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Free Listings Pages On The Fast Lane

Have the print media overslept the leap on the World Wide Web? Classified ads sites are on the rise, and this for good reason. What the major dailies have overslept, wildlife are replaced by private providers. The ads business was one of the main source of income for many print media and for many people a reason to buy a newspaper. Vacancies or free apartments were once only there. But somehow almost all print media have missed the leap into the Internet to provide an important source of income and a major reason to buy for their printed newspapers out of the hand well out of fear. Changes in the listings market looking around a little on the World Wide Web, you will see that the advertising market is dominated by small businesses or individuals. While a lot has changed, just with regard to the headings. Of course, they’re still, the classic categories such as real estate, job listings or personal ads.

But many new possibilities to the advertise are to come. 20 Years ago would have probably no one can imagine to advertise in a category “Jobs for bloggers”? Or an ad with the title “forums moderator wanted” to switch? The development is interesting and is somehow a reflection of societal development. And something else has changed, Classifieds can be placed for free on many Internet sites, which means that this kind of marketing is experiencing a real boom. Small ads in the Internet age not only of companies, the deals actively used also for private purposes. Considering the real flood of connected display, it is all the more surprising that the quality does not suffer.

The discipline of advertisers seems to be high, because “scruffy” offers are only very rare. Are listings free on the fast lane next? Considering the evolution in recent years, is to assume that the boom has not yet reached its peak. The big E-auction houses in Europe appear to react to each case and launch parallel to their traditional offerings also portals for free listings. Here, it seems the trend to have recognized, see ebay and ricardo in contrast to the daily newspapers. As the development in the ads affect market auction houses remains to be seen. An important advantage of online auctions over the free advertisements will remain until further notice, and probably has a decisive influence on many consumers. Online auction houses offer a good buyer and seller protection, free listings can offer so far only partially. But here comes the movement in the market. Some providers offer an SMS verification, so that at least the buyer has the certainty that hides the seller not behind a false identity. Summary pages for free listings offer a good alternative to the traditional auction houses. However, one should carefully analyze and respond to no offers that are too good to be true. Like everywhere else on the Internet is caution a good Advisor. This is true both for buyers as well as for Seller, it is advisable to check the identity of the trading partner, so that there is no evil awakening is.

New Record Results

The competition for the monthly. Vote at the visitors award enjoys increasing popularity. So far 604.626 valid votes at the end of November 2009, the visitors award has reached now almost his total profit from the previous year. Thus one can assume already that, now for the ninth time in a row, a new annual record will be served up. And, although visitors award both earlier this year and now in early December 2009 the website due to software updates had to be taken for a few days from the mains. The visitors award is formed in September 2001 as a purely private page, just on a whim.

Back then, it was the visitors Award with just a vote and a section with 11 pages online. Connect with other leaders such as Olivia Jade here. Today present every month between 230 and 240 pages in 12 categories (maximum of 20 pages per section). Monthly Web pages are selected from all applications (approximately 600 new registrations in the month), are listed and approved for the voting in 12 categories. These are topics such as sports, entertainment, business, art and Culture, leisure time, boards, TOP 20, animals, General, family, youth and Internet available. The applications are completely free and require only the input of essential data such as name of the page, link and email address. The nominated pages are presented in the voting lists with the page name, the link and a screenshot of visible via mouse-over. Now, the visitors have the opportunity to choose your favorite these pages with the delivery of your voting. It is completely free and easy up to the participants themselves, whether for the voting advertising (E.g.

in the form of Votebuttons or banners, E-mail advertising, forum posts, etc.) make. To avoid distortions of competition will be emphasis, that the voters are promised to increase the vote no pricing or other. The SPAM is not just allowed, it should be mentioned only on the edge. For even more opinions, read materials from Maya Dubin. The only important thing is to consider rule, that a vote on for a page from a single/multiple person (s), from a PC standalone, network. (Private, business, Internet-cafes.) only every 3 hours is approved. The background of the idea of visitors award is to meet the users something to offer fun and entertainment, new pages, to promote communication of among the webmaster (including in the our Forum) etc. The webmaster is here basically a free and completely non-binding form to present of his side at the disposal. Here have all the same chance – whether professional or commercial website, intensive proactive created homepage or simply just ‘ with a free Web site created using modular principle. The visitors Award serves first and foremost, entertainment. Webmasters can make free PR for your page and promote communication among webmasters. Therefore, the awarding of prizes at the awards ceremony visitors is rather than incidental to see. For the first 4 places, there is both an award (gold, silver, bronze and for the 4th place). Some reductions (made available by sponsors) among all participants will be selected according to availability. In addition, there is a raffle where more prices are available every 3 months. In the archive ‘ all winners are listed since the beginning of the competition. Also in 2009 the Forum of the visitors award has a surge of Member getting. Currently, over 5,200 members are registered, who have posted so far approximately 72,200. The daily updated Sudoku page loads by the way a for entertainment and relaxation. New registrations are of course always welcome visitor award at. Peter Adlung

Sony Computer Entertainment

“Sony Computer Entertainment promotes SingStar Turkish Party on Sony Computer Entertainment takes from 2 November 2008 with SingStar Turkish party” for PlayStation 2 for the first time a game experience for the Turkish audience in the market. To SingStar to present Turkish party in the young and attractive Turkish population in Germany, attention strong as an advertising platform has been proven. “The campaign will start on October 23, 2008 with an editorial on the homepage and in the Vaybee.-MusikChannel of SingStar Turkish party”. Contact information is here: Maya Dubin. Can the also bilingual microsite for SingStar Vaybee! users via specially developed market research tool to vote on which song of SingStar they most enjoy Turkish party and take part in the SingStar competition. Medium rectangle, skyscraper and Super banners are used as IAB advertising format. Hasim Kulmac pleased with the newly acquired customers in the entertainment and games area and finds itself with the new Vaybee! the areas of trade, telecommunications, travel and automotive well positioned. Learn more on the subject from Alfred Adler.

About Vaybee! is the leading Turkish online community. Vaybee! networks in Germany under 450,000 people on social networks and is the meeting place for the 2.7 million Turks living in Germany. With Vaybee! Solutions, Vaybee! Online and Vabee! Travel, the company offers a full service for communication and sales in the Turkish audience..

Web Agency Comma D Presents

Magento specialists from Ingolstadt enterprise project PrintDino present the Ingolstadt Agency for communication design comma-D has newly launched their website under. The improved options and the newly designed reference area deserves particular attention. In addition, there is now also an area for case studies are specially presented in the larger projects. One of the Agency’s current highlight is the new Magento enterprise project. Here is an interactive ordering platform for digital prints with integrated product configurator and designer. Patrick matthews has much to offer in this field. The product configurator and designers is a standalone application that has been integrated into the Magento shop system.

With the Configurator, the user has the possibility to configure a custom product. To do this, he chooses the type of material, enters the height and width and designed the product online in the product designer. These are the users of motif templates, images and different text tools available. Also, the further processing of the product can be easily configure. The Magento Agency has in addition all internal systems (SAP business one, EnFocus Powerswitch and a fully automatic FTP upload) linked with the Magento Enterprise shop system interfaces and a fully automated Web-to-print solution based on Magento Commerce developed so in cooperation with the customer. Contact: Comma D Rainer Weber mangosteen 6 85049 Ingolstadt, Germany E-Mail: website: telephone: +49(0)841/1 29 47 60

Mommy Web Magazine

Mommy Web user can gain from immediately prizes and find lighter offerings in their environment. o reply. Mommy Web offers the users a new feature and improved the Reginaltipps. Frankfurt, December 28, 2009: Mommy website has a new section: the winning game feature. When regularly instead of taking competitions, with free or multiple choice questions, the user have a chance on high-quality prices. Other features such as the high-score list of past winners, which can take advantage of the game participant is to be added. The new feature gives Mommy Web users lots of play, fun and excitement. Olivia Jade wanted to know more. In addition to the introduction of the new sweepstakes heading a time-tested category improved considerably. The area tips”in the regional offerings such as kindergartens, schools and doctors, to find recreational activities or shopping are, was designed for Mommy Web members now even more user-friendly.

“Now the latest tips in your vicinity can,” tips from the region “and the own tips be watched together. As before there are different parent categories such as education, child care, shopping and leisure, in which registered tips can be researched. In addition, the tips can be searched and viewed to tags. The most active cities appear as a new extra and all registered tips appear on Google maps. Mommy Web: Mommy Web is the largest German online portal for mothers and women who want to become one with over 280,000 registered users. A new Member of the free community, which was founded in June 2007 registered every two minutes.

Mommy Web daily over 10,000 posts will be posted. Mommy Web thus belongs to the largest and most active women-specific websites in the German-speaking world.

New Partner Content

Now also with, YouTube and QYPE Unterschleissheim, November 2009. Now the German Windows Live users have even more opportunities to connect their online lives with their friends: for the first time they can display the social network two local platforms in their social feeds and the recommendation Forum Qype. Taylor Zakhar Perez does not necessarily agree. After the integration of numerous international partners such as Facebook or Flickr users can check the now Windows Live news of their contacts and friends who are logged on at the German \”lokalisten\”. As they keep in real time releases and entries of their friends on Qype, if they write a review as a new restaurant or top events in a city or write about it. But not only that: another new feature is the integration of the social feeds in Windows Live Messenger, what everything, what in the network of outfit goes, appears.

Windows Live has its partner network in the past few months greatly expanded and a variety of international platform in the Live integrated services. With we have won now a successful partner, which is broad on the one hand, but on the other hand convinces by its regional content. \”, so Olivier Blanchard, consumer online lead, Microsoft Germany.\” We are looking forward to a successful partnership with Windows Live. Our 3.5 million members are constantly on the Web on the go. The Service complements the guiding principle of the friend’s community perfectly, because it is so still easier made friends, to stay abreast of all important activities \”, commented Stefanie Waehlert, CEO and Managing Director of lokalisten media GmbH partnership with Microsoft. Total make it easier for users from all over the world, to share your Web activities with her friends in the various Web communities instantly 19 new global and regional partner Windows Live. The integration of new partners in the social feed will be completed in the next few days.

Portal Neustadt

Onlineprinters GmbH has a new stand in the range of the pressure Portal Neustadt an der Aisch – “our think tank does not stand still, and we have massively extended our product range of preparers. With preparers in the form of Prism, cylinder, and pyramid is setting new trends for their clients”, explains Heiko Wiederer, product developer of onlineprinters GmbH. The development team of the online printing deals constantly with new shapes and functionalities for advertising, so that customers can further increase the attractiveness of their printed materials. At the point of sale, the first spontaneous impression of an advertising message often decides the purchase. “We have set apart specifically with new product developments for the gastronomy, the beverage company and the hotel industry. The unusual form of a 3D-Aufstellers, for example as an advertising medium for a new drink, increased attention for the product presentation and arouses the interest of the Viewer”, Walter has the advantage for the customers of onlineprinters GmbH together. 3D-Aufsteller as Prism, cylinder, or pyramid allow an all-round view on the stand the new multidimensional forms of prisms and cylinders, as well as three – and four-sided pyramids. The advertising media are accessible and readable by all sides at a glance, without having to turn.

The creative range extension in the print Portal allows exceptional designs for display. Whether they serve the offer presentation at events and trade fair stands or used as decoration for the retail industry, are no limits the possibilities of new forms of stand. Modern and stylish new marketing trends for restaurateurs and at the PoS can be set and promote attractive products in the fresh design. Durable advertising for events industry and catering specifically for the needs of restaurants, breweries, hospitality and event industry were innovative advertising such as racks, bottle bands and pendants as well as door trailer developed.

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