Relaxed Sleep Without Medication

Delta waves cure insomnia sleep is especially important for the human body. During the nightly rest of sleeping recovered both mentally as physically. Without sufficient regeneration, man is not 100-percent fit for the next day. It is important to not only the length of the sleep, but also its quality. The private insurance Portal introduces a new sleep therapy. The new method named Somnia sleep therapy. It depends on binaural beats and does not require a complementary medicine.

A healthier and deeper sleep should be achieved through the use of Delta waves. Brain waves are amplified in sleep therapy in deep sleep by acoustic signals. Transfer these signals of a specific frequency pattern will be through a Neurostimulator, the inPulser”. In addition to the Neurostimulator, patients require the corresponding audio therapy, as well as a speaker system. The results of a test series of Somnia therapy in the sleep laboratory of the University of Cologne are very promising. In combating sleep disorders the therapy has achieved good results, also spares the grip on the drug. Permanent sleep disorders can make the body more vulnerable to diseases, lead to concentration defects and even depression.

Also it is not uncommon as a result of lack of sleep to accidents on the road. Cause of disrupted sleep often is stress, which was not processed during the day and is noticeable in the night. More information: news.

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