“Understanding The Dream

"The philosophy of beauty, as the technology of" intellectual elixir of youth. Continued. " The dream led me to the future. Desire brings me closer to the dream. My desire is, or makes me my feelings. Through the senses I go along to the meaning of planning my future. Combining into one point the past, future and present, I am going to the worlds own imagination and fantasy.

Why am I going to dream? I just curious to know: but what I am is capable of? I do I build an integrated vertical future events, I plan to fundamental horizontal translating them. I cupped a simple pencil and begin to write down their thoughts, their own, not yet born, the ideas in a retrieval system something new and beautiful. Aesthetics, Interior, my aesthetics opens the way for me – a dream, I'm in no hurry to join her, I look past the picture: I learned a lot, I've known a lot, I have to properly assess what is happening. My real here and now begins to dictate to me the coordinates of the areas that give me the freedom to fantasies: the sea, the wind, the green meadow, the smell of wild berries, the pure brook, the white drifts, finally, Ecumenical worlds, the stars and secrets of hidden in all of this kaleidoscope of the universe. Sense of beauty sent me on my way – a dream. Here, at the beginning of my journey, I briefly delayed, because I came here first times.

Wedding Photo Shoot

5 simple and important tips for brides preparing for a wedding photo shoot from the international photographer Alexei Dryahlova. Compliance with these rules will allow you to avoid the unpleasant nuances while walking to the end of the banquet. 1. No cleansing of a person for less than 3 days before the wedding, otherwise the skin will be inflamed and red. Better to go to clean a couple of weeks before the wedding. 2. Be sure to vilify their wedding shoes, otherwise there will be corn. Neraznoshennye wedding shoes can greatly damage the wedding day.

3. Take a patch on their wedding day in cases of calluses. Does not always turn out the way pharmacies, so I recommend to take along. 4. Even if you have a professional bridal makeup bring to a photo shoot matting napkins.

You can also take a powder and conventional dry wipes. It is particularly important in the summer heat when the skin quickly begins to shine. They will be useful, and the groom, and that his face was matt. 5. Do not forget a good mood! ) Have a nice wedding! Alex

The Nursing Team

She was perceived that the nursing team knew to answer this question with security, with this understands that they know these medications. Survey knowing of them of the team of referring nursing to the one complications Reanimao Cardiopulmonar. In accordance with the graph above, 100% of the Nurses had answered erroneamente knowing on them referring to the complications of a Reanimao Cardiopulmonar. As demonstrated in the graph, 23% of the Technician of nursing had answered correctly, and 77% erraram knowing on them referring to the complications of a Reanimao Cardiopulmonar. In accordance with Nettina (2003) the complications of the Reanimao Cardiopulmonar are: Syndrome of Anguish after-ressuscitao (riots in multiple agencies) and neurological comprometimento, neurological injury.

The majority of the answers of the nursing team was errnea. Being thus, it is perceived lacks it to know on the complications of a RCP. Survey knowing of them of the team of nursing on responsible for the revision and the maintenance of the stand of emergency. The graph demonstrates that 58% of the Nurses had answered correctly, and 42% had answered erroneamente on who must revise and keep car of emergency organized, while 74% of the Technician of nursing had answered correctly, and 26% erroneamente on who must revise and keep the organized car of emergency. In accordance with Rogante and Furcolin (2004, P. 83 the 86) the urgency car must be revised and be complemented by the nurse of the unit at the beginning of each planto and immediately after the use. To keep it with label, in which the name of the nurse will have to be registered who revised the car, the date, to the hour of the last revision and material in lack in the hospital. He will always have to be the priority of the nurse, therefore it will not be able to fail at the moment of the urgency, for not having been checked with antecedence.

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