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Work of opposition is not an easy task in itself, but less so even if we add this crisis, the erosion of employment and lack of thoroughness and means that management uses in its selection processes. The two factors that tend to make a dent in the opponents with more incidence are:-the delay in presenting the public employment offer increasing. -The delay in the publication of the rules for selective testing. Without the public employment offer we don’t know what we are facing. We have an idea of the hardness of the selective tests based on the squares of each opposition and without those goals we do not assess our chances and it costs us more to motivate us for the preparation sessions. The delay in the publication of the rules involves not know until months or even weeks before the subject matter to be treated and the requirements to meet, which may later lose long time of hard work and dedication to things not so needed and discarded by consequent perhaps very necessary many others and that not even considerabamos.

Said This, I recommend do you a personal calendar, not you dediqueis wait a few dates always discussed until moments in which the preparation of the opposition becomes impossible. Try mark ye ye your agenda and your dates, because nobody better than you yourselves know how long disponeis and how much will you be able to memorize certain subjects. Expect irregular dates and hopeful you a certain number of seats alone will do that you desequilibreis and not forth a specific routine of study. Stone clinical laboratories understood the implications. Finally, no hagais case to the number of persons that arise, because on an opposition it is not adopted, if not outperform the rest, and that are more opponents does not imply that you raise the note by cutting or that people be more prepared, is only a number for statistics.

Emergency Medical Care

Even when from the grammatical point of view may not have much importance, if to you and much led to the monetary plane, the occurrence of this unforeseen situation with respect to health-related. It is almost common therefore confuse meaning they have both and how us benefits or harms be clear in these definitions. What brings with it taking medical urgencies we visited a Hospital without apparent need and then we are surprised by the costs by not going to the right place and save us money on copayments or deductibles. Hospitals in the United States are prepared with all the necessary equipment for both, i.e. the medical emergency and the medical emergency but the same is not visit a hospital that an urgent (Urgent Care) Center.Hospitals in the USA must leave them for more severe or serious health situations and is not suitable for our pocket visit constantly. The Health plans that exist, and all policies and general medical insurance plans of preventive medicine. I.e. you can perform any kind of routine procedure, as periodic examinations including women for example mammograms (mammogram) and PAP (PAPsmear) check and middle-aged men the prostates and test risk coronary, to name a few. What you want to say that this is one of the fundamental reasons of because paying a medical insurance in the United States, because it is assumed that gradually you can foresee any health situation and thereby minimize the occurrence of urgencies and emergencies otherwise have no health insurance your health you will surprise and almost only have to go to an emergency centre or a medical emergency of a hospital room.These medical insurance which we refer, the so-called HMO, PPO, and other types of health plans, possess within their Network or network of health, the centers of medical urgencies (Urgent Care) providers.For situations which may not wait, these centers are designed.

Selkis Used

A Scorpion could cause death; the bites along with diseases, could introduce harmful forces on the body. These evil forces often interpreted as demons or the dead malicious effects, and as such required the help of agents of similar power, particularly of the gods. They could not wait for that physical treatment would be useful by itself. The Egyptian magic spells were composed of sympathetic magic and protective magic. Within the compassionate magic, it was the human problem, with which the gods were facing. The magician tried to compel the gods to act in favor of the patient, even accompanied by an invocation of a shared catastrophe, which was threatening the entire cosmos if treatment fails. Here the magician, used the theatrical power of words, and tried to enter into the very fabric of the universe to attend his patient. The ancient Egyptian term for this activity is Heka, the force that the Creator God used to give rise to the cosmos.

The magic as well as used in the treatments are also used to protect against evil. The fetish decrees, are a particular example, were pieces of papyrus enrrolladas and placed in containers around the neck of young children. The fetish decrees, invoked the protection of the gods from various dangers: ill health, diseases, nightmares, people or gods malicious, dangerous journeys, evil eye, magic and its practitioners, creatures deminios hazardous and accidents as the collapse of a wall or a lightning strike. Those who practiced magic?. Many of them had titles that related the temple; namely: Reader priest, was the priest who read the ritual books; Master of priests; priest of Sacmis (Goddess of disease and disaster); controller of Selkis (Goddess of scorpions and snakes) or man (also called protective) amulet. The influence of magic in other aspects of life, found in the library found in 1928 in Qeniherjepeshef, a type of Deir the Medina from the end of the nineteenth dynasty. Qeniherjepeshef, collected a wide variety of papyrus that included literary texts, hymns and ritual texts; as well as a series of texts between magical and medical, of which was part a book on the interpretation of dreams.

The most spectacular discovery is the burial of a magician from the end of the Middle Empire found by Egyptologist James Quibell in 1896 behind the camera’s storage in the Rameseo (mortuary temple of Rameses II), in Thebes, which included 23 Papyri in a wooden box, classified as belonging to a master of secrets; many of the texts are magical and medical nature. Magical figurines, fragments of magical knives, ivory clappers, a magic Rod segment and a magic wand (a cobra’s Bronze) were found beside them. All necessary material to make magic. Equipped with all this, the magician was prepared, both Word and Act, to deal with the dangers of the world surrounding entertainment section you will find in addition to other articles; How to make spells as well as other sections gives proven quality: (health, entertainment, sports, computing, languages, paint etc). Original author and source of the article.

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Structure Introduction

The structure introduction of milling machines The Mini CNC mill is actually a smaller CNC mill that has been adapted for the use of hobbyists. It can create a variety of small projects in the comfort of a home workshop. Some people have been able to take a basic small mill machine and turn it into a CNC machine by adding the computer control panel; This is called a CNC conversion. This machine is also called a table top CNC mill. The mini-mill also allows an individual who doesn t have a lot of space to work within a chance to do so because they don’t take up as much space as the larger CNC mill. CNC has been used in commercial shops over the last ten years or so because of their convenience and ability to allow the operator to get more work done. For hobbyists, the prices have come down and there are more opportunities for the hobbyist to use these machines; many already understand CNC from their jobs so it is easy to convert a smaller machine. Ideally when you use a smaller machine you want to make sure that it can produce the same quality as the larger machine and this is possible with the mini-CNC machine.

They can create small parts and they are ideal for doing finishing work or for cutting some metals like aluminum. They also can cut steel because of the low end torque they use. Once all of the axes were in union with one another, very complicated geometries are able to be made easily with this kind of machine. However, the ability to program the complicated geometry is beyond the most operators ability. For that reason, 5-axis mill machines at all time is programmed by the CAM. Different types of milling machines and the basic parts * Box or column mills a very basic bench-mounted machine which features the head going up and down the column or the box ways. * Turret or vertical ram mills usually referred as the Bridgeport-type, with spindles that could be aligned to various positions.

* Knee mill or the knee-and-column mill this is referred to any machine that the x – y tables are riding up and down the line on vertical adjustable knees. * C-Frame mills it features knee and set spindle head which moves vertically only. * Planer-style mills this is a large mill that was built like planers with the exception of milling spindle in place with the planning head. * Floor Mills It contains a row of rotating tables, along with the horizontal spindle fixed on the set of rails which runs parallel above the table rows. These mills are chiefly converted to Computer Numerical Control. We provide Professional technology, excellent product quality and intimate after-sales service when you purchase Rotary secarropas, Cone crusher, from our company.As a professional mining machinery exporter, we will win your trust with our delivery speed, Enterprises Credit and product quality.


I connot always criticisms, anonymous complainants; me esculpis gradually believe brilliance, harmony and perfection that I need. I know that there will always be dogs that bark, since that indicates that I cabalgo, I walk, I do. And with good intent to do so, and front, with courage and honesty. Something that suffers, for example, the anonymous comment along with my water that blessed to ZAPATERO article, which throws the stone and hide the hand. I do not know what such cowardly masked refers, but yes I am insurance is not removing anything anyone of bad or good faith. Providence gives us what we need and life itself is seeking death at his very moment who deserves it.

God commands. I am shaman, not righteous by my account. When the policy seeks paths that the reason for the reason, or good reason, unknown is that there truly is something more serious than it seems. I challenge you to which you you show and, in any case, if you have something to tell me and I both know, you threaten not camouflaged and introduce yourself directly to me. I give you that chance, but keep in mind the meaning of my offer or my cosmochamanicos hug.

They are a danger to the people of ill will. I don’t want you to suffer unnecessarily and I know that I can get you out of your mistake and help you, provided that your inner process generates cosmic goodness. I say this to you, anonymous threatening, and others still are obscuring more than you. And why not?, sincere admirers. What you have to pay is paid, both you and I. Dad face. Seriously. I hope you can enjoy the good feelings that often convene this next era of the Nativity. Some more than others, it happens always.For the puedais help clarify.


There is no doubt that each nation has its own occasions to celebrate, express their happiness and their desire to preserve their heritage, and Moroccan society also holds many events to carry out that purpose. These celebrations have a symbolic element in which you can see a perfect fusion between the Islamic symbolism and the amazigh. In this article I will mention some Moroccan festive occasions and some traditions practiced in this fascinating country. Moroccan families celebrate the life of their sons and daughters from birth until their wedding. Firstly, it is the Sabee or Sboa, celebrated the 7th days after the baby’s birth, and that father kill a lamb if the baby girl and two if it is child, and gives the baby a name. Then, parents invite all your friends and neighbor workers to share their happiness by giving name to this new Member of the family. L khtana, which is the circumcision of the child is then held.

In the last, this operation used to be carried by a person named l hajjam caba, but nowadays usually take the child to a physician to avoid any danger or complication. After the operation, the parents organized a big party to celebrate this important event. We also have the Syam Ouel l, meaning first day of fasting, when parents prepare a special meal for your child to which consists of honey, dried fruits, cakes, etc. They take your son/daughter, which is treated as a boyfriend or a girlfriend, your dress to their traditional clothes, the photographer to take some pictures that will be kept as a souvenir. All these celebrations are organized on this special day to prepare the child to practice this important Islamic pillar.

In addition, Moroccan society celebrates many other special days, such as the Aid al Adha or Aid L Kbir, considered the most important event for all Muslims, during which the people come in the morning to a special prayer that is organised that day. Then they return to their homes to slaughter a lamb, after which prepared the boulfaf with the animal liver and all members of the family eat together. In the evening, families exchanged visits at home of others. Last but not least, it is the day of Achoura, which takes place one month after the Aid al Adha and in which mothers prepare couscous with seven vegetables and children practice some traditions, such as the Bab Aichor. Also, parents buy some games and toys for children and women also buy some traditional musical instruments (such as arija MT or the Rascals). In this special event you can see the mix between the religious and cultural or traditional. So celebrations in Morocco are a perfect opportunity for the Moroccans reconcile among themselves and to exchange visits in an atmosphere full of love, tolerance and solidarity. Also, Moroccan holidays offer the opportunity to discover the popular culture of Morocco, which is an excellent mixture between different cultures and reflects the variety and richness of the Moroccan cultural heritage in all areas. Come to Morocco and held its varied culture and its rich heritage. They may stay in one of the fantastic riads in Marrakech, where you may celebrate or witness some of the major festivals in Morocco, or in a hotel in Marrakech. Also you can stay in a fantastic Villa in Marrakech, close rural, where the inhabitants would welcome them in your festivities with open arms.

July Remains

Today, the Al – Qaraouine Mosque is the largest mosque in all of North Africa, and can accommodate more than 20,000 faithful. Its design is rather austere, with columns and white arches and floors covered with mats of cane instead of the lush rugs exhibited in other famous mosques. The mosque consists of 270 columns forming 16 ships with 21 arches each one, a vision that evokes the Majesty and the intimacy of a forest of arches, in contrast with the simplicity of the design of the niches, pulpit and outer courtyard, decorated with elegant delicacy. 3 Volubilis Volubilis is an ancient Roman town located on the banks of the Khoumane River, near the imperial city of Meknes and considered by UNESCO as world heritage of humanity. City was mainly devoted to trade in olive oil, proof of which are the numerous remains of oil presses preserved among the ruins. The most spectacular remains are undoubtedly plentiful mosaics that he decorated the soils of rich residences.

But its conservation is quite problematic, since they are exposed to the sun light, wind and to visitors, who can walk on them without that nothing to protect. In 1946, the excavations unearthed several busts of bronze, among which that of Cato of Utica was. Other remains of the Roman city have been revealed as what probably was the headquarters of Idrid I, just beneath the Roman walls. In some houses you can see the level of these majestic homes, with its atrium and its impluvium, as well as certain constructions dedicated to the bathroom, especially four Roman hypocaust (system central heating) and a hammam of the Arabic period. 4 Mosque of Hassan II in Casablanca Hassan II in Casablanca mosque was projected in the place of the old municipal swimming pool. Construction began on July 12, 1986 and was finally inaugurated on August 30, 1993.

New Age

The shaman through its Faculty of entering in the world spiritual or subtle, will get to transform all the power or knowledge aquirido in the subtle plane, actions or therapies appropriate for the physical world. So such actions or therapies may consist in various activities such as: music, for percussion of drums, talismans, and development of certain artistic creations. The shaman is called to be, have to suffer death or a break with the previous, I so that after your self, you can perceive the call and start in rites or acquiring esoteric knowledge, which will lead you to your new State. It is not an easy task, neither should be confused with the New Age fashions, although the initiation and current learning has evolved with respect to other rites and ancient initiations. The shaman exists in various cultures, ancient and current, but by no means are different.

What the ancient shamans identified as symbols of power, through related animals to their cultures, also called Nagual, today is achieved through the vision of nature as an ecosystem where the spiritual and the force or vital energy maintain a balance and mutual interdependence. However, current Western society, often literally apply descriptions that listen to the respect of animal power or Nagual, as well as the descriptions on the journeys of the spirit, or the powers of the shaman, which can cause a prejudice or disdain, considering it a remnant of another era. Like this. the shaman, possess a set of faculties and knowledge acquired patiently through the experiences, both physical, of type extrasensory or esoteric. It should not be confused shamanism with any creed or religious practice, since the mode in which the shaman raises his spirituality, makes clear the difference existing with religious doctrine, which allows that it can serve as a support for one’s religion. This does not mean that be shaman behave the mysticism or Holiness, but it must be understood as a channel, or an intermediary, specializing in energy, both subtle and internal ducting, which strengthen the innate faculties in him. Despite all mentioned above, the Shaman can be defined as the doctor of the soul.

The Article

Says that fully identified with materialism beings will remain in the area devachanica in a State of lethargy or dream, therefore, we can say, that lack of appropriate forces and corresponding to that State devachanico, except in a very vague way, and for such beings noted, there status after the death in terms of mind concerns. They remain dozy by a time and then embody again on Earth. This general average of permanence in Devachan gives us a very important human cycle, the cycle of reincarnation. Because according to this law will be the advent of Nations is repeated and the old days returning again with souls. The life of the soul has no end and can not be stopped for a moment. The abandonment of our physical body is only a transition to another place or plane of existence. But as the Ethereal garments of the Devachan are more durable that we use here, the spiritual, moral and psychic causes take longer to develop and exhausted in that State that on Earth the Mahatmas are similar to certain entities in Devachan in order to remove them from that condition, to return to Earth for well breed. Therefore, the Egos to whom they are close are those whose nature is noble and profound, but who do not possess enough wisdom to be able to overcome the natural illusions of the Devachan.

one who has not generated during his lifetime many psychic impulses, won’t more base or force in their essential nature to feed and maintain their superior in the Devachan principles. During the death, the last series of thoughts are powerful and deeply engraved in the mind and are that give color and the tonic to a lifetime in the Devachan. .( *; The seven heavens or the Devachan, LEADBEATER, C.

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