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Experts of from different areas of the human Telemaik take part in the round table in the framework of the Telematics Awards 2013. Hamburg, 28.08.2013. Under the moderation of the Chief Judge of the Telematics Awards, Mrs Prof. Birgit Wilkes, five experts arrive to the telematics talk at the award ceremony, which will provide information to the human-telematics. In particular the Panel of experts is dedicated to the exciting questions to the clinic, real estate and security telematics. Of course, the participants of the telematics talks go submitted numerous questions of telematics-Markt.de readers also. Interesting topics of discussion are among the possibilities of intelligent networking in the enterprise, as well as in the private sector.

The participants of the round table give information about how the technologies can serve the human telematics in everyday life and in professional life useful and what trends and developments already are. Experts of from different areas of the human Telemaik take part in the round table in the framework of the Telematics Awards 2013. Presenter will be Prof. Birgit Wilkes welcome guests to the telematics talk: Dr. Uwe Engelmann founding shareholder, Director of operations, CHILI GmbH Prof.

Alfred Iwainsky Board of the society for promoting applied Informatik e. V. Katharina Klischewsky, Chairman of the GFI Board editor of telematics Markt.de Michael of Pulmanns Media Group Managing Director of GeoCompanion GmbH Dr. Claus Wedemeier Federal Association of German housing and real estate companies – GdW important input to the topic directly from the readership interest on various topics of human telematics showed already far in advance: Many reader questions reached the editor of the trade journal telematics Markt.de. The inclusion of such issues was always a major feature of the telematics talks, which at numerous trade fairs of the industry station Telematik.TV and of course held in the framework of the Telematics Awards. The benefits of telematics applications in the medical and private sectors has been shown especially in the telematics award 2011 more and more and was also in recorded the public accordingly. However, the variety of different solutions is not known yet. It is absolutely understandable that the users have many questions about the technology, but also to the possibilities. The trade journal telematics Markt.de aims to move the still more impenetrable telematics industry in the field of view of the public with all their services consistently. Technologies and concepts are taught practical and understandable all users and interested parties of the journalists.

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