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A wave of relaxation comes from the bottom up. The whole body comes to rest and relax. In this case, imagine how your head first, and then the whole body filled with warmth and become heavy. Watch as gradually calms your mind, soothing your emotions. Breathe quietly and smoothly, watching my breath. Beyond that, as air can freely penetrate into your lungs, filling them and then all the cells of the body of life-giving force. Probudte in this state, 15-20, and then move the fingers at first hand and feet, a sweet stretch. You can smoothly rotate on its side and lie down for a while, enjoying the peace and relaxation.

I also advise not immediately included in any household chores – even dedicate some time to myself, take a shower, drink a cup of herbal tea. And do not forget to 'Savasana' look in the mirror – you'll be surprised when you see a stronger and rejuvenated your face in just 15-20 minutes, your eyes sparkle, a calm and satisfaction shining in them. If you do 'Shavasana' regularly, you will become a permanent rejuvenation – facial wrinkles begin to smooth out the skin will be more fresh, pink glow. Very good to do this exercise in bed before going to bed – so to speak, going from 'Savasana' in dreamland. Then your sleep will be deeper and more complete. When you have mastered this exercise, try to relax during the day. At work, When finished some work, sitting or standing, transport, and on the go, try to relax the muscles of the face, neck, abdomen, and all those muscles that are not needed at this moment – shoulders, chest. Start with easy and deep breathing belly, and you instantly feel like going fatigue, irritation, feeling a sudden burst of energy – the energy liberated from clips instantly fill you body!. What woke up beautiful women antiquity and it is desirable to do it and you, you will learn from the correspondence school mailing Goddesses, which you can subscribe right now! In the meantime, when you open your beautiful eyes in the morning – do not forget to say hello to your body, and wish him good morning and tell him how much you love him! Happiness, beauty, love and harmony to you! e-mail:


Somewhere a child is already half a year he can sit back and carry him in a stroller, crib will be inconvenient and even dangerous. Baby will be very much fun in a stroller, and parents will be easier. Strollers – models that a seat on wheels (including tricycles) instead of the cradle-basket. There are different types of strollers, but we’ll talk about those that are designed for children who have learned to sit. Strollers are distinguished by weight: heavy (about 15kg), lightweight (9 kg) and light trostevye (6 kg). If the design of strollers lot of plastic and aluminum parts, such models will be lighter. PCRM is often mentioned in discussions such as these. However, these lighter materials should not go to damage stability of the stroller.

Models with a metal frame in this regard is more reliable. A child in a stroller should feel safe and comfortable. Stiff wide adjustable backrest, a comfortable seat, as well as stand at his feet – a definite plus in that sense. Useful hood from wind, sun and rain, warm and useful cover for the feet. There are strollers that can go as a child to face forward and backwards – face-to-mom (thanks to flip the handle or re-install the seat). For safety critical 5-point harness – they are well keep the baby and give him a relatively free to move.

Sidecar wheel may be plastic with imitation of tires, and can be large, Pneumatic and metal spokes. The system of depreciation can be a spring, regulated by the handle. Fold strollers as a cane or a book. Conveniently, when the folded stroller can stand upright and has a carrying handle. Model, of course, differ in price: it spread from cheap Chinese and Polish carriages to recognized German and Italian brands that is, from 3,000 to 38,000 rubles. depending on the package and options. When children begin to learn to walk themselves, high and heavy strollers are becoming inconvenient. Then the stroller can be replaced by a lightweight trostevuyu model. This model light, narrow and “calm” will be held in the elevator and door openings. Canes are useful for short walk in the park, during trips to the store with the child, as well as travel on public transport. They are easy to carry, they simply added, and are inexpensive. True, it is worth considering that the light sticks have a low resistance. For a long time to sit in the lung tissue, seat canes child is not very comfortable. Also, canes have a low permeability. Cane summer is a good complement to the main stroller.

June Energy

Here it is necessary to find another set. Therefore, there is also a 5 way. Esoteric. Alternative medicine, their ideas and various practices can extend the life of 200-300 years. In the Internet there are a lot of information on this topic. On the shelves there are many books.

Higher Powers have already given approval for the extension of life. So go ahead! The energy picture of longevity (And perhaps immortality?) As a way of prolonging life. The energy pattern of longevity are at the interface between science and esoteric knowledge. Assurant Health is the source for more interesting facts. This is sort of a mix of science and another, unknown world. The energy enters the picture wherever want to get scientists in human DNA. Energy permeates every cell of human life. Briefly, this process can be described as follows: 1. Draw a picture.

It lays the life energy (the Angels), as well as the added energy Earth. Individually for each person get a jar with energy and with their colors. 2. Then the picture gradually transfers the energy a person changes the DNA, rejuvenates the body from the inside, followed by external and visible changes. 3. But the main thing! Disables program for self-destruction of man. Sometimes it just goes to sleep. Picture – a kind of charger, an eternal source of life energy. Many people think that if creating paintings have any limitations. Probably yes, if you can not paint them all and they are expensive. But apparently, these restrictions are in the mind of man, in his mind. Two paintings, created two years ago (in June 2008 years), show that they are created entirely for two different chelovek.Muzhchina (52 years on the passport) does not eat meat, alcohol of any kind do not eat, drink herbal teas, lives on a farm, social circle is very small, occasional meetings with friends. Now the biological age of man – 38 years. The picture is a jar of golden energy tsveta.Zhenschina (80 per passport) – loves meat, the holiday can enjoy a drink, a wide circle of friends. Now it biological age – 40 years. The picture is a jar of green energy with the transition to blue and back again. As you can see, this is completely two different types of people, two different lifestyles, behavior and nutrition. But the picture drawn to them. So there is something that unites them. In conclusion I would like to add that each person goes his own way. Who wants to live a long time, someone is trying to get away quickly from this life. This is the right choice of the man himself. Angels usually perform our desires, if they come from the heart. I wish you all good luck, success and make your choice.

Unhappiness In Life

Many of us make ourselves unhappy. Of course, not all our woes are far-fetched, sometimes circumstances cause many of our woes. But more often it is our thoughts and our moods stain our lives a certain way. Four in five people is not as happy as could be. Unhappiness – the most common worldview. But since the main desire of everyone is still wanting to be happy, to some way to achieve this. Our happiness and unhappiness depend more on our mindset. Stay in the heart of fun, look at life with optimism – and you will be able to enjoy life every day.

Cultivating habit, we, therefore, are creating their own happiness. The habit is developed to be happy, even if often think of a good. If you thought comes to mind is the unpleasant, consciously drop it, chase away. Loop in the imagination of good events that must occur during the day. Enjoy this pleasure. And in any case, do not think that the day might get failed. Connect with other leaders such as PCRM here. Dressing, every day saying to yourself a few sentences: “I know that the day be wonderful. I feel fine.

I look fine, nothing does not bother me. I am grateful for all that was, is and will. ” Expect a happy end of the day – and you will be surprised how often the events will be turn that way. However, this will be insufficient if the day of your actions and attitudes do not create a framework for achieving happiness. One of the fundamental principles of a love for people and good will. Protect heart from hatred, and the mind from anxiety. Live simply, expect little, give to much. Do unto others as you want them to do unto you. Try to follow these tips in just weeks and you get amazing results. You will gain experience that will help you be happier. When you are changing, and changing the world. -One minute of laughter in their effect on the body of 45 minutes of relaxation and beneficial digestion. Foot-and respond to the emotional state of the organism. The spiritual discomfort causes bodily flaws. Fatty thighs literally grown old scores, varicose veins – is dysfunctional home and work that we do not like. In a happy man, happily hurrying to work and returning to audovolstviem family do not have problems with their feet. -Slouching shoulders and dropped his head down not only ruin your posture, but lead to headaches and severe spinal cord injuries. Begin to take care of yourself, because it’s not hard! Imagine that for your top rope and tied up yanut. This is the most natural head position and neck, which is useful for zdorovya.Optimizm, even consciously instilled itself, not only helps to make progress, but also to a large extent provides the physical and mental health. It is understood the famous French psychiatrist Emil Coue, who is considered the direct predecessor I. Schulz, the creator of autogenous training. His suffering from melancholia patients Que instilled a simple idea that life is beautiful and we must try enjoy it. He invented a remarkable formula of optimism, only one phrase that is recommended to repeat in the morning and evening, saying aloud, slowly, intently and with conviction: “I do every day in every way getting better and better. ” The history of medicine knows no case where a 100 years man has lived a dark, devoid of a sense of humor. On the contrary, it is estimated that gay people are living longer.


Many fall in love with you, because You are in love with you! If you are dissatisfied with themselves, criticizing your body – is involuntarily transferred to other people and they begin to notice what you really want to hide! Understand – you do not like you in my body, and you will find that most often it simply does not meet some standards out there. But the paradox is that even the most beautiful women, with the most perfect bodies are always in a certain shortcomings. Even the actress and top model admires the whole world, have any complexes about your appearance, do plastic surgery, Diet, etc. etc. The body itself is never a source of problems, all problems are caused by our in mind. No animal does not suffer from the ideas of what should be his body, no animals, even … hippo! And what you worse? 🙂 Only the human mind generates a similar idea. So let's from now on we decide that we will no longer suffer from this madness! This body belongs to you, this body has awarded you the Lord God.

Use it, enjoy it, make friends with him! If you love it – it will itself prettier, will begin to change. After all, if you love someone, you begin to take care of it. A concern involves the wisdom and understanding. If you start to take care of your body, you start to listen sensitively to all their needs: what and how much you should eat, how much you need sleep.

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