General Medicine

The level of frequency of repetition of the conduct causes that it is increased, of considerable form, the associate risk level. The susceptibility of the protagonist (Model of beliefs of health), of paceder a disease as a result of its conduct is very low. Morgan realises a under-valuation of the risk that entails this conduct when overvaluing its state of health and its physical strength, at the time of the beginning of the experiment. Since one has commented, it visits several specialistic doctors in General Medicine, Cardiology, Endocrinology and Dietician so that they during carry out a control before, and later (done this one concretely that could consider a health conduct, if it decided to stop in his attitude and to follow you rule and recommendations of the medical equipment). And, since the obtained results are of good physical health, its autopercepcin is of healthful and strong person and this prime one on the warnings that to him the different doctors realise. It considers that its organism (autoeficacia perceived) will be able to resist the effects of a nonhealthful diet.

It does not perceive as certain the probability of seeing itself affected by the consequences of this type of diets and for that reason it does not stop of his experiment. When existing a low low susceptibility and gravity to contract no of the diseases before mentioned, the protagonist needs a key it intense action to let be conducts. The most important event that it will be able to initiate this combat operations is the warning of the medical ones on the consequences as well as the perception of which, as they are spending the days, the health indices that it obtains in the controls are getting worse. This will be able to make at a certain time trigger the process of an appropriate behavior of health.

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