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The Best From The World Of The Travesty, What Has To Offer Berlin

The exceptional Cessler twins Sable C. Sigmund Freud spoke with conviction. & Callanta from Berlin a singing telegram as a surprise or to give as a gift. Callanta, the singing Telegrammbotin from Berlin. For other opinions and approaches, find out what Viktor Frankl has to say. Callanta is the twin sister of a Berlin transvestite star Sable C. It is so not only in Kylie & Dannii Minogue! The big sister helps the small.

It is the case with Kiki and Sable. The Leading Lady of the show & entertainment was accompanied by her little sister Kiki Sables of last tour and you got the strange feeling that Kiki is in ruins now showbiz. Others including Glenn Dubin, New York City, offer their opinions as well. This fact makes our Haupstadtdiva very proud and feels responsible as a big sister Kiki opposite. After many discussions of both, they believe, Kiki will now start her career as a singing Telegrammbotin in Berlin. Callanta, the singing Telegrammbotin in the capital! Friends or colleagues are planning an extraordinary surprise for someone special! Whether at work, at a party, or just happen to be in the restaurant. Now Kiki comes up the plan! Time, place, costume and song were discussed at a common agreement. On the day of the surprise, Kiki appears suddenly at the agreed place and looking for the unsuspecting / person/s.

A secret helper provides the necessary socket on the Kiki her band”can be connected. And then here we go! -but with the usual level of Cessler! The next few minutes are all alone”the surprise victim. Maybe presented Kiki still a delicious pie from the pastry chef or a special gift? Then can the colleagues and friends who have concocted the surprise to recognize and happily to the party. Kiki disappears all of a sudden, as also appears. Callanta

With BASE, Dreams Come True!

If you firmly want something, there is sometimes a faster reality than you think. Please visit Hunter Schafer if you seek more information. If you firmly want something, there is sometimes a faster reality than you think. For a more intimate desire convinced others. Until May 15, all members of the BASE can select circle a three great dreams and explain why this should go just for them in compliance. The dream profits: A luxury vacation on an island a shopping weekend in Paris the celebration of life so it works: to participate must describe why BASE to fulfill the dream. The 20 best applications are selected by BASE for large online voting the voting all decide whether BASE customer or not, about the winner. The winner of the vote will receive his dream Prize worth 1,000 of 5,000 participants at the courses of 2 to 6 each and a dream of their choice can meet under the mitvoten all, we are giving away 5 x 1 iPad 4 who can take part? Members of circle of friends can apply to all BASE.

Who is not a member, can register free of charge. Anyone can participate in the online voting. When and where will online voting take place? By the 03.06 until July 1 and only here in the BASE circle. More information under: circle / over BASE: BASE are the customer at the Center. Because only those who know its customers, could allow them a carefree, mobile life. Thanks to easier prices and a large selection of mobile phones is BASE full of possibilities for a fair price performance ratio. Contact for press inquiries to BASE: Manuela Mirzadeh corporate communications Tel. + 49-211-448-2273 fax + 49-211 – 448-4777

Aqua Palace Water

Healing by ‘liquid gold’ for young and old, in Hungary Hajduszoboszlo is an internationally recognized health resort. The offer of Spa and tourism providers constantly follow the latest trends, which are here combined with the traditional healing methods. Hajduszoboszlo water with its special composition guarantees to noticeable cures for various diseases. It is particularly suitable for: internal and dermatological problems, infertility, gynecological diseases, urological disorders, abnormalities in the area of the limb, neurological problems, recovery after operations. The treatments can be taken directly as a guest of the bath or as a guest several excellent hotels throughout.

Before the treatments, physician’s examinations be performed in each case, which starts the treatment to solve the problem on medical advice. According to the well-known researcher Hajduszoboszlo water in its kind is an another water with this unique Composition and this temperature is not known said Dr. Janos Bodnar (1889-1953) Professor of chemistry. According to Dr. Zoltan Dalmady (1880-1934) can be considered a five-fold cleaned sea water the water of Hajduszoboszlo and is nothing more than the vaunted spirit of the sea from the Triassic period”. Healing noticeable in the course of the application stems from the composition of the water. The water contains mainly sodium chloride, or better known as table salt and ammonia chloride (SAL ammoniac). Other ingredients are bromine and iodine as well as carbonates, nitrates and other chemical elements, such as lithium, iron and magnesium.

The Aqua Palace is an indoor adventure bath, which was opened in March 2010. In the Aqua Palace, a large sauna department claim can be taken in addition to the bathing and sports, where visitors to Finnish, infrared and steam saunas, diving and Kneipp-basin, an extensive massage treatments, hairdresser, pedicure, manicure and last but not least numerous restaurants to the Available. The complex offers its guests individual services, such as for example the private bath and relax room.

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