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Alternative Medicine

Similarly we should not take a drug unproven, we should not follow a psychological treatment is not known if it works, at least when there are proven alternative treatments. Some practitioners rely on their experience to say that their treatments work, as do those who lay their hands, read tarot cards or perform strange rituals-but untested experience has shown on numerous occasions and misleading more reliable methods exist to determine if a treatment works or not. Not all types of psychological treatments have been subjected to the test properly. The most researched, so far, has been the cognitive-behavioral. In this approach have been derived effective treatments for a variety of problems: anxiety disorders, major depression, sexual dysfunction, relationship problems, eating disorders, substance abuse, behavioral disorders in children, potty training, and in combination with interventions medical, schizophrenia, pain and attention deficit disorder with hyperactivity. Psychoanalytic therapy, psycho-dynamic, existential / humanistic and systems have not been sufficiently investigated so far, so can not say if they are effective or not (Spanish Society, 2002). Reason for consultation when a person attends a visit with a mental health professional the most common reasons are to do the deal to the relief of suffering, of suffering. Generally the patient feels that something in him that is causing some suffering, some psychic pain. But do not know what specifically or how to deal with it. It is very common to observe that the person requesting the consultation is a third party (a relative, partner or friend) who is concerned or perceives that something is happening to their loved ones.

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