Technology And Competitiveness

Success is often achieved by those who do not know that failure is inevitable. Gabrielle Coco Chanel a economic openings have emerged on the basis of the need to give way to marketing, trade in products which benefit the countries involved. Of course, to do, have developed a technology that has generated products and services that promote dynamic competitiveness and favors those who have prepared for them, especially companies that have been identified with the emergence and exploitation of opportunities arising of these new openings. In this here and an hour, where a economic scenarios shows that competitiveness is a factor, technology and competitiveness play a significant role, an aspect that can not be by the management, or science scholars Administratively, this the analysis at this time.

It is known that the most predictable of growth emanating from the recovery in business well established and mature. Since then, growth promoted through progressively more entrenched is less predictable. Just the most aggressive growth strategy are the least predictable. As highlighted by Mack Hanan, this is a message for growth-seeking and that is the need to manage a broad spectrum of growth strategies, from the most conservative to the most hazardous. But if you want to get a safe growth, rapid and cost-efficient, the best is to restore the competitiveness of companies for a period of maturity, dare I add further that it is also crucial to review your current technology to the effects of exogenous variables and in particular, to an inflationary economy.

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