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Peloponneskoy War

Highest point of its political power reached the ancient Athens during the reign of Pericles. Pericles of Athens was a strategist for a pretty long time. He was a great patron of art and it was during his reign were erected the main monuments of Acropolis. Those for whom travel to Athens each year millions of tourists. Glenn Dubin, New York City shares his opinions and ideas on the topic at hand. However, the seed of discord and mutual jealousy between Athens and Sparta grew tyazhaleyshuyu war between the two cities, in which involved almost all of Greece. In that war was not the winner. Or rather was – it's the Persians, who had failed to conquer Greece by force of arms, but that the Greeks themselves gave their independence.

After Peloponneskoy War in spite of the political crisis in Athens continued flourishing of the arts and philosophy. This was the century of Plato, Xenophon, Praxiteles, Demosthenes, and Lycurgus. Pnyx hill in Athens once again became the main platform of democracy, Plato founded in Athens his famous school, and raised the Greek philosophy, Aristotle in degree absolute. Managed to Athens and for a time to revive some semblance of the Athens Sea Union. However, this was the last glimpses of the once greater glory of the city. In the 4th century BC in northern Greece, a new young state of Macedonia. The Athenians prospoli when Macedonia became a powerful state. From political hibernation city could not even wake up fiery speeches the great orator Demosthenes.

After porzheniya Athens from Macedonia at the battle of Chaeronea, the conquest of Athens was only a matter of time. Demosthenes himself as the legend drank a cup of poison, not wanting to witness the humiliation of the native city. But Macedonian kings valued Athens as the main town of Greek art. Alexander of Macedon as a sign of respect for the city of Athens in the switchboards posted victories in the Battle of Granicus. The kings of Pergamum and Egypt are trying to decorate city and thus show a great homage to Athens.

Privileged Classrooms

The ignorance of the privileged classrooms the Brazilian society contemporary lives rooted with history for its elitist character. The traces of a exploring culture, where the minority withholds wealth and more comfortable conditions of life and the great part of the population faces partner-economic problems, are present in the iderio of the privileged social classrooms. The great mistake of this minimum parcel of rich is to be unaware of that this economic segregation generates collateral effect and the inaquality reflects for all for different ways. In diverse sectors the people of the high economic classroom look for to isolate themselves of the remaining portion of the population. We see the necessity of the rich ones to pay to health plans each pertaining to school time more expensive, monthly fees in prestige institutions, contracts with companies of monitoring and other works that denounce the lack of trustworthiness in the services of the government. In a society where the people look for to accumulate wealth, to be obliged to pay for private services she generates a contradiction, therefore these rights are conferred to all. This necessity to pay for offered assistncias already gratuitously denounces much more it lack of interest of the privileged classrooms in improving these services of what properly inefficiency of them.

With the motivation of this supplied parcel, that makes use of great influence in the society, the public goods would reach a new qualitative platform. Despite the society if characterizes for a social pyramid, the ignorance not to perceive that the elimination of the inaqualities brings benefits for all persists. The high classroom prefers to exclude and to reserve itself, despite they do not obtain to total close the eyes for the problems that the fence. Each time is perceived more the pfio quo is to see a mass of workers dismissed for not being able or not to possess instruction to be able to exert a profession. the situation if aggravates when we see the importation of man power of other countries, increasing the expenses to offer enough good wages for these foreigners. The owners of these companies do not reflect on the benefits that exist in instructing and characterizing the contingent its return that needs work. They prefer to believe the illusion of the foreign superiority or simply they are blind excessively to enxergar a positive side in this qualification. Descompromisso is evident. The high classroom still is armed of prejudiced arguments and if it isolates. What it is in game is not the social inaquality in itself, but the ignorance that if drags in the heads of richest in a society that demands changes. such modifications are directly on to this social classroom that make question of if hiding in ostentation, magnificent and luxury, keeping a static and chaotic society extremely.

Ancient Egypt

We find its volume in proportion to the volume of the globe. This volume, so say, the standard weight coincides exactly with the weight of one pound (453.59 g). Archaic English units of measures are exactly the same 'sacred' units of Ancient Egypt! It is hard to imagine that such precision Egyptians needed only to bury kings. In the twentieth century, a host of theories at the expense of what the pyramids were used in ancient times. There is a theory that the phantom pyramid was created by Atlanta in the other measurements and then embodied in our material world.

Pyramid is not by chance have been created with such precision. Ostensibly a system of pyramids around the world designed to neutralize the negative energy of the earth, which accumulates due negative thoughts of people. Themselves as Egyptian pharaohs belonged to another human race. Researchers in the U.S. proves that (the first ruler called the Pharaoh, which translated means 'how will you') and its wife Nefertiti were aliens from another solar system, with Sirius, and had two hearts. He claims that during the construction of the pyramids, Egypt's rulers were men of great height and unusual appearance, which realistically reflected in the statues of the period. If you believe Melchisedek, first ruled by Egypt people of the fifth dimension, the growth of about 18 meters, the statues are made in natural size and you can now see the entrance to the temple Abu Simbel. Following them were the rulers of the people of the fourth dimension, the growth of 10.6 meters, which are depicted in the temple of Nefertiti.

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