice trekking or rafting or enjoy tasty regional products. Welcome to an equal but distinct Mendoza. The almost totality of the surface of the Department of the East of Santa Rosa is occupied by the desert of La Travesia. A condition which, as it is consistent in the Cuyo territory, has failed to stop the push of its inhabitants.

The famous and delicious Mendoza honey comes from numerous poultry farms that dot the region. On the side of the routes, large amount of jobs offer exquisite freshly harvested dried fruits. And although as the rest of the province there are there vineyards and wineries; This area is the only province where is another emblematic cultivation: fruit in all its varieties. Whether to eat it fresh or to savour it in amazing jellies, preserves and marmalades of the region, more than well-deserved fame. In Eastern mendocino, lovers of the sweet worldwide discover a secret paradise. Amid the monotonous aridity of the desert of La Travesia arises in Santa Rosa, suddenly, the Green miracle of the first protected natural area of the province: the Natural Reserve of Nancunan.

Its name, which means White Eagle, pays homage to whom outside the last cacique of Malargue and unconditional ally of General San Martin. Declared sanctuary of carob trees, it resurfaces with new vigor the noble species which almost disappears after the indiscriminate felling of late 19th century and the beginning of century XX. Leafy carob cups are home to numerous species of woodpeckers, yales, Calenders and chingolos. And by the Park walk majestic cats Wildcats, grasslands cats, ferrets and gray foxes. Looking for from strong emotions? In the Department of La Paz, the Desaguadero River, natural border between San Luis and Mendoza, offers the ideal setting for the practice of water sports such as canoeing, kayaking or rafting.

Eating Away From Home Without Worries Quick Guide

You control your weight carefully and try to eat healthily? Then, as tearreglas when. Invite you to a dinner comes out instead of eating at home invite you to a party or celebration eat away your comfortable kitchen does not become a negative experience. In each situation, you can enjoy an abundant meal without endangering your health or your waist. It is to choose highly nutritious meals instead of junk food or cravings. Choose a restaurant that take care of you first choose a restaurant that not only offer menus loaded with carbohydrates, fat, sugar… Tricks Ponte a limit of two dishes. The natural choice is to dispense with the dessert. Skip the bread and butter prior to the meal.

The salad is the Queen, the more colorful, wider variety of nutrients you get. The salad dressings added about 200 calories, so it’s best to order them separately. It avoids the stews, frying, barbecues and roasts, since high temperatures and slow cooking destroy nutrients. Choose dishes whose method of preparation is coocion steamed, sauteed, grilled and boiled. Whenever possible, choose local, fresh, vegetables of the season.

The dilemma of meals at parties you have been invited to a party, and it is likely that the menu is not designed to keep the line. Wherever possible, called a few days earlier and very politely let know the hosts you need to avoid that kind of food, you can include some healthier options. Another alternative is filled with a Formula 1 shake half an hour before leaving, to help you stay away from the buffet. Alcohol, yes or no? The empty calories of fast absorbing are a good reason to say NO. A small glass of red or white wine has an average of 85-120 calories. 500 ml. blond beer can range between 150-300 calories. 500 ml of cider contains between 210-600 calories. 25 ml. of liquor may be between 50-80 calories. Some refreshing and healthy alternatives: water ice with juice of lima tea ice cream with lemon or lime, coffee ice cream with cinnamon, and herbal teas. The dry white wine is the one containing fewer calories. Susana washes, biologist, environmental consultant, health sciences.

State More

Days pass quietly, the city remains hostile, and grey leaves of the trees they inhabit soil, the economic crisis runs its course while our pockets are still a barren territory, every day we are more poor why us so hard to make ends meet, and someone decided without consulting that you paying more our problems would be solved serious mistake spend our lives paying things then have to pay again when we want us to understand quickly, we have to resort to private health care, after having spent money paying for public health. Which demonstrates that society is not fair and is not effective, so just paying multiple times for the same concepts, health, education, which is disappointing and sad. The middle class is something that is doomed to disappear over time because things are every day more complicated. The only ones who are confident in their armchairs are politicians because four years nobody moved your post, politics is not like the private company where if you don’t give you you go to the street and there is no hesitation. While not mobilize people it will not change anything but that change, if everything is mounted for not resisting, not thinking, not feeling, only to expect the State to be who command our lives from the cradle, until burial.

Fellows are other specimens that do not have nor very clear their future, so they are resigned to live a day, no more speculation that survive in the worst of cases we still trust the State to resolve us what we can not resolve, at least I think the gullible who rely on third parties to solve all our problems. Then there are those who are lovers of individuality and liberalism, they believe in the individual as being intelligent and imaginative, and entrepreneur. It’s funny to think that the State will take care of us, we care only our mothers and little more, the State with its bureaucracy inundates everything, makes everything is cumbersome, expensive and uncomfortable. We pay to have a few basic services but many times we pay them twice in the case of health on all, health is something that affects us all. I don’t understand why we have to pay twice for the same concept, double taxation is another remora of the State.

La Casona

2. Use natural resources, such as water and energy, in moderation. Remember that they are scarce goods. 3 Try to minimize the generation of waste. They are a source of contamination. 4. When you have to get rid of a residue, do fashion cleaner that facilitates their place of destination. 5.

In a natural space ensure that the unique fingerprint that leave behind is your footwear. 6. If you visit sensitive ecosystems, such as forests or coral reefs, learn how do to cause the least possible impact and not degrade them. 7. To buy gifts and souvenirs look for products that are expression of the local culture. It will contribute to the economy of the peoples who welcome you and cultural diversity. 8. Do not acquire flora and fauna protected by the Convention on international trade in endangered species of Fauna and Flora Silvestres (CITES), or products derived from those species.

It is a crime and contributing to its extinction. 9. At its destination enjoy knowing the culture, customs, gastronomy and traditions of local populations. Respect them and approach them, have much to tell. 10 Try to contribute with their presence to a responsible and sustainable tourism development, constructing a planet more healthy and solidary with your travel. By following these ten recommendations tourists will contribute to preserve the biological wealth of the land and enhance opportunities for development of many people.. caminorealjujuy. com AR Director of La Casona de el Camino Real, Hosteria boutique committed to providing a quality service in harmony with the environment and the community. . caminorealjujuy. com ar Blogs related MacKinando App Store iPhone iPod iTunes El the best Volare, the most popular song of the 20th century administrations will have lists for Holy week the beaches the Councillor of tourism of Andalusia is advocating a greater Spanish word of the day: without embargo Corto Maltese and the stormy beginning of 20th century Cronosgea Chilanga Banda Blog Archive there will be beaches for Easter why measure the? time in hours?


Go to a cemetery is experiencing changes in mood. a related topic. The long, narrow corridors imprison us, silence overwhelms us, we are moved by the loneliness and the dates inscribed on the tombs we stop to think at the age of the person or in circumstances which might have given their journey to eternity. When the year of birth and death indicates that this is an old think about your children and grandchildren when it comes to a young think their parents and their young children: when is a little grave, think of all the world's children and age would have today had not been for his premature departure is inevitable … get an ideas of games that were not of the holidays that did not receive their gifts and their siblings in adulthood and now the living memory of the brother with whom he could not continue in the games of childhood. Each grave has a story.

I use to imagine the day of the funeral and at the back in time, I see the wife sore with a child holding each hand and dozens of people in the fruitless task of providing comfort. In those places today empty, in which they survive some flowers withered, the last day of the dead or the birthday of someone who is not now, when many people had gathered for a final farewell. After the family arrives just in time and not get anyone. However, the graves are there in the desolate and gloomy alley, a cemetery where every day new guests arrive and more and more memory to compile the history of those who earned the right to live in the memory.

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