Vladimir Turchinsky

Recently watched program on 'New Look', which airs on the new channel (Ukraine). The next release of the program was devoted to such a vital organ like the heart. Talking about the heart and its diseases. It turns out to keep the heart in good shape does not necessarily actively, daily exercise and body give varying degrees of stress. Suffice it to recall Vladimir Turchinsky or 'Dynamite' (let him land rest in peace), and how his life ended … The man, who has spent the entire adult life to this useful lesson, as a sport, has died from what it has brought the heart. It's very sad, and I would say even ironically (bad irony).

The underlying operating factors on the activity of the heart of the system are as banal is not sound, alcohol, nicotine, and the actual stress. So if you're super-hyper athlete, but taking alcohol or often exposed to stress, no very active sport will not save you! (Note to all athletes! Coming talked about cardiovascular disease and the issue of donation as in Ukraine and other countries. So it's very sad that people with heart disease have to wait for a donor, but rather a call or a message that appeared person who is willing to give … popravochka sell your body for the n-th sum … Patients with nothing left to do to sit in the waiting body, at best …

in the worst case scenario – death. It is true there are such brave, but rather simply truly loving people who are willing to go for surgery and end his life for his son, brother … Of course, represent themselves or their loved ones in this situation do not want to … But if so it happened what could you, knowing that your most loved one (daughter, mother, father, friend, husband …) is doomed to die in the near future, go under the surgeon's knife and give the necessary authority to him?

Female Bodybuilding

Nature gave man a unique chance to build their own body, constantly improving it. However, the maximum build muscle to get the perfect proportions – is not enough. The first competition in bodybuilding, organized at the beginning of last century, proved that only by setting a healthy balance between physical and spiritual form of man can achieve true harmony. If, before the mid-twentieth century, bodybuilding was considered exclusive prerogative of the male population, then 50 years in the pages of sports magazines of America were first article on strength exercises for the fairer sex. But really this sport have learned in the late 70 years, when the female member of the competition jury for the first time evaluated solely on the muscle. It was a real sensation: to the stage tightened beauty with an abundance of muscle.

Since humanity is divided into two camps – the most ardent opponents and loyal fans of female bodybuilding. But is it right are those on whose deep belief power loads are extremely harmful to the fragile female body? Benefits for Women bodybuilding great. Many ladies want to feel good and thus make the body relief. When you exercise, you strengthen not only the muscle groups, but also its spirit. Start a fitness program to help define the tone of the female body and allow it to become stronger.

On the street, you will certainly look healthy and balanced when you have a toned body and well-defined muscle mass. When training women used almost the same elements as in the men's bodybuilding. Ladies can use the same training procedure, including sit-ups, pull and bench presses. Cardio workout can also be important in the course of bodybuilding. Women should be focused on the result, which they want to reach, strengthening muscles of the thighs and buttocks, and arms and the press when the exercise program of weight lifting. Diet may also have important for both men and women bodybuilders. Proper, well-balanced diet contains a large number of proteins and carbohydrates that help make the muscles more quickly recovered and grew. Women have little differences in nutrition, from men, for example, need more use of iron, so a good multivitamin will help get the body of dreams. Women's bodybuilding is a much broader way Women trying to become more beautiful and healthy. You'll look better, feel healthier, stronger and sturdier.

Method Injury

Material and Method: One is about a case story where the individual of 12 years of age, of the feminine sort, presents hemiparesia in result of a sequel of withdrawal of cerebral tumor. It was carried through atendimentos of aquatic fisioterapia, 2 x per week during 06 months. It was made filming for descriptive analysis of the free march, application of the manual test of force muscular and chronometered the time expense in relation a covered distance, before and after the intervention. Results: After the intervention, the individual presented improvement in the performance of the march how much to the muscular force and the speed. Conclusion: The aquatic fisioterapia contributed for the improvement of the standard of march of the hemipartico adolescent individual, providing to more security and physical conditioning. Introduction In accordance with the Brain Injury Association1, Acquired Infantile Enceflica Injury (IT READS) it is defined as an injury that occurs the birth after and that it is not related with hereditary illnesses, congenital, degenerative or trauma of childbirth.

Amongst the main causes of IT READS we can detach: vascular Traumatismo Crnio Enceflico (TCE), Encefalopatia Anxica, Afeces Enceflicas, Infections of Sistema Nervoso Central (SNC) and the Tumors of the SNC. The evolution of an injury in a child distinct when is compared of an adult. This because encfalo of the child still is in development, whereas of an adult already it reached maturidade2. A enceflica injury in a child can have the advantage of the neural plasticity, however encfalo in content exists the still poor disadvantage of one.


Another of the basic rules of psychology relationship reads: beautiful a woman makes eye love men. Therefore, when choosing a girlfriend man is better not to listen to opinions of friends, and making an appointment woman with whom he would like to wake up in the morning. Yes, men like beauty, and apologize for their tastes, they are not collected. Perhaps in the ranking of some men, physical attractiveness is not on 8 and 9 spot, but beauty fades quickly, especially today, when a beautiful woman is not uncommon, and is itself Beauty is nothing. 7. Honesty and trust When finished all the games, announced the winner and the audience dispersed, we need a friend you can trust.

The most successful and lasting relationships based on trust, sincerity and honesty, to build relationships on a different foundation – all like building a house on quicksand. Sadly, often awakening comes too late, when there was nothing to fix, so one of the main rules of psychology relations says: if you want a woman to be honest with you, be honest with her (but never fall into excessive candor and do not tell of what she does not ask or what her know optional). 6. Respect The last thing a man needs a woman who humiliates him and leads to confusion, which makes him a complete fool. Especially in public. There is no shame in that, because of their pride Men very sensitive about any criticism. However, constructive criticism of a loved one, expressed in the right way, will become better, to make men good husbands, fathers, lovers, brothers and simply people.

Home Lighting

Light, even lighter! The first and most obvious problem is the window – to let into the room in natural light. According to acting on the territory of Russia building codes in residential areas the minimum ratio of glazing and sex is 1 / 8 for front windows and 1 / 10 – for roof. In this "formula" involved only the translucent part of the design, so that the area of the finished window should not forget to subtract the frame, Imposts and similar "stuff". The illumination is strongly dependent on binding to the home locality (its orientation with respect to parts of the world, spreading the availability of nearby trees) and on the characteristics of a particular building. By "project" shading factors include balconies and terraces (or rather, the attendant of the roof overhang), dormer windows (because of their light is lost in the slopes), and so on. Most often, these features are overlooked in the "Mediterranean" homes – to reproduce typical hot climates, numerous sheds, the architect forgot to increase the area of glazing, because of what was built in the middle lane cottage is in perpetual twilight. By the way, according SanPin, in a residential area the sun must "attend" for 2-3 hours a day. Always in touch windows provide occupants at home in regular contact with the outside world. Outside the city, this aspect is particularly important: the ability to enjoy the scenery often is one of the arguments in favor of relocation "to nature." Of course, the more glass area, the better to admire the beauty, the benefit of modern heat-saving design gives green light to spread panoramic and "French" windows in the middle lane, and even in the north.

Austral European Observatory

A celestial object, with a black hole in its center of mass equivalent to 2,000 million times the one of the Sun, has been shortage in the primitive cosmos. One is qusar very shining and supposes a record of distance in the deep cosmos since this to 12,900 million years light, reason why belongs to the universe when 770 million years had only passed about from Big Bang (a 6% of its present age). Concerning a record it is necessary to indicate that previous of his class shortage it is of 870 million years after the great initial burst; and some more primitive objects are known something – more distant still, like a tenuous galaxy and an outbreak of gamma rays, but they are not far from it as shining as just detected, hundreds of times the most shining one than they, according to explains the Austral European Observatory (THAT), with whose telescopes VLT, in Chile, it has studied. Source of the news: : The shining object more distant shortage in the universe.

Reduce Anxiety

There are various ways to reduce anxiety, but it is important to get help from a doctor if the anxiety is constant or seems to be decreasing quality of life. Many people who suffer from the so-called panic, generalized anxiety disorder, or other disorder with bipolar disorder, may experience anxiety and tendency to manic or hypomanic States. Understand what is due to this condition is the first step to find remedies for anxiety. It is not always necessary to resort to drugs to reduce anxiety, many people find that working with a therapist and exercises of self-adapting solves your anxiety problems. Blow off steam with a trusted person, talk and change of environment also is a form of therapy for anxiety. Doing regular exercise reduces anxiety already that increases the production of serotonin, which produces the sensation of calm, exercise also helps to reduce stress. Give a quick walk around the block, making jumping or bicycling can create significant calm.

Other they employ various methods of deep breathing to reduce anxiety, it may seem odd that breathing alone can reduce tension, but the fact of focusing on breathing through guided exercises is beneficial. Some people combine breathing with forms of exercise such as yoga or tai chi meditation. Exercise body and concentrate on breathing can have very positive results. Things like prayer and meditation are a solution for stress. Avoid eating certain products to help reduce anxiety, caffeine, for example, tends to create more tension, and should not be used, also it is important to not consume alcohol or hallucinogenic drugs, instead, recommends the use of plants such as lavender, Passionflower, and Valerian.

The State

So, to stop the suffering you must, firstly, stop thinking. If you bear a thought or desire, this you should separate from the rest of the people. When you’re not thinking, you and the world are one and there is no suffering. The State of non-thinking, of longing for the mind is not the State of vacuum. The conception of the vacuum in Buddhism, anyway, is not the total rejection of the common sense about the reality that we experience through our senses, but rather get rid of our false views so that we see the world and the things as they really are.

Buddha said, men come and go with empty hands. Then, where they come and where they go? Life is like a cloud floating in the sky and death is like his disappearance on the mountain. Similar to the cloud has no substance, so the life and death of the man. Everything is empty. The categories of existence and non-existence are only applicable in the Kingdom of conditioned and the phenomenal world. However, there is an innate seed in each man who never dies, this is inherently pure and clear as Crystal. Then, what is what stops the desire and thought, through which where yourselves to achieve a State of nirvana? It is the realm of things as they are.

In this Kingdom, ye are identical to all things and to the whole world. I realize that the myriad of things, live or dead, inorganic or organic are identical to the realm of things as they are. This is the State of Buddha, the absolute and completely independent and unconditioned world where you can be one with the universe. At the beginning of my talk, I lifted my cane and drew a circle in the air. If you were thinking of an answer about their meaning, your response has not been good. Only when you may be able to cut your thinking will understand. When striking the cane on the table all your minds become one during that moment. I hope you to understand this truth. When you to understand, I hope that you enseneis to others so that they can also stop your thinking, longing and suffering (will continue). Original author and source of the article.

Time Of Beauty

It is not true that beauty is subjective or it depends on the eyes that appreciate it. For some this is beautiful and for another is that. We know that red is red is red; the sweet is sweet by being sweet and far is far for being distant. The same thing happens with beauty. If an object (any body) is harmonious in its consistency, which could not be otherwise, that if it is removed or added, would not be already so perfect, so that we call beautiful. And here is the issue. The simplicity and practicality of life give the answer according to the theme of real beauty.

Knowing how to focus our observation point is key. If we analyze some element under a physical prospect, the desgloce has to be in physical terms. And while we’re talking about sensations, subtle appreciations, intangible connotations, because the analysis is relates to that field. An illustrative case is the symbolic couple John and Yoko. You once asked Lennon’s way incidiosa: Hey John, is it possible that you desvivas and apegues so for this woman so ugly? Perhaps do do you are blind, man? To which he replied mired in lethargy provided not by external to your feeling drugs: friend, I tried more women you could wish for in your dreams I felt sensations extasiantes more than you could beg for having all breeds, types, models and forms of women have passed by me; and could not repent me… How to be so hypocritical truth? But really I say than what your eyes sadly capture and poison your self, it is not the most beautiful woman I could ever imagine. The sublime being who had spent a thousand lives to see it a second eternity is the woman I love. Original author and source of the article


With the proliferation of cards online reading sites, many users are wondering how often should perform the Chuck. This question has an adequate response only if we consider several issues. First, what kind of reading of the letters are you talking? Is known that the reading of the letters of the Yes and No is shorter than that of the Celtic Cross in scope. To give an unequivocal answer it is therefore necessary to consider what kind of Chuck talk about. There are reading the letters that can be done with some frequency. For this purpose they are designed. Such is the case of the circulation of the Yes and No, that responds to a very specific question. Instead, the circulation of the cross, only should be carried out from time to time.

This form of letters read contemplates a very comprehensive, both the past and the future Outlook. The circulation of the past lives is another reading of the letters that should not be done consecutively. Rather, it is important to concentrate well at the time of making it, since the information disclosed in She is very valuable and transcendental. This kind of reading of the letters should be performed at very specific times, and in no way it is advisable to repeat its circulation in short intervals. In this way, it is possible that conflicting readings are obtained, and is not the objective of the arcane cause confusion. But, if Chuck and not, can be performed many times is necessary.

The reading of the letters with this format gives us the possibility of finding an answer to a very punctual dilemma. It is ideal for those moments in which we do not know what to do, or how to deal with the solution of a problem. The circulation of the star, is another reading of letters that gives us concrete responses to specific situations. It is a little more complete than the Si and the No, and includes more information, to see past, present and future aspects. The circulation of dreams is a reading of the letters that can be performed many times need, agreed the elements revealed in our own dreamlike material. It is very useful to proceed to self-discovery, and us will reveal valuable details about our unconscious. Some chucks can be made repeatedly, ultimately. Usually this type of reading of the letters is short-range. But others lying only agree to make them less frequently, and with our attention and concentration when making them. Jesus Ontivero original author and source of the article

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