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Award for exceptional innovation potential Rottweil, June 29, 2009. A top-class jury of Vienna economic University has chosen the Schick medical GmbH from Baden-Wurttemberg under the 100 most innovative companies in the German medium-sized businesses. The seal of quality top 100 rated the innovation ability of medium-sized companies across all industries according to a strict set of criteria. Lothar Spath, former Minister President of Baden-Wurttemberg, awarded the Rottweiler company last Friday, June 26, at a ceremony in the former Guest House of the Federal Government on the Petersberg Bonn, with the coveted seal of approval. With intelligent new ideas for treating diseases of the dermatological circle of forms the Schick medical GmbH clinched one of the coveted spots on the leaderboard of the pre show medium-sized companies. The medical company developed treatments based on multiple columns therapy in the medical and cosmetic area with an international orientation.

As a mentor of the “” “” Medium-sized project praised the success of the Schick medical GmbH in the five Central categories of innovation success”Lothar Spath, innovation climate”, innovative processes and organisation”, innovations top management”as well as innovation marketing”. “For us the seal displays top 100 2009′ and the choice of: SQOOM to anti-aging product of the year 2009, we have an extraordinary power of innovation”, explains Helmut Schick. That is why we consider the coveted recognition and incentive at the same time.” The award since 1993 records the Compamedia GmbH in uberlingen medium-sized companies with exceptional innovation potential with the seal of quality top 100 “from. The criteria drawn up by Prof. Dr. Nikolaus Franke of the Vienna of University of Economics to review the overall strategy followed a company to successfully through innovations in the market.

Medical Technology In Turkey

Reforming and increasing quality of the health sector in Turkey since the 2003 reforms restructured the health sector. Thus, the performance is constantly driven by hospital operators and private health services. Annually increases sales of medical equipment by about 10%. 2010 this amounted to approximately 2.1 billion US$. Reforms of the health sector in Turkey to promote the construction of new hospitals and the facilities in existing hospitals will be increased. Also results in establishing a family doctor system, that a large number of health centres are equipped with new or additional diagnostic and treatment devices.

According to a report of Germany trade & invest, supplying the population is 150 doctors per 100,000 inhabitants and thus only half in comparison to Western European countries. To achieve the standards of European countries, investments are needed in the coming years more. In addition the new possibility, that is Patients in private hospitals treat which leads to an increased competition for modern technology. Potential for investors in Turkey are about 6000 companies located what the medical sector are working according to the Istanbul Chamber of Commerce about 540 in the making. Mostly manufactured medical supplies, prostheses and medical furniture. However, the Germany trade & invest, in Turkey is the production of more sophisticated technical devices such as fiber optic endoscopes or centrifuges, according to the report rather low. German provider of medical technology products are firmly established on the Turkish market and enjoy a high esteem. Turkey in the field of medical technology to 85% of imports as a whole depends.

Also the units offer a growing market of plastic surgery and ophthalmology. The quality standards are comparable with Western European countries in particular in the private clinics, but the services at a lower price can be offered, which is an increase of health tourism. So for example a laser operation in European countries between 4,000 and 8,000 euros in Turkey, however, only around 1,000 euros costs. A continuous modernisation of hospitals makes a treatment for patients from abroad increasingly attractive.

Individual Sun Protection

Pharmacy from Stuttgart the Moor informed the decrease of the atmospheric ozone layer leads to a rising share of the UV radiation of the sunlight striking the Earth’s surface. The discussion of the so-called ozone hole”attracted the attention for a health-conscious approach to solar radiation. Therefore, knowledge of the need of Sun protection is nowadays widely used. However, there are still significant gaps in the knowledge of the content of effective sun protection. Pharmacy from Stuttgart enlighten the Moor about the health hazards of exposure to sunlight and appropriate individual protection measures. The Sun’s light consists of waves of the electromagnetic radiation spectrum. The human eye-visible light is only a small portion of the total radiation bandwidth.

In connection with potential damage effects, the extremely high-energy ultraviolet radiation types are UV-A and UV-B of interest. They come into direct contact with the human skin, they penetrate the upper layers and penetrate into the deep tissue. During the penetration encounters body cells to UV radiation and damage it. Up to an individually different limit is human skin able to encounter this phenomenon through self regeneration. Exceeding the ability to regenerate by an overdose of the UV radiation caused permanent cell damage.

This noticeable on the surface as a sunburn, contribute to the accelerated aging of the skin and increase the risk of skin cancer. Health problems are preventable by UV radiation. The use of suitable protective preparations and risk-conscious behavior minimize the risk of damage and still allow a beautiful Tan. First, the direct stay in the Sun, especially at lunch time, should be avoided. The sunlight and UV radiation concentration is highest at this time. Dress appropriately blocking solar radiation. For longer stays in the outdoor clothing should attention be paid to wide, long. A Sun Hat protects the head, effectively While a high-quality pair of sunglasses shielding the sensitive eyes against ultraviolet radiation.


Impotence or inability to procreation are the helpful health advice for those affected, especially in the “best years” a man to an often intolerable strain. Also partnerships are sometimes put to a serious test. The conventional medical diagnosis is usually quick to set: lack of erection or a low sperm count and activity. The previous therapeutic range is limited, however, sometimes with side effects and the desired success often unsatisfactory. With orthomolecular medicine are new diagnostic and side effect-free therapeutic measures available. While conventional treatments with drugs regulating No. synthase allow for impotence impotence (erectile dysfunction) improvement of symptoms, but such treatments are not permanent solutions.

It remains an uneasy feeling of with regard to possible side effects involved sometimes. Also the time factor for the revenue and the costs play a decisive role in assessing the Improving the quality of life. The key factors, which are causally responsible for the clinical picture could be revealed for quite some time in orthomolecular medicine. You are referring to human metabolism possible combinations and diverse individual. Secondary, they do however always a problem of no. synthase, which embodies the formation of nitric oxide (NO) from the amino acid L-arginine. NO is the stuff which ultimately the cause of erection. Thus, it is clear that the errors in the upstream metabolism are to fix a causal and side effect-free treatment.

If this is not possible individually, the controlled administration of L-arginine in accompanying antioxidants is good Sekundar-medical measure for the treatment of impotence. For all measures, whether primary or secondary, side-effect-free and very effective Therapeutics in the form of high-dose vital substance preparations of natural origin linked to the orthomolecular medicine Available. Procreation inability if an unmet fertility on the health of the man is due to conventionally unfortunately always still very limited causal therapies offered those affected. The real causes are scanned very good diagnostic – and be evaluated. You are in oversized stressors, which interfere with the formation and existence of sperm and hinder. Toxic strains of the body, professional – or nutrition-related, negative stress or radiation (E.g. by mobile radio) here are the focus. Error sewing stanchions can be another cause, which quickly lead to individual lack of E.g. zinc and B vitamins. However, they are essential for the formation of healthy sperm and a deficiency can have fatal consequence. Especially in such cases can be achieved by a change of diet and an additional individual intake of nutrients a rapid and sustainable improvement and thus restore the fertility. Vital substance therapy both for impotence as procreation inability is that causes individually and often can be quite different in combination. Together all however, is that they are always in a resulting metabolic disorder. Those in turn are to diagnose medicine very well with the modern orthomolecular and usually with good results. Therapeutically, the use of individually dose nutrients forms the basis of treatments. As far as individual meaningful psychological support can be considered additionally. Gerd-Uwe Kunow

Managing Director

The half-board dinner, the rich breakfast buffet Davos, the free use of cable cars, as well as a welcome gift is included. Children up to 12 years free in the room of the parents including breakfast and Znacht, so breakfast and dinner. “In the wag’s Kids Club” children are cared for also from Tuesday to Saturday with excursions in the nature, tinkering in the Group and evening children’s cinema. The healthy snack (afternoon snack) in the kids club is new for this season: a glass of Davos milk and a fruit from the region. While the little ones enjoy yourself, relax the parents in the on-site, 700-square-foot wellness facility with swimming pool, saunas and steam bath. ArabellStarwood hotels & resorts GmbH: ArabellStarwood hotels & Resorts is a joint venture of between Arabella Hospitality Group (51 percent), a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Schorghuber group, and Starwood Hotels & resorts worldwide (49 percent), one of the world’s largest hotel companies with 1000 homes in more than 100 countries. ArabellStarwood controls the distribution of a total of 41 hotels and resorts in Germany, of Switzerland, in the Balearic Islands, and in South Africa as a central holding company.

29 of the 41 hotels will be Arabella Hospitality Group also operationally controlled. ArabellStarwood hotels & Resorts is one of the leading hotel groups in the above markets. ArabellStarwood’s portfolio includes the brands of St. Regis, the luxury collection, Westin, Le Meridien, Sheraton and Four points by Sheraton. All tourist services such as golf & sports, Spa & wellness, wine & gourmet, arts & culture, as well as classical cars are bundled and expanded under the brand name Arabella. Press contact: ArabellStarwood hotels & resorts Englschalkinger str. 12, D-81925 Munich Michaela Belling / Carolin Becker online PR Agency: NetBooster GmbH Gilles Bourdin, Managing Director of Berner-Street 64, 60437 Frankfurt Tel: + 49 (0) 69 71 91 49 70 E-mail: Web:

Gift Ideas

On every online sale of the mushroom garden Chidos mushrooms the company 1 to the Green Garden donates project Nyota e.v. Chido’s mushrooms is a Start-Up that disposed of the grounds of Berlin Cafes daily and uses this organic waste to protein-rich noble fungi to produce and sell – to customers who value safe and healthy food in online trading. To enable people to grow precious mushrooms at home and even to reap Chido’s mushrooms has developed for example the ‘small mushroom garden’. The highlight of it is: consumers eat good – and do good. Because until new year’s Eve 2013 donates Chido’s mushrooms for each online selling mushroom garden 1 to the “green garden project”, to support the work of the Association “Nyota e.V.” in Western Kenya.

“Nyota e.V.” wants to gradually expand the biological cultivation of local fruits, vegetables and grains with the project “Nyota Organic Green Garden”. The aim is to meet the demand of food for the Nyota daycare in Lwala their own powers. By not only the children of the daycare center to benefit the sustainable farming: the non-profit campaign also aims to support also the socially needy children of the community of Lwalas – along with their families. In addition training measures and training courses are on the agenda: thus, the gardener of the Nyota Green Garden teams will continue their knowledge in the field of biological cultivation specifically. You will share this knowledge to others, in turn, for example in the form of courses, and in particular of school leavers and small farmers from the surrounding area. The donation of Chido’s mushrooms has funded two community training of this kind and held also the cost for a permanent scaffolding, which is necessary for the passion fruit plants of the demo plots. Chido’s mushrooms wants to build on the recent successes and the next goal defined, namely: two school-leavers to enable the Baraka college education. At this educational institution, there is a three-year degree in sustainable Agriculture and rural development, the 900 per year costs.

Who is convinced of the gift ideas by Chido’s mushrooms and consequently ordered the ‘small mushroom garden’, makes a rich contribution to the development of ecological farming in West Africa at the same time. Something good out of Europe is thus returned the communities of farmers who produce our daily coffee. Corporate information: Chido’s mushrooms – healthy, easy, delicious oppidum underground farming GmbH Bulow str. 38 D-10783 Berlin Tel: + 49 (0) 30 1207646-80 fax: + 49 (0) 30 1207646-89 more information about the project: contact person: Mr Georg Schneider to the company: Chido’s a young Berlin company, the aim of which is to make a contribution to a healthy diet and the continuing recovery of alleged waste is mushrooms. land 0.2% of the coffee in the Cup, 99.8% on the garbage of Chido’s mushrooms grow on this waste the freshest mushrooms of Berlin. Chido’s disposed of since 2010 Mushrooms daily the grounds of Berlin Cafes and uses this organic waste for the production of harvest-fresh, healthy and protein-rich noble fungi. Chido’s mushrooms is a good example for sustainable development: natural resources are spared, avoid long transport and reduce the burden of landfills. With the small mushroom garden, everyone can turn home organic wastes into valuable food: make up, spray it daily with water, and from 5-10, the first mushroom harvest days and enjoy. For all ages a unique nature experience!

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