Many fall in love with you, because You are in love with you! If you are dissatisfied with themselves, criticizing your body – is involuntarily transferred to other people and they begin to notice what you really want to hide! Understand – you do not like you in my body, and you will find that most often it simply does not meet some standards out there. But the paradox is that even the most beautiful women, with the most perfect bodies are always in a certain shortcomings. Even the actress and top model admires the whole world, have any complexes about your appearance, do plastic surgery, Diet, etc. etc. The body itself is never a source of problems, all problems are caused by our in mind. No animal does not suffer from the ideas of what should be his body, no animals, even … hippo! And what you worse? 🙂 Only the human mind generates a similar idea. So let's from now on we decide that we will no longer suffer from this madness! This body belongs to you, this body has awarded you the Lord God.

Use it, enjoy it, make friends with him! If you love it – it will itself prettier, will begin to change. After all, if you love someone, you begin to take care of it. A concern involves the wisdom and understanding. If you start to take care of your body, you start to listen sensitively to all their needs: what and how much you should eat, how much you need sleep.

The Nurse

The work of the nurse in the UTI is differentiated of excessively, therefore it requires greater technological and human resource, in which the quick professional direct assistance to the patient in serious state (HISSES; CROSS, 2008) To the nurse privatively fits to give direct assistance of the services of nursing to the patients in serious state, with life risk and that they need cares of bigger complexity (Law 7498/86). Thus the nursing is a crucial factor for the elaboration of an assistance of quality (BITTAR; PEAR TREE; WE READ 2006). The hospitalized patient depends total or partial on the nursing team to supply its necessities, being been the nurse the professional that keep contact for bigger time with the patient (WALDOW, 2001). Seriously ill patients are the ones that present a serious and recoverable picture, with imminent risk of death, being inclined to the instability of its vital functions, being able to present worsening to any instant, needing assistance of nursing and doctor specialized permanently (Resolution 293/2004 COFEN). Being thus, the evaluation of the assistance fits to the nurse, being many times necessary to plan assistance for the following day, so that it does not have imperfections in a decision taking, therefore to occur itself will go to cause an ackward situation, therefore the intensivista nurse engloba the minute knowledge of the necessities of the patient (Kurcgant, 1991).

This also assumes the responsibility to take care of of the patient in any situation, either clinical or emergencial it, having to be prepared for any intercorrncia (CINTRA; NISHIDE; NUNES, 2003). In its article Lion et al (2007), affirms that the nurse is the professional who if finds present more in the life of the patient hearing them and taking care of its requests, pains, insatisfaes and taking of cabveis decisions. In accordance with Port, Viana (2009) the assistance of nursing to the interned seriously ill patient in a unit of intensive therapy is based on cares as to verify vital signals and hdrico rocking to each two hours; to open aerial ways of the patient through the orotraqueal or nasotraqueal aspiration and to stimulate to tossir it; to change and whenever daily necessary dressing; to irrigate nasogastrica sounding lead with 20 ml of physiological serum to keep the permeability; to keep the nebulizao with water distilled in cases of patients with intubao or traqueostomia; to carry through decubitus change, with the purpose to prevent ulcer for pressure; to control the serum dripping; to observe the rhythm and the cardiac frequency in the monitor; in case that it is in eats, to keep the eyes closed and covered with gauze humidified in physiological serum; To carry through or to assist in the verbal hygiene; to change I in accordance with equip to each 24 hours or 72 hours the routine of the institution.

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