Individual Sun Protection

Pharmacy from Stuttgart the Moor informed the decrease of the atmospheric ozone layer leads to a rising share of the UV radiation of the sunlight striking the Earth’s surface. The discussion of the so-called ozone hole”attracted the attention for a health-conscious approach to solar radiation. Therefore, knowledge of the need of Sun protection is nowadays widely used. However, there are still significant gaps in the knowledge of the content of effective sun protection. Pharmacy from Stuttgart enlighten the Moor about the health hazards of exposure to sunlight and appropriate individual protection measures. The Sun’s light consists of waves of the electromagnetic radiation spectrum. The human eye-visible light is only a small portion of the total radiation bandwidth.

In connection with potential damage effects, the extremely high-energy ultraviolet radiation types are UV-A and UV-B of interest. They come into direct contact with the human skin, they penetrate the upper layers and penetrate into the deep tissue. During the penetration encounters body cells to UV radiation and damage it. Up to an individually different limit is human skin able to encounter this phenomenon through self regeneration. Exceeding the ability to regenerate by an overdose of the UV radiation caused permanent cell damage.

This noticeable on the surface as a sunburn, contribute to the accelerated aging of the skin and increase the risk of skin cancer. Health problems are preventable by UV radiation. The use of suitable protective preparations and risk-conscious behavior minimize the risk of damage and still allow a beautiful Tan. First, the direct stay in the Sun, especially at lunch time, should be avoided. The sunlight and UV radiation concentration is highest at this time. Dress appropriately blocking solar radiation. For longer stays in the outdoor clothing should attention be paid to wide, long. A Sun Hat protects the head, effectively While a high-quality pair of sunglasses shielding the sensitive eyes against ultraviolet radiation.

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