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Surfing I found the Chrysler official statement on the alliance with Fiat. It is quite clear and helps us a lot to all who love and follow their brands, to know the future of the company. Were left for them to read and fix that, we the consumer end, we have nothing to worry about: Chrysler LLC and the Fiat Group Announce a Strategic Alliance To form a New World Company Vibrating April 30, 2009 .- Chrysler LLC announced today that as a result of a comprehensive plan restructuring agreed with many of its trading partners, has signed a agreement in principle to establish a global strategic alliance with Fiat SpA to form a vibrant new company.This will allow Chrysler Group and Fiat fully optimize their respective presence and manufacturing base global suppliers, and at the same time providing reciprocal access in their respective markets. The Fiat powertrains and others will also produced in manufacturing centers of Chrysler. “This partnership will transform Chrysler into a vibrant new company with a wealth of strategic advantages, “said Bob Nardelli, Chrysler Chairman and CEO LLC. “It will allow us to better serve our customers and distributors with a wide more competitive product line and friendly environment through vehicles with high quality and efficient fuel consumption. Benefits This new company will include access to exciting products that complement our current portfolio, our technology cooperation and a stronger worldwide distribution. Chrysler began talks with Fiat over a year to develop plans for a global alliance of products. In recent months, these meetings have evolved and expanded. Chrysler and its trading partners have worked tirelessly to reach an agreement on concessions that will generate basis of significantly lower costs and enable the achievement of an alliance greater strategic impact. “We want to personally assure everyone that this new company will produce and support the manufacturing of quality vehicles with the brands Jeep, Dodge and Chrysler and parts under the Mopar brand. Chrysler employees will be employees of the new company. Chrysler dealers will remain open to serve our customers.All warranties of the vehicles will be respected without interruption and consumers can continue buying our cars with confidence, “said Nardelli. Despite substantial progress on many fronts, Chrysler could not obtain all the necessary concessions from all its creditors, which could have avoided the need for a process restructuring. As a result, under the direction of the Department of Treasury United States, Chrysler LLC and 24 of its subsidiaries in the United States, filed a voluntary request under Chapter 11 of the Code Restructuring in the Court of the Southern District of New York. “Even if a full agreement was not possible, I am extremely grateful for everything has been sacrificed on the part of Chrysler’s trading partners to reach an agreement with Fiat, “said Nardelli.”My first priority has been the Chrysler and save thousands of people who depend on their success. While I’m excited about creating a global alliance, I am personally disappointed that Chrysler has sought Chapter 11. This was not my first option. Chrysler also will file a petition under section 363 of the Code Restructure requesting an expedited approval by the Court of the agreement with Fiat and sale of major assets to the new company Chrysler.

Starting a Business

The second – the people who originally surrounds the beneficial society, then there are people who initially open to new possibilities and ideas. These people can not come to man, and the idea of seeing her promise. Let me tell you a secret, 90% of people starting a business is not mlm belong to neither the first nor the second category. They come in order to be successful (this is not a quick process), to surround himself with the same people (it's not too fast). Ie portrait novice networkers like this: Man works for hired work, surrounded by his people for whom the main joy in life football with beer, new year, vacation at the cottage, and it suits them, and when they are told to personal growth – it's the same thing as a sect, zombies or no Chinese characters on sneakers. Do not know what changed the mind of the man himself, perhaps it was a book on me at one time influenced , or some other event.

One key word in my head worked. But this head your friends are the same as before. Your friends – this is not always the people who are looking to change something in their lives. And in this situation, you as a seller of red Ferrari which is trying to prove his beauty of the taiga dweller who needs all-terrain vehicle. Should take into account that most people are inclined to skepticism, it is easier to criticize than to do something. Sometimes this is because of envy in other situations, from a sincere desire good. The result is the same: If a man needs a tractor, then he will not buy a Ferrari, how could you not convinced. Most beginners mlm business at the start do not yet have an iron rod of self-confidence and the reality of the goal.

Therefore assess all of this first contact. About 70% of people dropping out of network marketing, do it in the first week. I think if you read the article, so you do not want to get into the 70% and did not want them caught your partners so I advise you to use a different approach. Your friends will not disappear, and if you really want to give them a real chance to do it when you cook yourself. Cold market – is just one tool in the network marketing, who teaches the people, gives them negotiating skills, gets rid of fears and coached speech. Its saving grace is that it is practically endless. How many mistakes you have not done anything terrible happen. Conducted a wrong call, please note the error and move to the next person. This differs radically from the meter to your friends list, where you risk being left without a list in the process of training. First, it versatile tool, since does not depend on the environment of the individual. Second, you'll be much easier to relate to failure, because it's strangers, and until they become partners – until you have no case. Third, you will be confident, because You will not look like every day reduces the number of names on your list. Fourthly, your friends will not move to the other side of the street in fear that you will again be their somewhere to carry. Fifthly, most importantly, seeing your results, your friends will be much easier to believe in your proposal and you will be able to help them achieve their goals. PS: The easiest way to search for partners in a cold market, using the Internet.

National Association of

National Association of of Hispanic Real Estate Professionals (National Association of Hispanic Real Estate Professionals) is a nonprofit organization based in Washington, DC, USA that brings together professionals in the U.S. housing sector.

Natural Treatment

It comes from Greek akm, that means florescence, force, vigor. Occurring preferably in the puberty or the age of greater physical development. In the old clinic it is known with the Acn name, a series of very diverse affections, but that agrees with the presence of botoncitos of follicular inflammatory origin or no, those that often end supuracin, pronouncing themselves in the face or the trunk. The acne designates to an affection of the follicles of the hair, being an injury from the sebaceous gland. According to their causes, the aspect of the injuries or its evolution, exists diverse types of acne;that is to say: the 1 – artificial or medicinal acne, 2 – syphilitic acne, 3 – tuberculous acne, 4 – rosaceous acne, 5 – flemoso acne, 6 – necrotic acne, 7 – vulgar acne, etc. The medicinal acne characterizes by formation of fistulas and follicular nodules produced by chemical irritation of the sebaceous glands. The most known they are the acne bromic and the iodic one. Artificial acne is denominated when one takes place by external agents (the produced ones by the rubbing with it annoys, paraffin, oil, oil to lubricate, petroleum); after the impregnating of the clothes with these substances, remaining some time on the skin.

Necrotic acne, has a size of a pea, pale color, of little elevation, accompanied by inflammatory and supurativos processes, preferably located in the forehead and hairy leather; rarely in all the face and the chest, those that spent a time are transformed into escaras dry, leaving a track in the skin, analogous to the scars of the smallpox. Its origin is not known with certainty; but in several cases gastrointestinal upheavals and alcoholism have been observed in. Rosaceous acne, is characterized in a simple circulatory upheaval of the skin. One appears generally in the face, preferably in the nose, extending to the cheeks and the forehead. It is observed in middle-aged individuals, with more frequency in the man who in the woman. First it appears a reddish color in a point of the nose, after the meals or of exciting drink ingestions. That reddish color little by little is made permanent, the veins of the skin dilate and in several points granites appear, engrosa the skin.

Little by little it is extended to the cheek and the forehead. The causes would be: the nutritional abuse of spirits, disorders. Vulgar acne, appears frequently in the young children; grain they are inflamed that becomes is pustules. These pustules are abren or they are dried of natural or artificial form. According to the intensity of the surface of the weave, the scar is greater or smaller. The attacked zone is the face, the forehead and the nose. The causes of grains or you postulate of the acne can be the existence of bacteria in the follicles. In the section Health you will find as definitively to elimiar the acne of natural form and for always; besides other articles of quality verified in the different ones sections of: Entertainments, Computation, Sports, Painting, and more.

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