Collection Of Medicinal Plants

Collection of medicinal raw content of the active ingredients in different parts of plants varies: in some organs are more, in others they may be entirely absent. For example, the essential oil is found only in rhizomes with roots of valerian, and in the grass (aerial parts of herbaceous plants), it is not, in coil, the maximum amount of tannins contained in the roots, the grass in their much smaller. In this regard, for medicinal purposes do not usually collect all the plant, but only that part which contains the largest number of active substances. Is not the same content of active substances and at different times of plant life. It depends the phase of the growing season and even time of day. In the flowering period the maximum amount of biologically active compounds accumulate in aerial organs, and their roots more in the period of the withering away of the aerial parts. In some plants in the midday hours of active substances is much greater than in the morning and evening.

Therefore, the collection of raw materials should be carried out within a certain period, coinciding with the period of greatest activity of plants. But we must remember that collection calendar dates may vary significantly, and depending on weather conditions: in years with early spring and warm dry summers, they come for one or even two or three weeks earlier than in years with a long cool spring and rainy summer. Kidneys are harvested in early spring, at the time of maximum accumulation of these active ingredients.

Emergency Medical Care

Even when from the grammatical point of view may not have much importance, if to you and much led to the monetary plane, the occurrence of this unforeseen situation with respect to health-related. It is almost common therefore confuse meaning they have both and how us benefits or harms be clear in these definitions. What brings with it taking medical urgencies we visited a Hospital without apparent need and then we are surprised by the costs by not going to the right place and save us money on copayments or deductibles. Hospitals in the United States are prepared with all the necessary equipment for both, i.e. the medical emergency and the medical emergency but the same is not visit a hospital that an urgent (Urgent Care) Center.Hospitals in the USA must leave them for more severe or serious health situations and is not suitable for our pocket visit constantly. The Health plans that exist, and all policies and general medical insurance plans of preventive medicine. I.e. you can perform any kind of routine procedure, as periodic examinations including women for example mammograms (mammogram) and PAP (PAPsmear) check and middle-aged men the prostates and test risk coronary, to name a few. What you want to say that this is one of the fundamental reasons of because paying a medical insurance in the United States, because it is assumed that gradually you can foresee any health situation and thereby minimize the occurrence of urgencies and emergencies otherwise have no health insurance your health you will surprise and almost only have to go to an emergency centre or a medical emergency of a hospital room.These medical insurance which we refer, the so-called HMO, PPO, and other types of health plans, possess within their Network or network of health, the centers of medical urgencies (Urgent Care) providers.For situations which may not wait, these centers are designed.

Alternative Medicine

Similarly we should not take a drug unproven, we should not follow a psychological treatment is not known if it works, at least when there are proven alternative treatments. Some practitioners rely on their experience to say that their treatments work, as do those who lay their hands, read tarot cards or perform strange rituals-but untested experience has shown on numerous occasions and misleading more reliable methods exist to determine if a treatment works or not. Not all types of psychological treatments have been subjected to the test properly. The most researched, so far, has been the cognitive-behavioral. In this approach have been derived effective treatments for a variety of problems: anxiety disorders, major depression, sexual dysfunction, relationship problems, eating disorders, substance abuse, behavioral disorders in children, potty training, and in combination with interventions medical, schizophrenia, pain and attention deficit disorder with hyperactivity. Psychoanalytic therapy, psycho-dynamic, existential / humanistic and systems have not been sufficiently investigated so far, so can not say if they are effective or not (Spanish Society, 2002). Reason for consultation when a person attends a visit with a mental health professional the most common reasons are to do the deal to the relief of suffering, of suffering. Generally the patient feels that something in him that is causing some suffering, some psychic pain. But do not know what specifically or how to deal with it. It is very common to observe that the person requesting the consultation is a third party (a relative, partner or friend) who is concerned or perceives that something is happening to their loved ones.

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