The Surrounding

Machinery and extent of more than 1000 new cities grew during the years of Soviet power, built tens of thousands of industrial enterprises were built thousands of schools, cinemas, tens of millions of apartments. Such a huge scale and rapid Construction did not know none of the previous era. Each year we carry out construction work on 5-7% more than in the previous year, and builders continue to build momentum. This was made possible thanks to the changes that occurred in construction for years of Soviet power. Chief among them – the industrialization of building production, mechanization of construction, the maximum replacement of all types of manual labor machine. Today with the help of machines perform nearly all the heavy construction work: dig and move soil is prepared and placed the concrete mix is transported and assembled multi-ton structure. Machines make it easy to work and people in other jobs – help plastering and painting, welding metal, screw nut and hammer nails.

Widespread use of machines allowed in a new way to organize the construction industry. The most difficult and time-consuming to build – fabrication, the elements of future buildings – usually performed today at the factory, on the conveyor. Thousands of special plants, hundreds of house-building factory supplying construction today structures, components and materials. A construction site tend to leave only the processes of assembly and erection of prefabricated elements. Changed, and much more: develop new high-strength, lightweight and durable building materials and construction, improved ways to perform many construction activities, there are new methods of construction, faster, cheaper, requiring less labor and time so There is such a thing as a construction tender, through which you can effectively use the resources of the company. All this has enabled nearly 40-fold increase compared with pre-revolutionary times, the volume of construction in the country and dramatically increase productivity builders. Modern building – is highly industrialized, a giant in its scope, scale and its significance branch of human activity. The first Construction of man: primitive screens in the wind, dugouts, tents and shacks – such as in this lost in the tropical jungles of the village – were little different from the surrounding nature and each other.

Antonio Banderas Acknowledges Having Suffered A Benign Tumor

/ So recognize it during an interview with an Italian publication of health. He explained that two days after discovering the lump, was operated. The Spanish actor Antonio Banderas, star of the last movie of Pedro Almodovar the piel que habito presented in Cannes, has acknowledged having suffered a tumor on the back, in an interview published in exclusive the Italian magazine OK, la Salute prima di tutto. I revealed publicly for the first time that two years ago I discovered that I had a tumor on his back, said the actor in the number of corresponding to June OK. The protagonist of tie me and the mask of Zorro explained that one day after taking a shower and while secaba, back is touched and appreciated that I had a strange lump and immediately went to the doctor.

Two days after the visit was already in the room of operations for removal of neoplasia, explained. Flags recounted that the biopsy revealed, with great relief, that it was a benign tumor, Although he was a large, said the surgeon. Get the idea that back you had a kind of fist, so, like mine, but gotten inside, said the actor, citing the words of the doctor. Lucky me di account, said Banderas. The actor concluded with advice: listen carefully to your body. Touches you, palpable I and in doubt, runs immediately to the doctor. An early diagnosis saves lives. Source of the news: Antonio Banderas acknowledges having suffered a benign tumor

Pearl Harbor

It is just now moving from the present to the future. So, the seeds for the things that are happening today and events such as the 2012 still going to happen because they have happened in the past.If we know where to look in the past, this gives us an idea of what we can expect in the present and in the future. The waves of time are still natural rhythms, cycles and natural progressions. This means that we can measure, calculate and predict when seeds conditions for an event will happen again and again.This means that we can take the year 2012 to calculate it in reverse, using the natural rhythms at times in our history when the seed for 2012 was planted. Noting the seed, we can determine when patterns and events that will happen in the year 2012 were put in motion. We can go to the geological record to see what was happening then on the planet. Or we can go towards the archaeological record to see what was happening to people to really give us a good idea of what we can expect for these next few years.Question: You speaks about position Mayan 2012 end date, as that has already happened in our past.Gregg Braden: absolutely!Do question: what can we do to prepare ourselves for what is going to happen in the next 2012?Gregg Braden: To prepare for any thing that is what is going to happen, we must understand what is going to happen.

It is the importance of knowing precisely where to look in the past to understand what you are about to experience or what we are already experiencing now.Question: Now, you spoke about Pearl Harbor and the year 2001 as that they have been years of dates that occurred in disputes, when in reality the United States, on both occasions were attacked. What are the other crucial dates to which you referred in the book?Gregg Braden: 2012, records show when we examine the history of the Earth in the centres of ice in Antarctica for example, which was preserved a record of Earth’s past. When we examine these ice cores on dates which are Fractals or seed for the year 2012 patterns, they tell us that the magnetic fields of the Earth were weakened on those dates. Energy from the Sun was stronger so the ice at the Poles began to melt. The Oceans began to soar, the climate began to change and the weather patterns began to change.Do question: we are experiencing it now?.Gregg Braden: Precisely and that’s the point.

Has he crossed the Earth through a big change? Yes. Does this mean that something is wrong or something is broken? No! It always happens when we reach this point in a great cycle. When we’re at this distance from the power source in the center of our Milky way, when the Earth is tilted and oriented shape which is, apparently, this is what always happens.Therefore, to a large extent already are experiencing great changes that so many have predicted. We are already seeing cities erased from the face of the earth near the shallow coasts. We are already observing earthquakes and tsunamis of great magnitude. We are already observing forest fires by aligning them through vast open spaces. We are seeing millions of people who die of disease. The United States are blessed in not experiencing much; Here, as in other parts of the world. But such a change can occur anywhere and everywhere. (ContinuIII/III) Original author and source of the article.

The Skin

Handbag from the skins of rare exotic animals – is already beyond ecology. And about the clothes. Synthetics are fully entitled to exist. Otherwise, how to be, for example, impermeable tissue? The outer layer of the ski suit must be synthetic. Otherwise, the high risk of getting wet to the skin and get pneumonia. In general, eco-clothing industry is still far from perfect.

It is not always fashionable bio-materials are capable of pleasing the consumer impeccable quality: Fabrics made of bamboo tend strongly to stretch, and corn fiber is quickly wiped clean. Finishing materials. Here, too, often seek a balance between practicality and naturalness. Wood floor, whether it's board or parquet – what could be greener for the home? But in the hallway, hallway, kitchen such eco-floor will quickly lose its luster. And if you do not wear a suit option such as ceramic tile, laminate is worth looking into. Just choose it carefully, studying health and hygiene certificate brand has established itself as a quality product.

Window. On the dangers of pvc no reasons except that lazy. But better than a good plastic than a bad tree, because a quality wooden box – not a cheap. Cheap wooden windows, though the seller and will focus on their main advantage – environmentally friendly, will not save from drafts. Not to mention such trifles as wobbly windows or a bad sound insulation. Incidentally, the manufacturers of plastic windows assure that at normal temperature (about 50 degrees C) any hazardous substances PVC-brother does not evolve.

Baby On Tour Travel With Baby, As Safe As Home

Traveling with baby, as much as safe to travel home with the smallest in the first 3 years of life, a child would leave many parents have many concerns. How long can I fly with a child? How many hours keep out children there in a car? What is healthy snacks? What games can I play on the trip? How safe are child seats in the car? How do I check a best with a baby? These and many other questions are travelling with infants and toddlers have parents with babies and young children. Baby-on-tour gives the answers to all these questions. Here, parents come to speak as experts. Airlines give advice for check-in with a baby. Railway companies provide information for parents. Baby hotel or region if parents prefer a baby hotel or children or prefer to spend the best time of the year on a baby-friendly camping site there is something for everyone.

Babyfreunliche/child-friendly hotels will offer presented there which is a special service for parents. The most hotel offer a Babysittter service to parents once a “break from the Parental leave”which can treat. Take child-friendly regions, from Austria to North Sea. Remedies for infants and young children the first aid kit for parents is one of the most common such tip, because these tips have been worn by doctors and pharmacies together. A travel pharmacy check can be made via the list, which is available on the website for download available.

Leisure tips of guide has valuable leisure tips for all over Germany. If your children again whining “Mama, me is boring”, then find a destination for the weekend or week in the database safely. Babysitter continue filling up the babysitter database and babysitters can register there and present. Parents can search by zip code or city. At a glance, interested in detailed information about the babysitters/temporary grannies or AU will receive pairs. Housekeepers the housekeepers can register there and present. Currently not many providers will be included, but this is filling up fast safely. If you are traveling with baby want to, then this online guide is essential reading. Them a nice holiday

LASIK Eye Surgery

LASIK eye surgery are currently the most frequently performed treatments in the world. LASIK eye surgery are currently the most frequently performed treatments in the world. The suffering of myopia, hyperopia or rod vision/astigmatism can benefit from this pioneering form of laser eye surgeries. If you would like to more clearly see the future, then a correction of eyesight / vision could be the right choice for you. Eye like myopia, hyperopia or astigmatism (called also the curvature of the cornea or rod-sightedness) there are specific procedures that can help you to see things clearer again. Eye corrections are commonly performed procedures.

Every year millions of eye tests are made in Germany and about 63 percent of German adults wear eyeglasses or contact lenses to improve their eyesight. Everyone who is looking for a lasting solution to its problems, should inform himself about the possibilities of the eye laser treatment. Since a Variety of methods of eye correction to the selection is available, must select only the one, that is the best choice for your lifestyle and your situation. The LASIK eye surgery is a highly effective method of treatment and suitable for the most of the notes. It is performed by an ophthalmologist with a laser, with a cool beam of light gently reshapes the front surface of the eye.

The front surface of the eye with the help of the laser is flattened with short-sightedness. In cases of farsightedness, the central cornea is made steeper, while the laser removes tissue. The astigmatism is corrected by one reshapes the steepest part of the cornea and makes it rounder/kugelformiger. A conversation with the eye doctor about an appropriate treatment for your specific vision problem is the first step of the eye laser of treatment process. A specialized eye doctor will be able to determine your eligibility or suitability for LASIK treatment. This is based on your personal prescription and your Expectations. Optometrists treat the most over 18 years of age, who have a consistent vision for 12 months to ensure the best possible results. The whole LASIK treatment can be completed in approximately ten minutes. Also, both eyes can be treated at the same time. The procedure is performed as an outpatient while sitting on a deck chair. Also, narcotic drop be administered you to reduce inconvenience and to numb the area. Then, a so-called flap of the corneal surface is cut and folded up, so that the eye doctor can reach the cornea tissue including. The cornea using computer-controlled pulses of cool laser light is then formed. (This transformation depends on your vision.) If the right amount of tissue has been removed, flap, which was replaced at the beginning is positioned again to its original position, where he will heal naturally. Immediately after LASIK, your eyes can water and itch. It most likely certain medications or eye drops will be prescribed, that supportive effect in healing and probably will need an eye patch while you sleep at night. The most discussed can drive car again 48 hours after the LASIK eye surgery ( and go to work unless the work environment is particularly dusty or dangerous for the eyes.

Soul Metals

Metals – silver, silver in the alloy with gold. Jade – the sacred stone of ancient China, valued even than gold. Symbol of wisdom, virtue, and eternity. Considered a panacea for almost all diseases, stop inflammation in the body. Necklaces and bracelets made of jade improve sleep, relieve nightmares. Jade provides longevity and prosperity in the family.

Carnelian – a talisman of love. Stores love of his master, and protects against infidelity. Gazit quarrels, and prevents arguments. Develops talent and attract the owner of the material well-being. It protects from accidents, helps with diseases of the thyroid gland. LIBRA (September 24 – October 23) stones – opals and lapis lazuli.

Metals – bronze, gold, copper. Opal – very powerful stone and is suitable for confident people. Weak irresolute man can only do harm, awakening in him the dark side of his personality. Protects the wearer from the evil eye, blows of fate, witchcraft. Eliminates from depression, insomnia, is recommended for prevention of colds. Lapis lazuli – the "stone of heaven." It helps to restore sight, protects pregnant women from miscarriages and reduce the signs of toxicity. Clears the aura, helps him in self-development, arouses compassion, bestows wisdom its master. Scorpio (October 24 – November 22) stones – coral, garnet and aquamarine. Metals – gold, gold, silver, platinum. Aquamarine – sea-green stone, a symbol Soul of the sea. Helps when traveling, when sea-sickness, toothache. Unites the spouses, the owner gives strength, courage and confidence. Coral – helps in travel, gives the owner a long life. Red Corals are advised to wear women, white – men. Increase vitality, and restore strength in fatigue. Purify the blood, protect against poison. Coral Beads heal from dental pain and headache. During the full moon of wear is not recommended. Garnet – a stone energetic and passionate people he brings success, luck, determination and creative development.

Place Exit

Appear on search engines and especially Google tends to be the main purpose of who is in charge of advertising for a website. But, things are not so linear, and it can happen that, despite the efforts made, our web site does not appear in related searches where we aspire to go listed. Here are some predictions and tips that can help us to achieve this end. Have patience. Get indexed by Google can take some weeks.

However, if we have inserted the Google Analytics code, and send the site map, as this service is proposing, this can help speed up the process. It should not insist, i.e. suggest the url too often. Be indexed is a process that takes its time. Take it easy, some sites are indexed quickly (within a month), while others take a little longer. Continue working on the optimization of your page, because once Google deems appropriate, very soon you will earn positions with the desired keywords.

Create a Sitemap in xml. Some websites offer you create online your free site map, such as. Another solution is also send RSS feed as a sitemap. So we will ensure that Google indexes each and every one of the pages of the website. Work on the optimization of your page. Google will be valued more a correct site since technically, aesthetically beautiful. Pay special attention to the texts of your web. They should be highly relevant, with enough anchor texts or internal links, which allow that Google can traverse your site with ease. Create a robots.txt file. From webmaster tools, Google gives you the possibility of creating one, and also can take a robots.txt from another site and adapt it to their own. This is for example the Wikipedia: and is an excellent starting point for creating their own. Be sure to not be penalized. If he hasn’t done anything questionable from the ethical point of view, incurring prohibited techniques (black hat) surely your page is not criminalized. Anyway, it is not impossible to lift a penalty from Google, although if laborious, it demands time and usually requires the services of a consulting firm ideal SEO. If you liked this post and want to place it on your site, you can do so smoothly, provided you cite as a source to original author and source of the article

Pilates Exercises

There are fewer needs for the modern man in motion. Fewer work requiring physical effort. And our life is so undeveloped that you can spend days lying on the couch, making short visits to the kitchen. The Long Winter is not very pleasant for us to encourage walking in the park. And once we notice that our body loses its former elegance, flexibility, muscles become flabby, there is clumsiness, we chuvstvoem restriction mobility of joints. Here it is worth remembering and the well-known, seemingly banal truth-Movement is life! Of course, if you are 20 years-all just .. Running to the nearest sports club and do anything there. Why only the soul lies.

And if you are no longer twenty years? In any case, as in any age should take urgent steps to restore the livelihoods of our joints. You should begin with a smooth slow motion. Here comes to the rescue by the method of Pilates exercises. This set of exercises developed by German Dr. Joseph Hubert Pilates. may find it difficult to be quoted properly. Otherwise, the method Contrology. Engage in such exercises can be people of any age and sex, with any level of physical training. Risk of injury is absent completely.

The main rules, exercises are done slowly and smoothly. You will learn to control your body and live in harmony with yourself, learn a special breathing that manages the blood supply to the brain, improving blood circulation in the body. The combination of movement with the correct breathing – the key to building muscle and well-being. During the lessons you have to listen yourself, trying to do everything exercises correctly, yet completely rule out any pain. Simply put – to make them as much as you comfortably. The main motto of flexibility, recovery should be gradual, and the lesson regular and it does not matter if the first day of training you feel completely wooden! No need to commit violence against them. You gradually restore the mobility of your joints and body flexibility. Also, thanks regular practice strengthens the abdominals, back and improves posture, coordination, increase flexibility, joint mobility, work the deep abdominal muscles. Complex Pilates is very good for women of any age, so develops as the pelvic floor muscles. The gradual and methodical, which is a restoration of the body, making the method of Pilates classes in useful and accessible to those who due to illness had been deprived for some time usual mobility. Classes in Pilates method starts with the lightest of slow exercise. This is a peculiar twist, spinning and stretching the muscles. Fulfill their needs at least five or six weeks, during which you learn to breathe deeply and evenly chest and feel your body has become flexible again, resilient, active and rejuvenated. You can then try to complicate the task. For employment it is necessary to choose convenient, are not restricted motion, and clothing. Pilates exercises are performed all barefoot! To do gymnastics on the method of Pilates can be in the group, under the guidance of an experienced coach, but you can own, at home. There is no any contraindications to physical exercise by the method of Pilates. However, if you suffer from any chronic illness, you should consult with your doctor. Health and youth to you!

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