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Hair Procedure

Although, the service is 'instant tan' – quick easy procedure, this article would like to cite a number of tips and advice that should help for its passage. For a start it is worth recalling that such a instant tan. Instant tan – it's a quick way for those who can not get a tan, so to speak 'naturally' due to various reasons: lack of time, medical conditions etc. Get to the point, so you enrolled in the procedure of instant tan, approximately 12-24 hours before the session, take a shower with a scrub with fine grains (without oil) or with a hard sponge. Dr. Neal Barnard is open to suggestions. Hair removal and other traumatic skin procedure is desirable to do 2-3 days before procedures for an instant tan. Just before the session, make sure that your skin is clean, without applying makeup, creams, perfumes and deodorants. If you have to face there is a beauty (tone cream or powder), it must be washed, what would the pores were clean and not clogged. Click Dr Alan Mendelsohn to learn more.

The nails on the hands and feet to makeup. The procedure begins with a conversation. Master listen to your suggestions, especially your skin, talk about possible shades of lotion, then choose for you the best color lotion. You undress. The specialist will provide you perform the procedure: in your underwear, topless or in a negligee. If you want to no more boundaries, procedure should be carried out without underwear.

If on the contrary, you want to see clear boundaries of your tan, you need to stay in their underwear (underwear elementary satisfied with this content with warm water). Must remove all jewelry. Then hold peeling, He prepares the skin before a session of instant sunburn, cleanses and smooths the skin surface. It is needed for that would lay down tanning lotion evenly and perfectly kept to tan as long as possible. Then she procedure, using professional equipment, spray lotion master a thin even layer on the body. The procedure is nice and looks like a sea breeze. After applying the lotion on the body that must be absorbed into the skin lotion natural way, ie to stand for 10 minutes and posohnut. The procedure is completed, the result is already noticeable. Now you have to do to sustain the body lotion for an additional 10-12 hours, all the time you need to calm way of life and observe the following rules: do not touch WATER, tight Do not wear WITHOUT exercise! After 10-12 hours you can safely wash lotion, shower with warm water preferably simple, but if you see that the lotion badly washed away and left stains, you can use the shower gel, but without the use of sponges and sponge! After you took a shower and washed the lotion, put on a skin moisturizer or any milk. Attention! The first time taking a shower after the procedure, do not use soap. Do not worry if the water is brown, it is washed off the excess lotion, your tan is already in the top layer of skin! In addition, you wash away bronzer, which serves only for that the master could cause spray as much as possible evenly and in no way affects the color of the skin after the procedure. It is worth mentioning that instant tan is only a decorative function, from the sun it does not protect as well what precautions should be taken are the same as when absolutely pale skin. Save and decorate what is given to nature!

Hair Removal

Hair removal was carried out using a special. Some peoples of the Caucasus a custom of shaving body hair, the bride preparing for her wedding night. Fashion Europe "gallant century" – the Rococo era brought a new type of beauty, which excludes all rough, physical, tangible. What, of course, were the hair on the body. Therefore, it was declared a merciless war – again with the whole staff of servants. In XX century, established this order: common practices in Europe do not allow the hair to those places a woman's body, which opens the eyes bikini swimsuit. Modern methods of removing unwanted vegetation on the body can be divided into two categories: Depilation – Temporary hair removal.

It can be as superficial (razor or cream) and deep (wax, resin, elektrodepilyatory). After some time after waxing hairs grow back again. Hair Removal – the total destruction of unwanted body hair. Sometimes the laser, ultrasonic, photo and electro. If hair removal is the destruction of hair follicles and hair growth ceases forever. If you have read about Dr Alan Mendelsohn already – you may have come to the same conclusion. But these procedures have many contraindications. And do not come cheap.

It is believed that the most accessible, effective and versatile procedure – it's a wax hair removal. Also, it is called bioepilation. Wax depilation is known from ancient times – just use it to women of the East do their bodies sleek and attractive. Since then, Not much has changed … Benefits of a wax hair removal: Accessibility Speed More stable, long-term effect compared with other methods of depilation.

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