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The region is engaged in a path of green energy, said Luis … energy one of the main speakers at the household conference entitled “Sustainable Energy: …
“The awareness of the environment is leading to develop models or application of techniques for design and construction of green buildings, buildings with options for sustainability, construction processes for Earth architectures that evoke the presence of four elements of nature: earth, water, air and fire in the processes of life in proportion, where the proportion looking for the optimal approach, from a biological perspective, which considers .com the resonance between architecture and its inhabitants, would be the value of land architectures, since in combination with stone foundations, wooden roofs, covered in baked clay energy costs and forms given to these materials, resolve the harmony of these elements. Land and MARK associated form, the circle, have historically settled the foundation of residential architecture. natural gas “
Bales of hay or cereal gas grass as blocks, which are coated with pastes containing mixtures of lime or clay to protect them from external agents. This system, although it may seem rudimentary, allows construction of high strength and acceptable housing, with a reasonable thermal and acoustic insulation, which allows greater energy savings. There are straw bale houses standing for 150 years. It even has a sports center with this system in Germany.
Hemp fiber into briquettes or lime mortar, bricks for the preparation of high strength and resistance fireproof, electricity ESCO or a variety of insulating materials.
Wood and derivatives (mortars, agglomerates, etc.).
Clays and adobes
Recycled plastic, paper (especially in insulation green energy and double wall), glass, etc..
generally, anything that arises out of use and the idea of a low environmental impact and economic may be included in the bio.
Aerated concrete is a kind of clean and renewable energy, which is known as green energy. so, that means that the gas and electricity supplied by meaning greater customer satisfaction from all aspects … sustainable. Shell Solar. Packaging and energy saving in …
Green Energy is a term that describes the energy produced from renewable … Sustainable development. Power generation edit External links …
Green Paper “European Strategy for Sustainable, Competitive and Secure energy.

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