The State

So, to stop the suffering you must, firstly, stop thinking. If you bear a thought or desire, this you should separate from the rest of the people. When you’re not thinking, you and the world are one and there is no suffering. The State of non-thinking, of longing for the mind is not the State of vacuum. The conception of the vacuum in Buddhism, anyway, is not the total rejection of the common sense about the reality that we experience through our senses, but rather get rid of our false views so that we see the world and the things as they really are.

Buddha said, men come and go with empty hands. Then, where they come and where they go? Life is like a cloud floating in the sky and death is like his disappearance on the mountain. Similar to the cloud has no substance, so the life and death of the man. Everything is empty. The categories of existence and non-existence are only applicable in the Kingdom of conditioned and the phenomenal world. However, there is an innate seed in each man who never dies, this is inherently pure and clear as Crystal. Then, what is what stops the desire and thought, through which where yourselves to achieve a State of nirvana? It is the realm of things as they are.

In this Kingdom, ye are identical to all things and to the whole world. I realize that the myriad of things, live or dead, inorganic or organic are identical to the realm of things as they are. This is the State of Buddha, the absolute and completely independent and unconditioned world where you can be one with the universe. At the beginning of my talk, I lifted my cane and drew a circle in the air. If you were thinking of an answer about their meaning, your response has not been good. Only when you may be able to cut your thinking will understand. When striking the cane on the table all your minds become one during that moment. I hope you to understand this truth. When you to understand, I hope that you enseneis to others so that they can also stop your thinking, longing and suffering (will continue). Original author and source of the article.

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