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BDA Market

A new B2B marketplace around the new and digital media is the entertain MARKET. During the ongoing economic crisis, the industries are now also more and more round in the affected the film and music industries, as well as the entertainment market. Now, a new B2B Portal was launched in order to counteract the resulting impact. The functions of this Portales new tools are used the professionals of the sectors, E.g. the daily purchase and sale can be optimized with the. That will include “who of who” of through the cooperation with entertain MARKET as a direct extension can be used. Adapt the market. What was possible only features the tender, is now streamlined through the function of the direct delivery of B2B offers.

entertain market offers all businesses around the entire entertainment market (as for example in the fields of software, hardware, programming, new media, DVD, Blu-ray, Internet, IPTV, graphics, design, animation, pre – and post production..) the possibility is central and web, or search engine optimized with their services or products to present. Why you should know the entertain MARKET! The entertain market researched, collected and published “date” the best B2B prices and products of the manufacturer as well as offers and news of the service providers. Counteract the economic crisis. Where now costs for marketing and public relations, users entertain market (with your services or products) still targeted gaining popularity. entertain MARKET reviews and compares all tenders with may already active and provides daily updated the best deal online. Daily recording of the best offers and prices around the optimization, programming and production of all new and digital media such as video, audio, animation, graphics, DVD, Blu-ray, HD, Internet, VOD, IPTV, mobile and related hardware and software…

Publication of the best daily rates and actions for direct use. The use of B2B offerings is without additional fees. Editorial news to trends, tops and flops free publication of press releases on entertain market and closed at specialised portals SCAND can currently as notable B2B offers licensed DVD Maker (such as DVD film laboratories, DVD-press works) and the best conditions to the CD, DVD, DVD-5, DVD-9, DVD-10, DVD-RAM, DVD-ROM, DVD-video, DVD-audio, and Blu-ray view production and directly use, or news about the Blu-ray disc with current information about AACS licenses, ISAN code, BDA registration, BD-ROM mark, BD +, BDCMF image… and related costs, but also direct B2B offerings to the Blu-ray production and Blu-ray production or Blu-ray pressing read. The Blu-ray is also online compendium. The entertain MARKET brings together what fits together. Generate new customers, target groups and markets… For more information see: fmp

Portal Neustadt

Onlineprinters GmbH has a new stand in the range of the pressure Portal Neustadt an der Aisch – “our think tank does not stand still, and we have massively extended our product range of preparers. With preparers in the form of Prism, cylinder, and pyramid is setting new trends for their clients”, explains Heiko Wiederer, product developer of onlineprinters GmbH. The development team of the online printing deals constantly with new shapes and functionalities for advertising, so that customers can further increase the attractiveness of their printed materials. At the point of sale, the first spontaneous impression of an advertising message often decides the purchase. “We have set apart specifically with new product developments for the gastronomy, the beverage company and the hotel industry. The unusual form of a 3D-Aufstellers, for example as an advertising medium for a new drink, increased attention for the product presentation and arouses the interest of the Viewer”, Walter has the advantage for the customers of onlineprinters GmbH together. 3D-Aufsteller as Prism, cylinder, or pyramid allow an all-round view on the stand the new multidimensional forms of prisms and cylinders, as well as three – and four-sided pyramids. The advertising media are accessible and readable by all sides at a glance, without having to turn.

The creative range extension in the print Portal allows exceptional designs for display. Whether they serve the offer presentation at events and trade fair stands or used as decoration for the retail industry, are no limits the possibilities of new forms of stand. Modern and stylish new marketing trends for restaurateurs and at the PoS can be set and promote attractive products in the fresh design. Durable advertising for events industry and catering specifically for the needs of restaurants, breweries, hospitality and event industry were innovative advertising such as racks, bottle bands and pendants as well as door trailer developed.

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