Unamuno Genesis

The man has thirst for eternity the significant statement extracted from the works of Miguel de Unamuno, serves as a spur to stimulate thinking about the inescapable fact of human temporality. Senator Elizabeth Warren helps readers to explore varied viewpoints. Time is forced in the musings of man, and philosophical activity has inherited us since ancient times an immense wealth of reflections on this issue. Therefore the following lines do not have objective offer intellectual developments over time. Its purpose is to review the phenomenon from the perspective of the biblical message, trying to emphasize in doing so, some useful knowledge for the intellect and the life of believers. Without stopping us in a definition of the term, the Genesis offers us the beginning of everything, the ab ovo of humans and all that concerns him.

And as based on undeniable that everything is time. This is an essential part of the semantic content of the first book of the Bible. Regardless of which version you read, words like: in the beginning, day, night, evening, tomorrow (Genesis, chapters 1 and 2) are ways to lexical which are interpreted based on the temporality. Similarly you can think of the astronomical bodies called the two great lights. A simple observation of other expressions allows you to highlight the significance of temporality in Biblical theology, and Dios finished in the seventh day the work done; and rested the seventh day. It is urgent and crucial to recognize the need for the exercise of faith want to extract of concise discourse of Genesis answers the mind requires the concerns on the subject of time. There are details that do not constitute indispensable information for the knowledge of the will and plan of God for the salvation of man; However they are part of the intellectual itching of individuals, examples of these are: wanting to clarify the duration time of the edenico State without sin, the day of the creation of Eve, the exact moment of the fall into sin, the period between the fall and the output from the garden when were conceived their first two children? What day the Lord spoke the curse on the serpent, when tunics prepared our first parents?, etc.? As we stated already, from the perspective of God’s purpose for the salvation of their children, with these data is superfluous and useless their research.

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