Vladimir Turchinsky

Recently watched program on 'New Look', which airs on the new channel (Ukraine). The next release of the program was devoted to such a vital organ like the heart. Talking about the heart and its diseases. It turns out to keep the heart in good shape does not necessarily actively, daily exercise and body give varying degrees of stress. Suffice it to recall Vladimir Turchinsky or 'Dynamite' (let him land rest in peace), and how his life ended … The man, who has spent the entire adult life to this useful lesson, as a sport, has died from what it has brought the heart. It's very sad, and I would say even ironically (bad irony).

The underlying operating factors on the activity of the heart of the system are as banal is not sound, alcohol, nicotine, and the actual stress. So if you're super-hyper athlete, but taking alcohol or often exposed to stress, no very active sport will not save you! (Note to all athletes! Coming talked about cardiovascular disease and the issue of donation as in Ukraine and other countries. So it's very sad that people with heart disease have to wait for a donor, but rather a call or a message that appeared person who is willing to give … popravochka sell your body for the n-th sum … Patients with nothing left to do to sit in the waiting body, at best …

in the worst case scenario – death. It is true there are such brave, but rather simply truly loving people who are willing to go for surgery and end his life for his son, brother … Of course, represent themselves or their loved ones in this situation do not want to … But if so it happened what could you, knowing that your most loved one (daughter, mother, father, friend, husband …) is doomed to die in the near future, go under the surgeon's knife and give the necessary authority to him?

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