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Identify risks when purchasing a House and falling who has interest in a real estate deal should look, what total costs when purchasing? before signing the contract of sale is used. Many buyers that incorrectly estimate the financial burden caused by a real estate. They forget the additional costs, which must in addition pay for the entry in the land register, the notary and the land transfer tax and so into the trap. Baufi24 independent experts offer tips and tricks around the house purchase. Much like the career and raising a family, the decision for the house purchase is a decision which affects the life in the long term.

Therefore if you have interest in a property, should, look, which cost in the acquisition, as well as what costs arise in hindsight – before signing the contract of sale is used. Planning protects against cost trap experts strongly warn hidden traps here: in addition to the purchase price, for example, costs for the entry in the land register and the official maps and fees should not be underestimated for the notary to. Because most people have no experience with the purchase of the House, you should inform yourself well in advance and get the best advice from an objective side. So the financing experts of Baufi24 help answer many questions: how high will the total cost? How does a good starting point for negotiations with the seller? What financing is offered in the particular case? Many pay attention homebuyers incorrectly estimate the costs, which caused a real estate, to follow-up costs. You pay on the purchase price alone and forget the additional costs. About 0.3 percent of the purchase price must pay but in addition they for the entry in the land register.

In addition, the costs for the notary are unavoidable: be about 1.5 percent of the purchase price and cover the draft of Treaty, the certification of the business, as well as obtaining all regulatory approvals. Significant regional Differences in all real estate beetle must pay the tax, which varies from federal State to federal State, and constitutes about 3.5 to 5 percent of the purchase price. Knowing the total cost is again important, if the negotiations with the seller. By realistic estimates the price and are well prepared, usually a fair settlement can be achieved. Baufi24 offers more tips and tricks around the house purchase in his advisor “Real estate and construction financing”. 111 copies monthly as a thank you to customers, readers and visitors to the information site on the Internet, is giving away. Description of the company is one of the most popular Web portals for private mortgage lending. More than 2 million visitors per year to gather on on the topic of real estate financing. The Baufi24 partner network enables the comparison of offers from over 300 banks – including service and extensive consultation with more than 1,000 certified consultants. More information on company contact: Stephan Baufi24 GmbH Scharfenorth age Pond Trail 25 22081 Hamburg Tel: 0800 / 808 4000 E-Mail: Web:

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